5 Best Widespread Bathroom Faucet Reviews [2024]

January 31, 2023
Best Widespread Bathroom Faucet Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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This century needs a widespread bathroom faucet, which can be installed on pedestal sinks, countertops, and with different vanities


"A widespread bathroom faucet has two separate handles for hot and cold water. These handles are separated or independent from the spout. A widespread bathroom faucet can be installed on the countertop and the sink with the help of three holes. Different varieties are available in widespread bathroom faucets. This faucet gives eye appealing look to the bathroom." 

Different award-winning designers and contractors used widespread bathroom faucets in their remodeling projects, increasing the home's worth.  

1.2 GPM water flow of this faucet is smooth, and the valves are temperature-bearing. This unique faucet can make the bathroom inspired and challenging over others.    

Here you can find the best widespread bathroom faucets roundup of 2022 by an award-winning interior designers;

Widespread Bathroom Faucet Reviews

1- Best Overall - Moen Genta

Pros and Cons

  • Heavily made product with robust handles.
  • High water pressure than other products.
  • Washers help to increase durability.  
  • The waterfall shape reduces the splashes of water.
  • The filters are a little bit worn down.

Moen Genta black widespread bathroom faucet can be a great choice and completely meets every requirement. It is that kind of product which can make user-friendly with lots of convenient features.

Michelle Berwick is an award-winning and talented interior designer; she used Moen Genta in her recent bathroom remodeling project. This faucet looks incredible from every angle to the eyes in the black and white bathroom. According to a designer, “This faucet meets the budget, and simple look gives welcoming vibes with matte black finishes.” 

Michelle Berwick

Interior Designer


Due to 4.4 inches spout height and 5.04 inches spout reach, it is convenient to use it even if it is accessible for disabled persons. 1.2-gallon water per minute satisfies the user with enough flow rate. 

Why She Chooses Moen Genta

Moen Genta faucet comes with drain trim, a bathroom faucet trim kit, and complete guidelines about installation as compared to KOHLER K-97093-4-CP and Delta Faucet Ashlyn 3564-BLMPU-DST. These two come with only the faucet. 


This black widespread bathroom faucet can be installed on the quartz countertop or deck, and it is best for undermount bathroom sinks, too, according to the designer Michelle Berwick. 


The matte black finish lends an attractive feel with white contrast, and the metal material helps double the bathroom's worth and beauty. better. 

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Anti-resistant water flow and smooth handles bring peace to life. Cleaning with a soft cloth is enough to disappear the water spots astonishingly. 

2- Best Gold - Kohler K-14406-4-2MB

Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for master and powder bathrooms as well. 
  • Brass construction is rust-free and anti-corrosion.
  • High arc and smooth handles.
  • None

“Gold widespread bathroom faucet should be one of the first choices you make when designing the home,” says designer Michelle Gage.

Kohler K-14406-4-2MB did justice to Michelle Gage opinion and brought life to the designer bathroom remodeling project with its low gooseneck appearance. It is noticeable that this faucet is welcoming and invites lots of audience through attractive and productive features like low lever handles.

Michelle Gage

Interior Designer


A 5-1/2-inches spout reach helps 1.2 GPM water flow come forward in the sink and prevent backache. Pop-up drain with 1-1/4-inches used daily as it is the most important part, and the tailpiece is very convenient to tight through the wrench.

Why She Chooses Kohler Purist

Kohler golden widespread bathroom faucet is the first-rate due to ceramic disc valves and available in 7 as compared to Miseno MNO1343ZBN. It comes in four colors. More importantly, Kohler K-14406-4-2MB handles are made from brass material, whereas TRUSTMI bathroom faucet handles are made with zinc; brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and considered superior to zinc. 


This faucet looks elegant with slim rectangular undermount sink or pedestal sinks, and the designer used it for the powder bathroom due to its unique appearance.   


Vibrant brush moderne brass increases the lifetime by minimizing oxidation, which leads to corrosion. The low lever handles and golden color give the bathroom a Victorian and luxury look.

