5 Best Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Reviews [2024] – A Buyer’s Guide

January 3, 2023
Best Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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The faucet is the first choice to remodel or replace during bathroom remodeling. Wall-mounted faucets take minimum space, are well manufactured, and fit great on the wall.   

“Wall mount faucets mounted on the wall behind the sinks as its name shows. Supply lines are behind the wall, and this faucet floats above the sinks. The wall-mounted faucets are widespread in the commercial areas”. 

It saves money and is available in different finish categories. Designers are using wall-mounted faucets in various remodeling projects, and here some unique wall-mounted faucets are given below to select.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Reviews

1. Best Overall - Gotonovo Double Cross

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing style.
  • Cost-efficient.
  • Excellent control.
  • Incomplete instructions. 

The Gotonovo vintage style wall mount bathroom faucet with cross handles is terrific and looks elegant in the bathroom. Melissa designer used this faucet in her primary bathroom project. The designer shared her thoughts on why she used this faucet and said, “having a touch of chrome adds to the vintage aesthetic and the bright, clean style of the bathroom as a whole.”


This faucet with 7 inches spout height and 7.9 spout reach provides 1.8 GPM water. It has a cold and hot water system.  

Why She Chooses Gotonovo

The wall mount faucet by gotonovo is cost-efficient compared to the Rohl A1418LCIB-2 faucet, which is very expensive. Vintage style wall mount gotonovo faucet made with brass whereas Kingston Brass KS313C Magellan faucet made with bronze as compared to gotonovo wall mount bathroom faucet made with brass. Brass material has excellent thermal conductivity compared to bronze.   

Rohl and Kingston Brass are famous brands, and gotonovo is an unknown brand, but the designer may choose it due to a low budget. 


It looks good with an undermount sink. It can be installed with a drop in the white sink too.   


This faucet performs well in the commercial area, and the cross handles are well made. This Victorian-style faucet is convenient to use in daily life.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Chrome polish is gleaming, and this faucet comes with mounting accessories. It is a rust resistant wall-mounted faucet.   

2. Best Black - Kingston Brass KS3120AX

Pros and Cons

  • Well-constructed.
  • Excellent design and finish.
  • None

Kingston Brass K23120AX black wall mount bathroom faucet comes with labeled handles and is a well-manufactured product. It is such a promising product. According to designer Jaime Zehner, “If someone is thinking about renovation, this wall mounted faucet is the best choice.” 


This faucet is easy to control along 8-1/16" spout reach and cross handles. The user can enjoy the 1.2GPM water flow by opening through cross handles.   

Why She Chooses Kingston Brass

Newport Brass Victoria wall mounted faucet with metal handles is very expensive compared to Kingston Brass K23120AX black wall mount bathroom faucet. It is considerable due to its reasonable price. Many designers are using vintage faucets for their remodeling projects nowadays.   


This faucet is suitable for bowl sinks and undermount different sinks too. It looks beautiful with white and black contrast.   


Spout reach is good, and it is easily accessible. The main advantage is that maintenance and cleaning are easy.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Solid brass construction is enough to prove that it is a durable home item. It resists corrosion and rust efficiently.   

3. Best Value - SITGES Brushed Nickel

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent customer service.
  • An inexpensive product.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • None

SITGES best affordable wall mount bathroom faucet with brushed nickel perfectly matches the bathroom's interior. As a designer, Tamsin Johnson used this faucet with her matching vanity, which looks incredible. She says, "If someone wants to bring a unique style wall mount faucet, it is the best option." 


Its spout height is 2.32 inches, its spout reach is 9.2 inches, and it is not regular in appearance—this faucet is made with high creativity skills.   

Why She Chooses Stiges

The SITGES wall faucet comes with a lifetime warranty compared to Beelee wall mount double handle faucet. It comes with only an 18-month warranty.   


It is the best faucet for white and black bowl sinks and with undermount sinks.   


1.5 GPM flow rate is fantastic for this faucet and provides hot and cold water according to the weather. Labeled handles are beneficial and make them easy to use.    

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It comes with a valve and makes installation straightforward, and it is a budget-saving product. Pure brass material makes it long-lasting too.   

4. Best Brass - VIGO Olus VG05001MB

Pros and Cons

  • Best for modern farmhouse appearance.
  • Cost-efficient product.
  • Fantastic matte black finish.
  • Nice water flow.
  • Leakage.

VIGO Olus wall mount faucet is such a fine product that no one can keep their eyes away from this product. That's why NUANCE INTERIORS prefer this wall mount faucet over others. According to this interior, "This product gives the bathroom a clean and sleek appearance."   


It consists of one handle, and its spout height is 5 inches. This faucet is very convenient to install because it weighs only 4 pounds.  

Why She Chooses Vigo

Delta and VIGO are both quality brands, but Delta is the best-known brand. The Designer prefers the VIGO Olus wall mount faucet over Delta Faucet Trinsic T3559LF-BLWL because VIGO Olus is cost-efficient and comes with handles, supply lines, and hardware. Whereas Delta faucet Trinsic wall mount T3559LF-BLWL comes with only a faucet.   


