5 Best Roman Tub Faucets Reviews of 2022

January 2, 2022
Best Roman Tub Faucets Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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There is nothing better than a simplistic yet stylish roman tub faucet on its day or any day for a bathtub. With some obvious advantages like durable and having lots of features, this kind of faucet also brings out the best possible solution for your bathtub in terms of space and style.

In this review, we have shortlisted five trending and most sought out roman tub faucets available in the market. With good details about them, you will surely be able to find out your next best roman tub faucet just after finishing this informative review. Continue reading.

Roman Tub Faucets Reviews

1. Best Overall: With Hand Shower

Moen T944BN Eva Two-Handle Deck Mount Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit with Single Function Handshower, Valve Required, Brushed Nickel
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout reach: 7.67"
  • Flow Rate: 1.75 GPM
  • 4 hole Installation

In our selection of best roman tub faucets list here is the first installment and it is the roman tub faucet with hand shower by Moen T944BN. There are some obvious advantages that you will get from this faucet and we are going to discuss them quite in detail.

This faucet possesses a long life as the material it is composed of is metal which has the sole responsibility of maintaining the strength of the faucet. On this metalcore structure, there are different sorts of finishes available which you can choose from the available options. Brushed Nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze are the color options that you are given with this faucet.

Plug profile of this faucet by Moen is of deck mount and you will get a good coverage area out of this faucet as it has got 7.67 inches of spout reach. Now we should divert our focus towards the installation part of this faucet where you will require a valve to complete its installation.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about this faucet is that its architecture has been based on the M-Pact common valve system of Moen which ensures that you could upgrade the faucet without any need for basic plumbing maneuver. There are two handles given with this faucet and also a hand shower which makes things easy for you.

With all these quality features and the brand value itself, you must consider this faucet model in your preference list. Not to forget here that the faucet is also provided with a limited lifetime warranty by Moen.

Pros and Cons


  • The quality and function of this hose are excellent.
  • The flow is perfect and smooth.
  • It is ideal in working for a master bath.


  • Spray nozzle made with cheap material.
  • The showerhead size is not perfect.
  • The working of the sprayer nozzle is not professional.

2. Runner Up

Delta T4738-SS Lahara Roman Tub with Handshower Trim, Stainless
  • Available in stainless steel finish
  • Spout height: 8.88"
  • Spout reach: 8.5"
  • 4 hole Installation

How could the Delta Faucet brand be lag behind producing in this category of the roman tub faucet. This one is the Delta T4738-SS Lahara roman tub faucet with hand shower trim. The price of the faucet is reasonable enough for a roman tub faucet but if you would compare this price tag with some regular sort of faucet then of course it is a bit expensive one.

The great thing about this Roman-style tub faucet is that they are simple yet look quite elegant in their designs. You will see two handles (levers) in this faucet along with the shower and one thing you would notice immediately that no fancy supply lines are crossing overhead the faucet. Metal has been used in the making of this faucet as Delta Faucet aims to provide you a lifetime of services through its amazing faucet. There is only one finish type available for this faucet and it is the brilliance stainless.

Dimensions of any faucet play a vital role in determining the coverage area and other strengths of the faucet. Here, you will get spout height and reach of 8.88 and 8.5 inches, respectively. The type of installation is deck mounted one and you will see that the process of installation is not that much difficult either.

To make sure that everybody could get benefit out of this faucet there is a standard set by the US government and this faucet meets that standard. With the matching hand shower and all these abovementioned features of the faucet, this is going to be the worth-remembering experience of your life.

Pros and Cons


  • It is effortless to turn on and off.
  • The water throw is very smooth, and the sprayer is doing a great job.
  • It is quick in mounting.


  • The hand shower makes with plastic.
  • Many qualities are not present in tub faucets.
  • The plumbing is terrible.

3. Best Durability

Kingston Brass KB368 Magellan Roman Tub Faucet, Brushed Nickel,8-Inch Adjustable Center
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Spout height: 2"
  • Spout reach: 4-1/2"
  • 3 hole Installation

In our quest for the best roman tub faucets, we have now come across to this yet another amazing piece of innovative design and great features. The Kingston Brass KB368 Magellan roman tub faucet which is probably one of the most inexpensive of the faucets available in this category. Let’s find out what are the other benefits of having this Kingston brass faucet in your bathtub.

Firstly, the material of the faucet plays an important role in deciding the fate of its life. Here, brass has been used to manufacture the core structure of the faucet. There are multiple finishes available for the customers that include brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, and polished chrome. These are all high-performing finishes and you could choose either of these based on your own preference. One more thing that must be mentioned here that the material of the handle in this faucet is also of brass as it has got two handles to control the temperature of the water.

