5 Best Small Kitchen Sink Reviews (2021) – Handy Buying Guide 

 January 25, 2021

By  George Leo

Kitchen sinks should come in all sizes and materials. But that had not been the case for a while ago. Now, the time has changed and more brands are focused on manufacturing the small kitchen sinks and that is the reason why there is a whole competition of creating the best small kitchen sink, amongst top brands.

This is the review you need if you are going to buy a small kitchen sink, sooner or later. Here, we have mentioned all the top models provided by the top brands. That too, in different materials and sizes. This review will be a great kick start to your efforts in buying a small kitchen sink.

Editor's Choice - The best small kitchen sink, from this list, goes to the Ruvati stainless steel drop in the small kitchen sink

Small Kitchen Sink Reviews

1. Best Small Undermount Kitchen Sink

Kraus KBU11 20 inch Undermount Single Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
  • Available in 4 styles
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Minimum Cabinet Size 27"
  • Depth 9"

How could it be possible that there is no mention of a kitchen sink in the small kitchen sink reviews? We have deliberately placed this small undermount kitchen sink by Kraus on top of our list. This is for sure the best small kitchen sink and you will shortly know the reasons for this claim. The Kraus KBU11 undermount single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink is surely the one that will give you all sorts of features.

There is a whole list of accessories that come with this kitchen sink and that includes the bottom grid, kitchen towel, basket strainer, mounting hardware, cutout template, etc. the construction of any sink concerns the core material and that determines how long the sink is going to give you the services. Here, Kraus has made use of TRU16 real 16 gauge T304 stainless steel which provides the dent resistance body. In this sink, there is a whole mechanism of thick pads that absorb any sort of noise or vibration generated during the operation of the sink.

This could be regarded as a high capacity sink, however, it falls in the category of small sinks. Of course, it has got a deep bowl to accommodate the heavy-duty washing and you will enjoy the space provided by this sink.

Due to being its undermount design, there is a great feature that comes along which is the transition from sink to the countertop. That is the reason, you could easily push the water into the drain. There is a limited lifetime warranty given by Kraus as well.

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2. Best Small Drop In Kitchen Sink

Ruvati 15 x 20 inch Drop-in Topmount Bar Prep Sink 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Single Bowl - RVH8110
  • Available in 5 Sizes
  • 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size 17"
  • Inside Corners: Zero Radius

This is a small drop-in kitchen sink by Ruvati with the model number RVH8110 and it is available at quite a reasonable price too. Customer feedback of this model by Ruvati has been overwhelming and that is because of its plenty of great features.

There are multiple sizes available in this model which ranges from 15 by 15 inches to all the up 33 by 22 inches. As far as the depth of the sink is concerned, it varies from 9 inches to 10 inches, as the overall sink size increases.

Stainless steel 16 gauge T-304 material has been used in the making of this sink and there is an ultra-thick 8 gauge rim for a solid overmount installation as well. This sink is regarded as rust free and stains free because of the quality materials in its core. Not only that it has got an efficient material in the core but there is also a brushed finish which helps in sustaining the quality of the surface.

Drainage could be a far greater concern in many sinks but here this sink has got sloped bottom with grooves to allow fast drainage. To give you a comfortable washing experience, there is sound guard padding and undercoating in this sink which ensures that there is no extra noise generated. Ruvati is a USA based brand and it provides you a lifetime limited warranty with this model.

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3. Best Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

ZUHNE Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink (24-Inch Apron Front, 16-Gauge Small Bowl)
  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Brushed Stainless Steel (Premium)
  • Installation: Undermount, Flush or Built Up
  • Gently curved R10 corners

This list could not be completed without considering this amazing small farmhouse kitchen sink by Zuhne. This is a stainless steel small farmhouse kitchen sink by Zuhne and it is available in multiple sizes as well.

It is not the case that you will only buy a sink but there is a complete list of accessories that come with this sink. Which has got the sponge holder, colander set, scratch protector, drain strainer, etc.

This is regarded as one of the easily maintained kitchen sinks and that is for the right reasons. With its tight radius R10 curved corners and a fast drainage system, you will only have to clean it for very little time.

Many kitchen sinks are there in the small sinks category that is available as the quietest sinks but all those lists are incomplete without mentioning this model by Zuhne. There is more than twice the insulation of noise and vibration in this sink and that will give you a comfortable operation while spending time in your kitchen.

The material used in the construction of this sink is rustproof T304 stainless steel 16 gauge steel and that is the reason why this sink could be considered rust proof and dent resistant.

If you are a customer who wants to have all sorts of safety certifications before buying anything from the market then this model by Zuhne will surely make you complacent. It has the safest choice certification by USA and Canada codes with lead-free parts. With a feature of daily product support US call center, too.

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4. Best Small White Kitchen Sink

White Farmhouse Sink - Lordear 24 inch Kitchen Sink White Apron-Front Fireclay Porcelain Ceramic Single Bowl Small Reversible Farm Sink
  • Available in 8 Sizes
  • Fireclay Material
  • Cabinet Size: 27"
  • Installation: Undermount, Farmhouse-Apron-Front

Lordear has been creating ripples in the market of small kitchen sinks with its presence and this model is the representation of the quality produced by Lordear. The small white kitchen sink has got a single bowl small reversible farm sink and that too available at quite a reasonable price.