It is an excellent choice for vessel sinks. It looks best with composite material sinks and with bowl vessel sinks.   


Due to its sleek design, this faucet is the best product to use and maintain. A good water pressure saves water and conserves very little space.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is a well-created product, and the matte black finish stops wear and tear. It is an evergreen product with solid brass material. Moreover, this faucet comes with lots of things, including supply lines.   

5. Commonly Bought - Delta Trinsic T3559LF-BLWL

Pros and Cons

  • Best for vessel sinks.
  • Admirable design.
  • Missing screws for handles.

Delta is one of the famous brands, and Delta Trinsic T3559LF-BLWL in matte black is such an eye-catching product. Argento Style studio used this faucet in the primary bathroom remodeling project. This interior designer studio stated, "This faucet gives a dreamy bathroom look with pure black finish." It is an appealing eye product.   


Delta Faucet Trinsic T3559LF-BLWL is doing a great job with a 7.5 inches spout reach and 4.69 inches spout height. 1.2 GPM water flow rate makes it a water-saving product.   

Why She Chooses Delta Trinsic T3559LF-BLWL

This Delta T3559LF-BLWL wall mount faucet conserves water with 1.2 GPM and is lightweight to handle and install with 1 pound. On the other hand, the Sumerian wall mount faucet flow rate is 1.8 GPM, and its weight is 3.1 pounds.   


Delta Trinsic wall mount faucet is suitable for vessel sinks and undermount sinks. It fits well with glass bowl sinks.   


This WaterSense product is fantastic and conserves water. In this era of high budget, this faucet is the best choice to give mental peace with good performance.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is made with pure brass material. This faucet is straightforward to assemble with little effort only.   

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Here, in the subsequent sections, you are going to be reading about some of the general tips which will enhance your knowledge about the bathroom faucets of such kind. One thing that should be made clear right now is that wall mount bathroom faucets are relatively new in the market and getting the attention of the customers for all the right reasons. Moreover, these wall mount bathroom faucets are the best candidates to nicely fit with vanity and vessel sinks.


In every other wall mount bathroom faucet review, there must be a huge emphasis on the cross handles type wall mount faucet. This is due to the reason that such cross-handle faucets do not only look good but also are not available in any other category, quite easily.


You will be shocked to know that gold is one of the colors that is popular amongst the customers of this wall mount bathroom faucets category. Black could come close to the gold in this competition and these are the two colors that are high on demand. You should always look out for these two colors in your favorite faucet model for sure.


If you have been browsing around any type of bathroom faucet category then you must know that Delta Faucet, Moen, Kohler, etc. are some of the brands quite popular. Nevertheless, here in this wall mount faucet category, SITGES is a brand that needs to be given priority. It is due to the fact that SITGES has been producing out some of the best wall mount bathroom faucets for a while.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet Pros and Cons


  • Maintenance
    The wall mount bathroom faucet allows for cleaning the bathroom sink or deck quickly as it is mounted with the wall. The soap and dust are quick to remove from this faucet. The deck-mounted faucets are difficult to clean.
  • Space Availability
    The wall mount faucets provide more space to clean your face. Everyone can easily use the countertop and the tub deck as there is no faucet present to produce restriction.
  • Allow the Motion
    This faucet allows to move hands quickly; the hand and face washing is effortless in the case of the wall mount bathroom faucet compared to others.
  • Best Choice for Tight Places
    It is a sophisticated and admiring product for the small and tight bathrooms. As it is wall mounted so provides a good surface area for use.


  • Installation
    The installation can damage the walls and the tiles, which can affect the beauty of the bathroom, and the installation is time taking for this faucet. It gives not a clean look to the bathroom.
  • Placement
    The wall mount bathroom faucet placement is also tricky; it is challenging to decide where to put this faucet. These are wide sometimes than the sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wall Mount Faucets More Expensive to Install? 

This could not be more straightforward than this. Yes, wall mount faucets are truly the expensive of all the faucets’ types, as far as the installation is concerned. The reasons are quite obvious as a wall mount faucet needs to be hanging with the wall and that is the reason you will need some special sort of assistance to get this job done.

How High Should a Wall Mounted Faucet Be? 

There is one methodology through which we can answer this particular question. Let’s take a countertop which is about the depth of 24 inches. For this depth, the spout has to be around 11 inches from the wall. You could customize for your own dimensions by keeping in view this hypothetical scenario.


Some wall-mounted bathroom faucets are ADA-compliant, and some are WaterSense labeled. This faucet gives a unique appearance to the bathroom and is preferable for master bathrooms. Designers are using different brands; some provide low-budget faucets, just like VIGO, and some are very high-quality and expensive, like Delta Faucet, Kingston Brass. Various materials are used to produce wall mount faucets like brass and bronze.    

Disclosure: Sanitarysupply.org receives an affiliate commission on some, but not all, of the products we recommend—but only if you decide to click through to the retailer's site and make a purchase.

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