The flow rate of the roman tub faucet is a bit higher and it can be seen here in this faucet which aims to provide you 7 gallons per minute of water flow. As far as internal parts are concerned, there is a duraseal washerless cartridge inside the faucet that guarantees a long lifetime. This is probably one of the models by Kingston Brass where you will find quality parts, features, and that too in quite reasonable of the price. A great dealbreaker for anyone who wants to see a roman tub faucet in their bathroom.

Pros and Cons


  • All the fixtures are well-made.
  • Its quality and finishing are excellent.
  • The brass material is surprising.


  • The hot water system will fail to shut off.
  • The system will not work perfectly well.
  • Flow is not fast and heavy.

4. Also Consider

Peerless Claymore 2-Handle Widespread Roman Tub Faucet Trim Kit, Oil-Rubbed Bronze PTT298696-OB
  • Available in oil rubbed bronze color
  • Spout height: 4.66"
  • Spout reach: 8.09"
  • 3 hole Installation

If you are not aware of the oil bronze finish type in bathtub faucets then you are missing out on some of the best-looking finishes that are available currently. How about having a roman tub faucet in oil bronze finish. Well, Peerless has made it possible for the customers as it has come up with Peerless Claymore widespread roman tub faucet which is just available in this amazing oil bronze finish.

There are other great things about this faucet as well and we will start with the core material which is brass here. Oil bronze complements the brass structure of the faucet and you will see the mesmerizing outlook of this faucet along with some concrete inner strength. The height of the spout is around 4.66 inches and that is good enough to maintain the optimal coverage area.

This is a widespread roman tub faucet and you could customize this widespread from 8 to 16 inches as per your preference. You should know beforehand that a trim kit is included in the package as you will have to buy the rough-in kit separately to complete the unit. Also, you are provided with a lifetime limited warranty on this faucet so that you should not think twice about its quality.

Watersense labeling is another upside as it guarantees to save you 20 percent of water and in doing so it will not sacrifice any aspect of the performance. The faucet also adheres to ADA compliance.

Pros and Cons


  • The faucet is straightforward to install.
  • Oil rubbed bronze finishing is excellent.
  • No imperfection is noticeable and extra tools are not required for installation.


  • It does not meet the expectations.
  • A proper system is not present to connect the water.
  • It looks smaller for the tub.

5. Editor's Pick

Pfister RT65WRC Weller 3-Hole Roman Tub, Trim Only, Polished Chrome Finish
  • Available in 3 colors
  • All metal construction 
  • High arc bath tub spout 
  • 3-hole installation

Talk about elegant designs of roman tub faucets as there are plenty of great ones you can easily find out but the one that we are going to present here can beat any other model of the roman tub faucet. This one is the Pfister RT65WRC Weller 3 hole roman tub faucet which is available in 3 different colors and you would instantly fall in love with all these finishes for sure.

Of course, a wall mount faucet by its plug profile and it has got two handles to make sure that you control water temperature easily. This package includes the trim only as there is no valve included in it and you will have to buy that separately. Construction of all parts of this faucet is done by metal and that alone is the sole guarantee of its durability.

For installation, you will be doing a 3 hole configuration and a widespread one. This part is not that much difficult and could be done quite smoothly. This is considered as a high arc tub faucet and it is the reason behind the good coverage by this faucet.

The price at which this faucet is being sold out is just mind-blowing as you are not likely to get such a high-quality faucet in this budget. Standards like ADA or ANSI are met by the faucet and that enhances the overall quality of it. A truly efficient roman tub faucet.

Pros and Cons


  • It performs heavy-duty and handles rotate smoothly.
  • It is easy to install, and the water flow is incredible.
  • It is a cost-efficient faucet.


  • The valve system is not part of this package.
  • The plumbing of this faucet is not less than a pain.
  • It isn't very interesting in appearance.

Editor’s Choice 

This goes to the one mentioned right above this section at #05. This is the Pfister roman tub faucet which can outclass any tub faucet in terms of its quality and price. You will be in awe having bought this faucet as it has a high arc spout along with its two levers give you stylish design and efficiency at the same time.


Without further ado, you can be considered now to have rudimentary knowledge about roman tub faucets and actually make use of this information to buy your next Roman tub faucet for your bathtub. One more thing that you must include in your habit that you always go for the best faucet in the budget range that you are going to target.

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