5 Best Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews of 2024

October 4, 2022
Best Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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The kitchen is incomplete without a faucet. A Bridge kitchen faucet is one type of faucet.

DEFINITION: Bridge faucets can be installed on the countertop or the wall. Two handles provide hot and cold water, joined by a horizontal connector pipe. Hot and cold lever handles and the faucet are one part, creating a bridge-like structure. It gives a gorgeous and traditional look.

Top designers and sellers are using bridge kitchen faucets for remodeling projects. The spout can rotate, and different spout heights and reach are available. It does a great job, and various spray options are also available.   

Here you can check the best bridge kitchen faucets.

Bridge Kitchen Faucets Reviews

1. Best Overall - Kohler 76520-4-CP Artifacts

Pros and Cons

  • Best for a standard-size kitchen.
  • Appreciable customer service.
  • Slow water throw.

Kohler 76520-4-CP Artifacts bridge kitchen faucet reflects beautiful shine in a kitchen due to chrome polish.   

NYT best-seller interior designers Syd and Shea McGee run an interior designing company named Studio McGee. Designers used a bridge kitchen faucet in the kitchen and said, “It completely remodeled the look of the kitchen and made it better than others.” This Kohler faucet gives a luxurious look to the kitchen.   

 Studio McGee

Interior Designer


The length of this Kohler Artifacts faucet is 9.75 inches, and the width is 15.31 inches. 1.5 GPM water flow helps conserve water, an essential element of this earth.   

Why She Chooses Kohler 76520-4-CP Artifacts

Kohler brand comes with high-quality models of square spout bridge faucets. The best designers select Kohler 76520-4-CP Artifacts over Kohler K-7548-4-CP Purist because its weight is 14.6 pounds and well-constructed, whereas Kohler Purist weight is 8.66 pounds. Kohler 76520-4-CP Artifacts saves water with 1.5 GPM water flow, and its appearance is attractive too.   


The white countertop and quartz enhance the beauty of the Kohler Artifacts bridge kitchen faucet. It fits well with deck mounting.   


Lever handles are beneficial for summers and winters. MasterClean spray helps to keep the surface neat. The push button makes everything comfortable for the user.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

The metal construction makes it durable. It is a well-constructed product, and the smooth spray option makes it possible to easily wash veggies and fruits.   

2. Runner Up - Kingston Brass

Pros and Cons

  • Appealing appearance.
  • High water flow.
  • None

Kingston Brass gold bridge kitchen faucet provides a luxurious and Victorian look to the kitchen. Designer Amanda "Birdy" Pierce-Home Designs remodeled the kitchen using a golden bridge faucet. She says, "It has become a favorite change in the kitchen area." This faucet consists of two handles and a sprayer too. It's designed beautifully by the experts. 

Amanda "Birdy" Pierce-Home Designs

Interior Designer


An 11.06 inches height and 9.44 inches spout reach make it dominant become other kitchen fixtures. 1.8 GPM water flow is cumbersome enough to clean the dishes quickly.   

Why She Chooses Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass KS3277AXBS spout reach is 9.44 inches and height 11.06 inches; effortless to access if compared with WOWOW brass kitchen bridge faucet because its height is 6.3 inches and spout reach is 7 inches.   


This faucet can be installed with an undermount stainless steel sink and a drop-in ceramic bathroom sink. It looks good with a black sink as well.  


The brushed brass finish makes its appearance long-lasting years. Cross handles are easy to hold and give a tight grip.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

This faucet comes with mounting hardware, so deck mounting becomes handy. The drip-free ceramic disc helps to prevent the leakage of water.   

3. High End - Rohl U.4718X-PN-2

Pros and Cons

  • Well-manufactured.
  • Worthy faucet
  • Admirable polish
  • None

Rohl U.4718X-PN-2 bridge kitchen faucet in polished nickel shows the taste of the user’s choice. Melissa designer designs kitchens with high C spout bridge kitchen faucet. “It is a piece of art and gives a rich look to the kitchen,” the designer expressed. It is a simple and elegant kitchen faucet.   

Melissa Designer

Interior Designer


With 7.88 spout height, this faucet is very lightweight at 7 pounds. This traditional style faucet provides 1.5 GPM of water.   

