7 Best Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Reviews of 2021

September 26, 2021

In the present era, everyone wants that their home looks beautiful. It is possible by placing different objects like furniture, art, and accessories. One of the great options to enhance your home appearance is to install a single sink bathroom vanity.

Maybe many people are unaware of this latest and modern single sink bathroom vanity. It is similar to a cabinet with the only sink in it. You can install it wherever you want. Single sink bathroom vanity is present in the form of different sizes.

Single sink bathroom vanity is present in freestanding kind and wall-mounted kind as well. Single sink bathroom vanity is very easy to install; we have one faucet and sink for install. Suppose anyone has a small size bathroom, so the best option is the single sink bathroom vanity. It may not cover a large surface area. There is an option to install an extra draw into the vanity.

The best thing related to single sink bathroom vanity is that it is cheaper than double sink bathroom vanity. It is not very expensive, and to install a single sink bathroom vanity, we need specific labor costs, not so much.

Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Reviews

1. Best Overall

Katherine 60-inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Material: Wood
  • Size: 60 Inches
  • Finish Type: Painted

If you’re looking for a single bathroom vanity, you should visit the kitchen bath collection store. The kitchen bath collection store is offering Katherine 60-inch single bathroom vanity. It contains six drawers. It is white as white color gives a calming look to our home.

It is a rectangular shape. Its cabinet is fully furnished and painted. Italian Carrara marble, which is well known for its great look, is used to manufacture vanity. This marble reflects the soft grey shade, and this marble considers as ideal for decoration because of its shining. The countertop will never damage for many years.

2. Runner Up

Ove Decors Maya 48 Set Bathroom Vanity Freestanding Cabinet, 48 inches, Dove Grey with Yves Cultured Marble Countertop
  • Available in 4 colors, and 4 sizes
  • Material: Wood
  • Installation Method: Freestanding

A very modern style 48 set bathroom vanity by ove décors brand is now present in the market. It is 48 inches and dove grey in size and known as moderate size—the countertop manufactured by Yves cultured marble. For specific projects like manufacturing 48 set bathroom vanity, we use cultured marble for unique shape products.

48 set bathroom vanity has a large drawer to store the large bottles of your needs and little drawers. The intelligent thing is that a 48 set bathroom vanity by ove decors consists of an overflow drain cap. It has 8 inches faucet countertop. In short, no one can take off eyes from this beautiful product.

3. Most Stylish

eclife 36’’ Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo Black Small Side Cabinet Vanity Turquoise Square Tempered Glass Vessel Sink and 1.5 GPM Water Save Faucet & Solid Brass Pop Up Drain, with Mirror
  • Available in 7 styles
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Wood, Glass
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Size: 36 inches

A beautiful and functional bathroom reflects the beauty of the whole home. If you are in find of a unique bathroom sink, you must visit eclife store. Eclife 36 inches bathroom vanity sink is lovely and black color. It has a small size turquoise square shape cabinet in which MDF board material use.

Medium-density fireboard material is moisture resistant- it increases the duration of eclife bathroom vanity sink because it is ecosystem friendly. The single Glass sink gives a charming look to the bathroom. This product significantly attracts customers ' due to five drawers, zinc alloy handles, and aluminum alloy footpads.

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4. Best Small 

Clara 24 inch Single Bathroom Vanity with Porcelain Top - Blue
  • Available in 4 colors, and 2 sizes
  • Material: Wood
  • Tip-out tray to maximize space
  • Base Type: Legs

Blue color contrast suits with every painted wall and marble floor. Clara 24 inches single bathroom vanity with porcelain top by urbanfurnishing brand is an example of beauty and attractiveness. It is leg based bathroom vanity you can place anywhere you want.

The drawers are beautiful and established. It has a porcelain sink and counter, which is non-porous means no holes or spaces are present. In this way, it is effortless to clean and handle. Clara 24 inches single bathroom vanity has enough storage and a single faucet hole. It is very suitable for medium size bathrooms. 

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5. Best Traditional

Silkroad Exclusive HYP-0237-T-UWC-60 Gorgeous Bathroom Travertine Top Single Sink Vanity Lavatory Cabinet, 60 inch, Dark Wood
  • Available in wood color
  • Material: Wood
  • Style: Transitional
  • Size: 60"

No one can beat the beauty of wood color, which is like walnut color. It gives an ancient and peaceful look if you want a dark theme. Silkroad exclusive brand introduced HYP-0237-T-UWC-60 gorgeous bathroom travertine top single vanity with an excellent cabinet and dark wood color. 

This item has a travertine stone top; this stone is concentric in look and appearance. It is also present in a white and natural look. Sixty inches gorgeous bathroom vanity by Silkroad exclusive has many drawers which vary in size. This beautiful bathroom vanity is very furnished and consists of a ceramic sink. It has decorative features.

6. Best Floating

Blossom 36 Inch White Bathroom Vanity with Sink, All Wood Floating Bathroom Vanity with Sink
  • Available in white color in many sizes
  • Material: Wood
  • 2 times longer lasting
  • Installation Method: Topmount

White color is absolutely a treat to the eyes. As we know, the white color is trendy for the bathroom. 36 inches white bathroom vanity by blossom brand is stunning because of its unique characteristics. It is made from wood.

All wood floating vanity seems 3D vanity cause of its design. It does not contain mirrors, side cabinets, faucets, and pop-ups, but the simplicity of 36 inches white bathroom vanity is how simple things attract customers. This bathroom vanity has soft drawers, and no friction is present. It has a long lifetime due to humidity and moisture resistance. 

7. Honorable Mention

ARIEL 42inch White Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinet with Single Sink
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Finish Type: Satin Nickel finish hardware
  • Installation Method: ‎Freestanding

Home decoration is the art to express taste and mental beauty. 42 inches white bathroom vanity base cabinet with single sink configuration by ARIEL brand is elegant. It has nine drawers. Nickel plating produced a significant effect on this vanity.

Soft and gentle doors are the quality of 42 inches white bathroom vanity, resistant to friction. Drawers have a lot of storage for different bathroom stuff. Three years warranty of white bathroom vanity is enough for customer satisfaction. Satin nickel finish type gives a different look to the vanity.


Today there is a competition of beauty, decoration, interior design. Single sink bathroom vanity fits in this competition. According to every arrangement, every size bathroom, a single sink bathroom vanity is present in the market. Extra inches, different prices are available, and color combination. One can easily buy items according to taste and need.

Freestanding and modern single sink bathroom vanity is suitable if anyone wants to shift or migrate from one place to another place. Single sink bathroom vanity is easy to handle as compared to double sink vanity.

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