Another huge advantage of this small white kitchen sink by Lordear is that it is available in the market in quite many sizes. The size range starts from 24 by 18 inches of the area up to 33 by 21 inches. There are multiple variations available in this size range.

Fireclay has been quite successful as a material in kitchen sinks, generally, and that is the reason why top brands are now making small kitchen sinks with this material. This fireclay is made by firing at 2900 degrees of Fahrenheit and that is the reason why it gets so heat resistant once prepared. You could rely on the surface of this sink as it is resistant to any sort of scratches, discoloration.

Another good thing about this sink is that it could be installed in both ways, in a side or front way. If you are concerned about the space offered by this sink, then you should not worry at all, as it is deep enough to carry out all regular operations in your kitchen.

Lordear provides a limited lifetime warranty with this kitchen sink and there is a whole list of accessories that are included in the package as well.

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5. Best Small Double Kitchen Sink

Dayton D225194 Equal Double Bowl Drop-in Stainless Steel Sink
  • Available in 3 styles
  • Equal Double Bowl
  • Min. Cabinet Size: 30"
  • Sound-Deadening Pads

This is the small double kitchen sink by Elkay. The Dayton D225194 equal double bowl drop in stainless steel sink and it is the cheapest one in the market, most arguably.
Different styles are available in this which have 1, 3, and 4 holes. The size of the sink is around 25, 19, and a bit over 6 inches in-depth and you will require a 30 inches cabinet size for this sink. There is only one size manufactured by Elkay in this model.

This sink is ADA compliant and that is guaranteed when you properly install this sink as per the instructions. Installation of this sink is in drop-in style and that is the reason why customers are attracted to this model.

This is a double bowl sink with each bowl having an equal proportion. You could use this sink easily as there is plenty of space and because of two compartments. Manufacturing of the sink is done with 300 series stainless steel which is specially designed for everyday use.

To give you the noiseless operation in the kitchen, there are sound deadening pads in the sink which make sure that all unnecessary noise is absorbed. A highly recommended drop-in white small kitchen sink from our side.

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Small Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying A Small Kitchen Sink

No matter how much experience do you have in buying kitchen sinks, in general, it is always a good practice to look at good small kitchen sink reviews for getting updated about all the latest changes in the market.

  • Size

When we talk about the “small kitchen sink size”, anybody could guess that it should be small in length but how much small? This is a good question indeed as there should be a fair bit of comparison between normal sink sizes and the ones considered small.

There is a standard of 24 inches to 36 inches of sink length under normal circumstances. But when you bring this length between 15 to 24 inches, then you fall into the category of small kitchen sinks. This is good to have a single bowl in small kitchen sinks as compared to the double bowl because you will not be able to do washing quite easily having two bowls in such a manner.

  • Type

Many customers might think that there will be some sort of specified range of styles available in the small kitchen sinks. However, that is not the case as you could easily find out all sorts of styles that you will easily find in standard kitchen sinks.

Some of the types like undermount, farmhouse, and drop-in styles are manufactured by all the top brands. Also, you will see that there are double bowl small sinks available too (although they are not highly recommended for small sinks). You could find all these varieties in this kitchen sink review as well.

  • Material

How one can forget about the significance of the material used by the kitchen sink as it is the fundamental block for any sink to maintain the quality for a longer period. If you have ever gone through the review of kitchen sinks then you must have wondered why there are a lot of stainless steel kitchen sinks than any other material. Well, there is a pattern in here, as stainless steel has got to offer durability and it is trustworthy material, overall.

So is the case with small kitchen sinks as most of the small kitchen sinks are manufactured by using stainless steel as a core material. There is not like you will never find out other material to be used as a core material in the small sink. We have included small kitchen sinks that have been prepared with stainless steel or fireclay. As the fireclay material has been competing for stainless steel again courtesy of its thermal and impact resistant nature.

In our review here, you will find out the small kitchen sinks from both stainless steel and fireclay material. These two materials have been getting positive feedback from the customers since their inception.

Editor’s Choice

The best small kitchen sink, from this list, goes to the Ruvati stainless steel drop in the small kitchen sink. Which is listed at #2 here in our small kitchen sink review. The reasons for Ruvati being the best are many. First of all, there are multiple sizes available in this model and it has got stainless steel material as a core material.

The price of this sink is quite reasonable too. You could read about all of the great features by Ruvati RVH8110 above as we have described it.


There has been a need for small kitchen sinks and that is the reason why all top brands have shifted their concerns to producing some of the high-quality kitchen sinks in this range of size.

It is a thing of the past now that you will not be able to find out the specific style or material in small size kitchen sinks. All the brands that have been producing some of the finest kitchen sinks in the market are not manufacturing small size kitchen sinks. This review will surely help you out in deciding what brand to go, what material to look and of course what model to browse.

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