Why She Chooses Rohl U.4718X-PN-2

Comparing the Rohl U.4718X-PN-2 bridge kitchen faucet with the Pfister LG31-TDBG, cross handles are an advantage because Rohl bridge faucet cross handles give a vintage appearance and are easy to hold. ROHL U.4719L-EG-2 comes with only a five-years warranty, and Rohl U.4718X-PN-2 comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Rohl is one of the quality brand and expensive as well. 


Rohl U.4718X-PN-2 bridge kitchen faucet is best for fireclay, drop-in, and undermount sinks.   


The high spout allows for washing any dishes under this faucet. It is straightforward to clean due to its sleek design and provides perfect temperature water.  

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

The brass constructed handles and the metal material of the faucet make it long-lasting and increase its lifetime. The side spray feature is unique and makes the kitchen organized.   

4. Best for Double Sinks - Kohler K-6131-4-VS

Pros and Cons

  • Reliable customer service.
  • Water-saving product.
  • Best for farm sinks. 
  • The short lifespan of a sprayer.

Kohler K-6131-4-VS bridge kitchen faucet is pure stainless and perfect for kitchen use. It is made of steel, and it is a stable product. Reem Designs use it with a double sink, which is very productive. According to Reem Home Décor, “This faucet completes a home and increases trust.”   

Reem Home Décor

Interior Designer


The spout of this faucet can rotate 360 and quickly move, and this faucet performs with 1.8GPM water without any restriction. It brings calm to life.   

Why She Chooses Kohler K-6131-4-VS

Delta and Kohler are both high-quality brands. Kohler K-6131-4-VS kitchen faucet has an advantage due to the MasterClean spray face, which helps to clean minerals buildup compared to Delta Faucet P2923LF-OB Westchester faucet. This faucet doesn’t have a spray face feature.   


Kohler K-6131-4-VS bridge kitchen faucet is an excellent option with a double undermount sink, and it can be used with a single undermount sink as well. It can be used with stainless steel sinks too.   


The stainless finish is impressive and doesn’t show any water spots or fingerprints. The vibrant stainless color makes it unique from others, and it gives traditional feelings.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Installation is DIY, and it is a lightweight product to handle. A limited lifetime warranty can reduce the stress about its functioning. 

5. Best for Farmhouse Sink - Kohler Purist

Pros and Cons

  • Cost-efficient faucet.
  • Come with installed hoses.
  • Convenient installation.
  • Excellent chrome finish.
  • None

Kohler K-7547-4-CP Purist is simple and sleek in appearance. This metal and chrome finish faucet gives a clean look. Karin Bennett, the designer, used this style of faucet in her kitchen and now has a fun time with peace. “Spending long summer days and using the kitchen to make different dishes conveniently by using this faucet for different purposes is love,” she says.   

Karin Bennett

Interior Designer


Its spout height is 10 inches, and its spout reach is 8.38 inches. These are suitable height and reach for the bridge kitchen faucet, giving 1.8 GPM water flow.   

Why She Chooses Kohler Purist

Kohler K-7547-4-CP Purist spout height is greater than Signature Hardware 929279. Kohler K-7547-4-CP Purist is available in four finishes, whereas Signature Hardware bridge faucet.   


This faucet is the best match for stainless steel sinks or looks suitable for double sinks. Undermount sinks look better with Kohler K-7547-4-CP Purist.   


Level handles are well known for their excellent performance; this time, these do the same and don’t disappoint the user. The simple design brings ambiance to the kitchen.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Chrome polishing resists corrosion and tarnishing. The spout can easily rotate to wash the dishes, which is a beneficial feature for double sinks. 


The faucet is an essential component of the kitchen. Different quality brands are producing bridge kitchen faucets at different prices. Various finishes are available for home decoration and kitchen contrast.

The gold finish gives a luxurious appearance to the kitchen. MasterClean spray is part of some faucets, and it is helpful to reduce the buildup of minerals. 360 rotating spout makes easy cleaning of pans, and the Maintenance of bridge kitchen faucets is also not difficult due to sleek designs.    

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