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

This Kohler faucet gives perfect temperature hot and cold water control, and it is not complicated in use due to anti-slippery lever handles.   

3- High End - Delta Trinsic 

Pros and Cons

  • Trouble-free functioning and use.
  • Hardware is helpful and comes with the necessary components.
  • Instructions are not well described. 
  • Water spots are visible.

The Delta widespread bathroom faucet is an emerging product, as per designer Sarah Fultz. It helps to completely remodel the guest bathroom and the designer intricates the beauty by saying, "It's not amazing in appearance; it meets the bathroom requirements because water comes out like a waterfall." Delta ‎3559-CZMPU-DST makes the bathroom competitive and relaxing, to stay. 

Sarah Fultz

Interior Designer


7.75 spout height and 5 inches reach are advantageous, making it less messy and possible to wash hair with 1.2GPM water flow from now in the sink.

Why She Chooses Delta Trinsic

Delta Trinsic widespread faucet’s diamond valve reduces chances of wear, and it is better in this regard like Moen Doux doesn’t come with a valve. In comparison, Delta ‎3559-CZMPU-DST is suitable for large vanities, e.g., Sarah Fultz designer uses it for double vanity due to 16 inches width, while Pfister LF049LRGS Ladera is preferable for powder room vanities with 6 inches width.


The Delta widespread bathroom faucet enhances the beauty of drop-in and porcelain bathroom sinks. Not only drop-in, but it also fits well with undermount sinks and designer designs bathroom with undermount sink and delta 3559-CZMPU-DST.


Diamond seal technology and metal drain assembly make this faucet valuable and come with a water supply line. Supply lines minimize the burden on a user.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Everything is available for use, and this faucet's smooth design helps keep it clean and maintained. It fulfills the sentence "the simpler, the more attractive." 

4- Best Modern - Kallista P24800-LV 

Pros and Cons

  • Exceptional finish.
  • Every component is substantial.
  • Good water flow and performance.
  • None

Marcio Decker is an award-winning designer; he always comes up with new mouth-watering projects, and this time, he used a high-end widespread bathroom faucet in a powder bathroom.

He says, “When you install this faucet, it becomes unforgettable.” This Kallista P24800-LV is a very sleek design and less space-consuming product with lots of features like a gunmetal finish. It incredibly provides hot and cold water through a dual handle. 

He further says; "Look for low water consumption, motion sensor activated and the style and finish that suits best your project and budget. Fun thing is that the market is filled (no pun intended) of amazing options!"

Marcio Decker

Interior Designer


Kallista faucet follows the rule of thumb: its spout height is 5", and spout reach is 5-3/8". It is environmentally friendly with a 1.2 GPM water flow of good quality.

Why He Chooses Kallista P24800-LV

Kallista P24800-LV comes with everything, and all hardware is included for installation compared to DELTA FAUCET 35543-KSMPU-DST Trillian, which has included only a faucet. Kallista high-end widespread bathroom faucet is an expensive, but the finish is eye-catching; Moen T6173BL Glyde can be considered due to price, and JAKARDA widespread faucet is also an inexpensive product.


Kallista high-end widespread bathroom faucet looks suitable with a pedestal basin, undermount, and drop-in sink. It increases a home's worth and is made with pure brass material.


Drain assembly saves any trouble, and the ceramic disc is more durable than the plastic valve. It remains stable even during high-temperature conditions. 

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Installation is quite handy compared to other products; it looks contemporary and is a very gratifying product in use. It is expensive but saves money for many years due to its quality.

5- Best Vintage Style - Gotonovo

Pros and Cons

  • Well manufactured and heavy.
  • The hoses are well functioning. 
  • Expensive appearance.  
  • Hot and cold labels look cheap.  
  • The finish starts to come off.

Gotonovo vintage style widespread bathroom faucet gives soothing feelings, and we can see that view in a bathroom designed by Rachel Markwood. The designer says the vintage faucet is atypical: "Vintage widespread faucet makes the bathroom an inspiration, lovable, and it is a key of beauty."

