7 Best Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucets Reviews (2022) – Handy Buying Guide

January 2, 2022

We are looking to a certain category of vessel sink faucets that are considered to be separate because of their height which is more than the normally available faucets. These vessel sink faucets are of course meant to be mounted on vessel sinks.

Here, in this vessel sink faucet review, we have tried to make sure that you will be presented with top-class vessel faucets currently being sold out in the market. Followed by the considerations about the installation mechanism that comes with this faucet type.

Best Overall: The Kraus – 1200ORB Arlo bathroom faucet can be your next favorite bathroom faucet.

Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet Reviews

1. Best Overall

Kraus KVF-1200ORB Arlo Bathroom Faucet, 12.13, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 8.25"
  • Spout reach: 5"
  • 1 hole Installation

The oil-rubbed bronze faucet for the vessel sink with unique sort of style and great features. The Kraus – 1200ORB Arlo bathroom faucet can be your next favorite bathroom faucet. The price of the faucet is quite low as compared to the other available faucets in the market.

The design of this faucet is of particular importance as it has got a high spout with its handle over the top of its spout. Brass has been used in the making of this faucet with a bronze finish that gives a warm glare to the faucet.

With its perfect sort of finish, you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion on its surface. There is Kraus lifetime limited warranty with this faucet which should stir great confidence in you.

Pros and Cons


  • The valve handle works perfectly.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • It is straightforward to install, and it is a high-quality faucet.


  • The water flow sucks during use.
  • The brushing is not good, and the finishing is not proper.
  • The neck of the faucet has not reached the middle of the sink.

2. Runner Up

Delta Faucet Trinsic Wall Mount Faucet, Matte Black Bathroom Faucet, Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet 3 Hole, Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Matte Black T3559LF-BLWL
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout height: 4.69"
  • Spout reach: 7.5"
  • 2 holes Installation

This is a black in our list by Delta Faucet, the wall mount faucet for vessel sink. This is the Amazon’s Choice and widespread bathroom faucet T3559LF-BLWL and it is available in many different shades which are all made by keeping in view the alignment with the bathroom décor.

The faucet has a two-hole installation configuration and it has a plug profile of wall mount, which already saves lots of space. The material used in the construction of this faucet is brass with different finishes, all fulfilling the purpose of the protection of the faucet.

There is a trim kit included only, and you will have to purchase the rough-in kit separately. If you want your bathroom faucet to be easily used by disabled people, too then this faucet has ADA compliance which gives an easy way out to disabled people.

The flow rate of this faucet is 1.20 gallons per minute with 60 psi pressure and that together this is good enough to get the job done.

Pros and Cons


  • The installation is straightforward.
  • The fixtures of this faucet are very high quality.
  • The bronze color is gorgeous.


  • The water remains coming from the faucet.
  • The screws are not complete for installation.
  • The water flow is shallow.

3. Best Value

VIGO VG03024MB 11in H Niko Matte Black Single-Handle Single Hole Waterfall Vessel Deck-Mount WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet
  • Matte Black color only
  • 1 lever handle  
  • Brass material
  • 1 hole Installation

Are you a fan of black color? And you want your next faucet to be of black finish in your bathroom so that it could look elegant. Here is the black faucet for the vessel sink by the VIGO brand, VG03024MB with the plug profile of the deck mount. The core material in this faucet is brass with a matte black finish and together they form a formidable combination against any sort of environmental effects.

Water flow is an important aspect for any kind of bathroom faucet and in this one, you will be able to get 1.2 gallons per minute of water flow which is pretty much regulation. With its single lever, the control of the faucet is quite easy and you are easily going to control the temperature of the faucet.

It is guaranteed that the faucet will not contact any kind of corrosion because of its perfect finishing. The hardware used in the making of this faucet is of high quality and will run for a longer period of time. This is a good choice for anyone looking for a matte black bathroom faucet.

Pros and Cons


  • It is adorable, well-made, and performs exceptionally.
  • It is perfect in size and color.
  • The water did not splash in the surrounding.


  • The black color starts wearing off after a few months.

4. Best Durability

Delta Faucet Trinsic Vessel Sink Faucet, Single Hole Bathroom Faucet, Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Chrome, Diamond Seal Technology, Chrome 759-DST
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Spout height: 13.5"
  • Spout reach: 6.13"
  • 1 hole Installation

Delta Faucet has made it to our list one more time with its single handle faucet for vessel sink and this is probably the best delta vessel sink bathroom faucet in the market. Along with brass, as a material and chrome as finishing, together make sure that you do not have to worry about any sort of corrosion or rust in its body.

With the inception of diamond seal technology, this faucet guarantees to provide leak-free services of the faucet. The lifetime of this faucet is also estimated to be longer than the usually available faucets in the market due to the fact that it obeys ASME standards.

The spout height and reach of the faucet are respectively 13.5 inches and 6.13 inches. It requires to deck mounted and it is easy to install as well. With single hole installation configuration with vessel sinks, this is a high-quality bathroom faucet, indeed.

Pros and Cons


  • This faucet is a little high.
  • Installation is easy, and there is no splashing across.
  • It is best for vessel sinks.


  • It starts leaking from the handle side.

