7 Best Wall Mount Tub Faucet with Sprayer Reviews of 2022

March 27, 2022
Best Wall Mount Tub Faucet with Sprayer Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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The category of bathtub faucets that we are going to be discussing today has always been popular amongst customers and still quite popular. This is the wall mount tub faucet which has seen variations over time like any other category of bathroom faucets.

To make sure that you do not waste your money on some bad kind of wall mount bathtub filler, we have tried to come up with a systemic analysis of some of the top products followed by the general guidance needed to buy the best wall mount tub faucet.

Best Pick with Sprayer - SUMERAIN Wall Mount Tub Faucet
Best Waterfall - Signature Hardware 924617 Lavelle
Best Pick with Diverter - Homary Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Faucet

Wall Mount Tub Faucet Reviews

1. Best Overall: With Sprayer 

SUMERAIN Wall Mount Tub Faucet Brushed Nickel With Hand Shower and Wide Waterfall Spout High Flow Rate
  • Available in 2 colors
  • With Hand Shower
  • Solid brass rough-in valve
  • Hose Length: 59in

First, in the list, the wall mount tub faucet with sprayer by Sumerain and is available in brushed nickel finish. The quality of this faucet can be estimated by the customer feedback which is 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Not only that the exterior of this faucet has been made in such a way to give you the best outlook on the bathtub faucet but the same high-quality standards have been met in parts of this faucet. Such as there is a solid brass rough-in valve which is the guarantee of long service time. Another good thing in the making of this faucet is that there is American standardized NPT ½ inches threads to make sure that the connections are firm. That also avoids any sort of leakages out of the faucet.

This faucet has come up with a higher flow rate which is about 5.42 gallon per minute and that is because of the reason that you want your tub faucet to fill the tub as soon as possible. You do not need to worry about the maintenance of this faucet as there is 5 years of quality warranty for the cartridge and you can always give a call to its customer services’ department for queries.

Pros and Cons


  • This tub faucet is straightforward to install and compatible with customer needs.
  • The water spout is good, and the waterfall gives pleasure.


  • The handheld spray is not perfect.
  • The hand tool will not fit and close in an efficient way.

2. Runner Up: Waterfall

Signature Hardware 924617 Lavelle 6-1 2in Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Filler with Metal Lever Handle
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout reach: 6-1/2"
  • Spout width: 7-7/8"
  • 2 hole Installation

There is a whole customer base who like to have a waterfall water pattern in their bathroom. If this is the case then you are at the right place. This is the wall mount waterfall tub faucet which is manufactured by relatively a newer brand Signature Hardware. Plug profile of this faucet is a wall mount one with the construction done by brass material. On top of this brass construction, there is a brushed finish and together they make a formidable combination against corrosion and rust.

This faucet has a two-hole installation and with a spout reach of 6.5 inches, you would love the coverage area of this faucet. Another feature that is worth mentioning here that this faucet can bear the high temperature quite easily as it is in the construction of the faucet to sustain hot water without being damaged by it.

The location of the handle in this faucet is of center and you would be in love with this faucet because of the perfect design and manufacturing material. Customers have placed their trust in this product by purchasing it in bulk and giving positive feedback.

Pros and Cons


  • It fills the tub quickly and works great.
  • This tub faucet is cost-efficient as compared to other faucets.


  • The installation guidelines are missing.
  • This faucet is hard to install due to its complicated design.

3. Editor's Choice: With Diverter

Homary Waterfall Wall Mounted Tub Faucet with Hand Shower Bathroom Wall Mount Tub Filler Bathtub Faucet Single Handle Solid Brass in Matte Black
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Extra Long 60" (1500mm) PVC Hose
  • Solid Brass Construction
  • Single Handle & Diverter Knob

How about a tub filler faucet in a matte black color? This is the wall mount tub faucet with diverter and you would be in awe to see the features that are accompanied by this wall mount tub faucet. To make sure that the tub is filled at a faster pace, there is a waterfall spout which is not only aesthetic to the eyes and the ears but also fills the tub relatively at a higher speed.