After Rachel, top designers used a vintage style faucet in their projects. Brexton Cole, who has appeared in Cottage Journal, HGTV, Pioneer Woman, Apt Therapy, My Domaine, and many more, designed the master bathroom and used a vintage widespread bathroom faucet with double vanity.

It is a competitive era, but even in 2023, a vintage faucet is a priority, and designer Kaelyn Guerin used the same style, Delta Cassidy, in her bathroom and; designer said, "Vintage faucet is a true luxury for a home." Girls were mostly confused about feminine bathroom decoration, so Mindy Gayer designer applied the same vintage faucet style for the girl's bathroom, which turned out beautiful.

Rachel Markwood

Interior Designer


The 3.9 inches spout height and 4.19 pounds weight help to handle it easily. Hot, cold labels prevent mixed and confusing thoughts.   

Why She Chooses Gotonovo

Gotonovo vintage widespread faucet is an affordable product, and it comes with a connector water hose compared to Kingston Brass KB1978AX Heritage. If there is a need for a durable and long-lasting effect, in this case, Kingston brass KB1978AX Heritage can be a better choice.    


If someone wants to select a single or double sink vanity faucet, a vintage style widespread bathroom faucet is best for both. The vintage faucet is suitable for classic round sinks and undermount sinks too.   


The matching drain helps to maintain bathroom beauty, and it is a complete package that makes installation DIY. 

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

Cross handles are considered superior handy, and a brushed finish helps to adjust with any contrast.   

FAQs About Widespread Bathroom Faucets

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with a new widespread faucet? Here are some questions you should consider:

What is the difference between a widespread and standard bathroom faucet?

The main difference between a widespread and a standard bathroom faucet is the distance between the hot and cold water handles. A standard faucet typically has about three inches in-between whereas a widespread faucet may have up to 12 inches in-between. Additionally, a widespread faucet also allows for greater customization when it comes to height and placement of the spout — making it perfect for larger sinks or if you have more than one person using it at once.

Is installation of widespread faucets more difficult than standard ones?

Widespread faucets can be more complex to install as they require additional components such as valves, supply lines, and drain systems. However, many manufacturers provide detailed instructions that make installation relatively straightforward. Additionally, these types of fixtures often come with all necessary parts included, which can make the whole process easier.

What kind of maintenance do I need to do on my widespread bathroom faucet?

Most widespread bathroom faucets are made from durable materials such as brass or stainless steel so minimal maintenance is needed — simply wiping down the fixtures regularly with a damp cloth should suffice. You may also want to inspect any washers or seals for wear or damage on occasion, as well as lubricate them if needed.

Do widespread faucets come in different finishes?

Yes, many widespread faucets have multiple available finishes such as polished chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. This variety allows you to customize the look of your bathroom based on your personal taste and décor style.

What are the benefits of having a widespread faucet in my bathroom?

Having a widespread faucet can provide both convenience and aesthetic value to your bathroom. As mentioned before, they allow for greater customization when it comes to placement and height so if you have two people using the same sink at once, there is no need for them to hassle over which handle belongs to who. Additionally, their sleek design and wide range of available finishes can elevate the look of any bathroom.

Do I need special tools or parts for installation of a widespread faucet?

This depends on what type of installation you are doing. For example, if you are installing a wall-mounted fixture then special parts may be needed such as anchors or brackets to properly secure it in place. It is always recommended that you consult the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand so that you know exactly what type of materials and tools are required for successful installation.


Widespread bathroom faucets are not compared because they are easy to use and give lots of peace. These can be used with different sinks like undermount, drop-in, round, and rectangular slim sinks. Some are sleek in design, look suitable with single vanity, and perform a great job with double vanities. All hardware included make installation DIY; some faucets come with a lifetime warranty. Vintage style widespread bathroom faucets are the best option for girls’ bathrooms due to their attractive appearance.   

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