5. Best Design

Delta Faucet Victorian Vessel Sink Faucet, Single Hole Bathroom Faucet, Single Handle Bathroom Faucet Chrome, Waterfall Faucet, Chrome 754LF
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Spout height: 13.38"
  • Spout reach: 5.13"
  • 1 hole installation

Delta Faucet provides you the best bathroom faucets in almost every category and this waterfall faucet for a vessel sink is the epitome of this claim. The single-hole bathroom faucet 754LF is available at quite a reasonable price and it has got 5 out of 5 stars in its customers’ feedback on Amazon.

Brass as a core material in this faucet makes sure that you do not get to change this waterfall faucet time and again. On top of this brass material, there is chrome finishing which helps in protecting the surface of the faucet and also gives it a better outlook.

There are multiple colors available in this waterfall faucet for vessel sink which could easily be adjusted in any bathroom. With a single lever handle, the operation of this faucet is quite simple and easy. Also, this faucet has a minimum of 2.5 inches of clearance to backsplash which is recommended.

Pros and Cons


  • This faucet is solid and performs amazingly.
  • The handle is perfect and easy to hold.
  • It is very functional.


  • It turns on at full speed, and splashing will occur.
  • The pop-up drain is not part of this faucet.

6. Sink Mount Pick

V2502-White Porcelain Vessel Sink Brushed Nickel Ensemble with 753 Vessel Faucet
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Solid brass base
  • High-quality ceramic cartridges
  • Contains copper waterways

Last in the list but not the least for sure, the sink mount faucet for vessel sink by a relatively less popular brand named MR Direct. This is a white porcelain vessel sink V2502 bathroom faucet available at a reasonable price.

The material used in the making of this faucet is of different material that is porcelain, ceramic. There are multiple sizes available in this faucet and there is a rectangular shape in which it comes. Customers seem to be quite satisfied with the overall performance and that is why they have shown their trust in the shape of Amazon’s 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

Pros and Cons


  • This faucet is straightforward to clean.
  • Its quality is speechless.
  • It is perfect in size, and it is eye-catching.


  • The drain hole is not comprehensive.

7. Most Affordable

KINGO HOME Contemporary Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Brushed Nickel Vanity Bathroom Faucet, Basin Mixer Tap
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Single lever handle design
  • Spout height: 9.5"
  • Spout reach: 4.9"

The Kingo Home Contemporary single-handle tall vessel sink faucet is a sleek, contemporary design that will give your bathroom space the perfect touch of modernity. This elegant product features an easy-to-use one lever operation for effortless flow and temperature control with water surface level indicators, so you know when things need attention. 

The brass construction guarantees durability, while LifeShine's brushed nickel finish adds even more luminous flair to any room in which it resides, making this plumbing fixture not just functional but also beautiful.

Pros and Cons


  • This product is excellent.
  • The hardware is excellent.
  • It is straightforward to install, and the quality is very high.


  • The faucet starts to leak.
  • This faucet is not soundproof.
  • The installation is no less than a challenge.

Bathroom Vessel Faucet Buying Guide

Best Bathroom Vanity Faucet Reviews and Buying Guide

How to Pick a Vessel Sink Faucet

The sole purpose of all these vessel sink faucet reviews is to find out the best vessel sink faucet that fulfills all of the requirements of the worthy customer. Regarding this, we would like to give you some essential tips that will ultimately help you in finding your dream vessel sink faucet.

The first and foremost thing that should be considered before digging deep into the best vessel sink faucet, you must decide what sort of plug profile you want for your faucet. Some of the places where you could place your faucet are mainly wall, deck, or sink.

You need to decide about the above-mentioned plug profile as per the difficulty level of installation. Generally speaking, wall mount faucets are considered to be the hardest ones when it comes to the installation part.

Then there comes the style of the faucet which are available in good numbers in vessel fink faucets. One of the popular kinds of vessel sink faucets is the high arc one which comes with a peculiarly higher spout with a bizarre kind of water flow.

However, if you want to keep things simple and yet elegant then many top brands like Moen, Delta Faucet have been making the simplest of the vessel sink faucets which will quench your thirst and also give you the best vessel sink faucet, with great quality.

Vessel Faucet Installation Types

Wall Mount

Vessel Faucet Installation wall mount

As discussed in the previous section this is arguably the most difficult of the installation methods that you could go for in vessel sink faucets. The wall mount faucet installation requires precision and without this dead accuracy, you will not be able to find out the perfect spot for your faucet to be installed in comparison with your vanity and vessel sink.

Spout height also matters in this installation as you will be required to have your spout well above 3 inches from the sink rim.

Deck Mount

Vessel Faucet Installation deck mount

This mode of installation should come as a difficulty level approaching the medium. All you have you calculate in this plug profile is the exact height of the sink. One more thing to add here that this is the commonly preferred installation mode for vessel sink faucets. In simple terms, you have to have a hole in the vanity for a sink to be placed.

Sink Mount

sink mount vessel sink faucets

The easiest one on the list and this is the type where you will place your faucet directly on top of the sink. Mind you that this is the kind of installation that you will not see too often for vessel sink faucets but still that should be considered in different forms of installations. No special skills or hardware needed for sink mount faucet installation.

Editor’s Choice

The best vessel faucet sink is declared to be the VIGO matte black vessel deck mount sink faucet which has everything from great features to a reasonable price. This faucet is placed at #04 in this vessel sink faucet reviews where you could find the detailed analysis.


It becomes quite unlikely that you will still make a bad choice having read the whole review about vessel sink faucets. It is your responsibility now to make a trade-off list where you should mention the requirements and the budget for your next vessel sink faucet.

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