The Wall mount tub faucet of this caliber is all about flexibility and greater coverage area. In this regard, this faucet provides a handheld shower with 60 inches of PVC shower hose which will help you in achieving the targeted washing. This can also provide an easy solution to wash your children and pets as the efficiency of this handheld faucet is beyond imagination.

Another unique feature that is employed in this faucet is its pressure balanced valve which has the sole duty of maintaining the temperature of water at a constant level, to make sure that you do not get the surprise splashing of hot or cold water. The core construction of the faucet is carried out by brass and it has also got a lifetime limited warranty. A good tub bathroom faucet, indeed.

Pros and Cons


  • The finishing of this tub faucet make it beautiful
  • It performs a demanding job and is very powerful.
  • The sprayer is good and also the water throw.


  • The faucet hand is not well-created.
  • Water comes from both sides, that's why proper cleaning is required.

4. Best for Clawfoot Tub

Kingston Brass KS265C Clawfoot Tub Wall Mount Faucet, Polished Chrome,6-Inch Adjustable Center
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Available in 3 handle styles
  • 6-Inch Adjustable Center
  • 1 year warranty

The Kingston brass KS265C wall mount tub faucet with hand shower and if you look at the design of this faucet it is kind of a complicated one. Before going into the details, it is worth mentioning here that this is the Amazon’s Choice product and available right now for quite a low amount of money. With multiple options available in colors, this is surely going to quench your thirst for a tub faucet.

Kingston Brass is not that unpopular brand and you would find it quite often claiming some of the quality faucets hailing from all categories. The whole construction of this faucet is carried out by brass and that is the reason behind its firm structure and durability. Spread in this faucet is made adjustable which ranges between 3-1/2 inches to 8-1/2 inches.

The flow rate of water out of this faucet is a bit high and that is of course because it is a tub faucet. It is around 2.0 gallon per minute at 80 psi pressure. Another good thing about buying this faucet is that it comes with mounting hardware if you want to install it as a tub mount configuration.

Pros and Cons


  • It matches the beauty of the clawfoot tub.
  • The polishing makes it shine, and it works well.


  • Proper mounting pieces are not available.
  • The installation is complex due to the lack of nuts.

5. Best Black Pick

Delta Faucet T5759-BLWL Tub Filler Wall-Mount, Matte Black
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Rigid 11-2/5 in. long spout
  • 6 pounds weight
  • 3-hole 8-16" installation

It is quite unlikely that Delta Faucet does not produce its quality products in the realm of wall mount tub faucets and here is the example of its top-notch delta wall mount tub faucet. This is a T5759-BLWL tub filler wall mount matte black (also available in other finishes).

The design of this faucet is a bit unique with its long spout height and that too being in the style of wall mount faucet enhances the flexibility of the faucet. There is a trim kit available with this faucet, however, you will have to buy rough-in R3500 WL separately. To make the installation process easy for you there are coordinating handles provided with this faucet as well.

The core construction of the faucet has been carried out by brass which ensures the durability of the faucet and will give you long years of service for sure. One more thing that should be mentioned here that this faucet has got 2 handles in it so you will be doing 3 hole installation configuration with the spread in between of 8 to 16 inches. A really good model of wall mount tub faucet by Delta Faucet with all its brand value.

Pros and Cons


  • It performs more than the expectations due to heavy-duty.
  • The handles of this faucet are perfect.
  • It is robust due to its extraordinary material.


  • The whole set is heavy and needs extra care during installation.

6. Affordable Option with Sprayer

Airuida Wall Mount Bathtub Faucet Matte Black With Handheld Shower Sprayer Waterfall Spout With Modern Single Handle Tub Filler Faucet Hot and Cold Water Mixer Tap Shower
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Maximum Flow Rate:1.44 gpm
  • Hose Length: ‎150 Centimeters
  • Material: Brass

Try to prioritize the function of the faucet first than its appearance. Everyone now gets an affordable wall mount tub faucet with a sprayer, available at the Airuida company. It is just like a waterfall, and it is in matte black. It performs two functions; it can provide hot and cold water. It is such a balanced faucet and made after nature inspiration. The pressure-balanced valve offers protection, and the whole product is stainless. The lifetime warranty maintains your bathroom beauty and appearance.

Pros and Cons


  • The customer service is friendly.
  • It is a well-made product.
  • It is affordable and suitable for working.


  • The instructions are poor.

7. Best Waterfall Wall Mount Tub Faucet

SHAMANDA Waterfall Wall Mounted Bathtub Faucet with Hand Shower, Bathroom Single Handle Tub Faucet Modern Brass Tub Shower Faucet Set(Including Rough-In Valve Body and Trim), Matte Black, L901-7
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Shower hose: 1.5M or 59 Inch
  • Handle count: Single Lever
  • Material: Metal

If anyone redecorates the home, try to get a functional and valuable faucet. The SHAMANDA Company presents the best waterfall wall mount tub faucet with sprayer in matte black. It is a complete set with a hand shower and made with brass. It doesn't give an old look and is very modern according to style.

The spout handle is solid, and this faucet provides a smooth waterfall so water splashes will not create a disturbance. It has many options for connecting to different sources like cold water sources. It is a single-handle faucet, and it can adjust around about 180 degrees. Within 90 days, the customer can exchange it, and the warranty is enough for satisfaction.

Pros and Cons


  • The working is excellent as per advertisement.
  • The water flow of the handle is perfect.
  • It is best for standing tub filler.


  • It requires professional installation.
  • Water starts to go on spout even after shutting off.

Wall Mount Tub Faucet Buying Guide

Wall Mount Tub Faucet Buying Guide

The basic idea behind all wall mount tub faucet reviews is that they are trying to give you general guidance on which you can rely on to find out the best wall mount tub faucet. We have made sections to get this job done and let’s see what are in the cards to hunt down the best tub faucet.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Mount Tub Faucet 

There is no doubt that wall mount tub faucet is quite a specialized type of bathtub faucets but still there are several variations that could exist in this very category. We have to find what those are and what to look exactly when you are buying a wall mount tub faucet for your bathroom.

Find Best Freestanding Bathtub Fillers


A fair bit of division can be made amongst the traditional sort of wall mount tub faucets and the ones which come up with a hand shower or sprayer. Without a second opinion, customers nowadays are preferring tub wall faucets with sprayers or hand showers, and also there is a great demand for waterfall water patterns in this category.

However, if you want to buy a purely traditional sort of wall mount tub faucet then there are plenty of them and one of such kind is mentioned at #05 in this review as well.


You could find out your best wall mount tub faucet belonging to any of the brands but chances are you would find it amongst the top-notch brands trending in the market. Likes of Delta Faucet, Kingston Brass, SUMERAIN, Homary, and Signature Hardware are some of the brand names worth mentioning here.

There is no doubt about the quality of these brands and they are most likely to provide you a limited lifetime warranty too. You might be thinking about some of the other top-ranked brands which are missing from the list. This is because of the reason that we have mentioned the list of top brands for this wall mount tub faucet category.

Editor’s Choice

This goes to the #03 of our review list and it is the Homary waterfall wall mount tub faucet with a unique sort of design. With waterfall spout, you would love the water pattern out of this and the reviews are quite positive by the customers as well to make it a perfect choice for your bathtub.


We are concluding our quest for the best wall mount tub faucet with this note that you need to be quite aware of the changing market trends and need to be able to make a good comparison table to arrive at any difficulty.

Disclosure: Sanitarysupply.org receives an affiliate commission on some, but not all, of the products we recommend—but only if you decide to click through to the retailer's site and make a purchase.

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