5 Best Corner Kitchen Sinks Reviews (2021) – A Buyer’s Guide 

 January 30, 2021

By  George Leo

You have to go through some of the reviews and solid information before buying at this age and if you are on a hunt for corner kitchen sinks then we have made your job a little bit easier as this is the perfect place to start browsing for the best corner kitchen sinks.

We have divided this corner kitchen sink review into parts so that you could get an overview of the current market with some additional information on top-quality models, available at this moment. Corner kitchen sinks are trending again and that is the reason why you will see many great models of corner kitchen sinks nowadays as the demand is there and increasing.

Keep reading as this will clear some fog for sure and you will be in a better place to decide on your next corner kitchen sink.

Editor's Choice - Elkay DE217323 Dayton equal double bowl is lead in here amongst all the mentioned top 5 corner kitchen sinks. 

Corner Kitchen Sink Reviews

1. Best Undermount Pick

Ruvati RVH8400 Undermount Corner Kitchen
  • 16 gauge premium 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Luxurious Satin finish
  • Heavy duty sound guard padding
  • Tight radius - inside curved corners 

In the realm of best corner kitchen sinks, Ruvati RVH8400 is here in this corner kitchen sink reviews. This is an undermount corner kitchen sink that has to offer you plenty of great features for a corner sink. First of all, we would talk about the material it uses in the construction of this sink which is 304 premium stainless steel. It is 16 gauge and brings the right quality for your sink.

Another important thing about this sink is that you will not have to toil much to clean it as this has got an easy to clean surface. This feature is a cause of the satin finish on this sink which not only makes the life of the sink longer but also gives it a smooth surface.

You might be thinking that in corner kitchen sinks there will not be that many features or this category somehow will be neglected by the top brands. However, that is certainly not the case, as Ruvati has done justice to this kitchen sink by placing heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating which absorb all sorts of noise and vibrations.

There is more about the design of this sink as it comes with a tight radius and inside curved corners. These features along with the satin finish give it a perfect surface to clean with less time. The dimensions of this sink are 43 inches by 23 inches. A really good sink in the corner kitchen sinks category.

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2. Best Small Pick

Elkay DE217323 Dayton Equal Double Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Sink
  • Sound-deadening pad(s)
  • Min Cabinet Size 30"
  • Depth 6-5/16"
  • Rust, Dent, and Corrosion Resistant

This one is the Elkay DE217323 Dayton equal double bowl small corner kitchen sink. It comes in two different styles as per the configuration of the holes, 3 and 4 holes.
The dimensions of this sink can be calculated as slightly over 31 by 31 inches area with a depth of 7 inches and it requires a cabinet of 36 inches. This is truly a small size corner kitchen sink and due to its double bowls of equal size, you could easily use both the compartments simultaneously to get the work done in less time.

The best thing about this Elkay corner sink is that it has got the perfect material to sustain for a longer period. The 20 gauge stainless steel commercial grade 300 series stainless steel is made for everyday use and that is the reason you see this material here in this amazing model of Elkay.

To give you some ease while doing the washing in this sink, there are sound-absorbing pads that have the sole purpose to curb down all sorts of noises made by the sink.
Because of the U-channel installation, you will need less time for the installation of this corner sink. With the center drain and the USA made Elkay quality, this is highly recommended from our side.

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3. Best Drop In Pick

Houzer LCR-3221-1 Legend Series Topmount Stainless Steel Corner Bowl Kitchen Sink
  • Overall size 31-875"" X 31.875"
  • 20 gauge T-304 stainless steel
  • StoneGuard undercoating over super silencer pad
  • Fits 36" cabinet

If you are looking for a good quality corner drop in the kitchen sink then there you are, Houzer has a perfect model for this description. This is the Houzer LCR-3221-1 legend series top-mount stainless steel corner bowl kitchen sink with the installation method of the drop-in.

Let’s first discuss the dimensions of this sink as it has an equal length and width of a bit more than 31 inches, with a depth of 8 inches. This sink offers you greater space to work with and customers are perfectly satisfied with this.

The material used in the making of this sink is 20 gauge T-304 stainless steel which is being used for most of the top quality kitchen sinks just because of its high quality and durability.

One of the biggest drawbacks for any sink could be the unnecessary noise generated by the sink. Well, this consideration by the customers has been taken care of with the stone guard undercoating and the super silencer pad are going to give you as low noise as possible.

Before buying this Houzer corner kitchen sink, you must consider the space where you are going to place this as 36 inches of the cabinet is recommended by the brand itself.

There are 4 holes drilled and built-in, the quality of the sink is great with durable material in its core and the drop-in installation method, and these all are the things that should bring you to this sink.

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4. Best Stainless Steel Pick

DAX-347 Handmade Corner Double Bowl
  • Size W 32-3/4" x H 22-3/4" x D 10"
  • Standard 3-1/2" drain opening
  • Handmade sink. 15mm radius corner
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Material

The DAX handmade corner stainless steel kitchen sink is one of the rarest forms of kitchen sinks where you get the handmade sink with all sorts of state of the art features.

This is a handmade sink and the radius of the corner of the sink is 15mm and it has been designed for the undermount installation type. Customers have shown their satisfaction towards this kitchen sink as more than was expected. Talk about the feedback on amazon about this product and you will find out that there are 4 out of 5 stars given by the customers all over the globe.

Let’s have a quick review on the material of this sink as many customers are concerned about this aspect of the sink and rightly so, as this is one of the major aspects of any sink in terms of its life.

Dimensions for any corner sink is a bit different than any other regular sort of kitchen sink and this is also the case here. This DAX sink has an area of 32 by 22 inches with a depth of 10 inches. This is pretty much good enough for a corner sink and you would love the space, for sure. The drain opening of the sink is around 3 and a half inches and this also meets the standards of the market.

Not only that you are going to be provided with the sink bowl but there will be a bottom grid, basket strain of stainless steel, and a round stainless steel colander.
Last but not least, there is a brushed finish on this sink, and that guarantees the effectiveness of the surface for a longer period.

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5. Best with Drainboard

Ticor TR1400 Bradford Series 16-Gauge Undermount Double Equal Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Butterfly Tight Radius Kitchen Sink
  • Sound Barrier Technology
  • 10” basin depth
  • Tight R15 radius corners
  • In-Basin Accessories

Who does not want to have a corner kitchen sink with a drainboard, and that too with all the latest features and quality that could easily exceed the standards of the current market.

This is the corner sink by Ticor with the part number TR1400 and this is kind of a sink that does not belong to the top brand but it has got all the features to compete with any standard corner kitchen sink. The area of the sink is 32.25 by 16.25 inches and if you have been in the corner sink buying then you must assure that this is the perfect dimension for any corner sink.

Stainless steel material seems to be the most popular material in the sink making of corner sinks and that is the reason why this sink is manufactured with stainless steel. This is the core material and ensures you the longer life of this sink. The installation method used by this sink is undermount and that is the method quite popular amongst the customers for both corner and regular sinks.

The color of the sink is satin and you would love the overall design of the sink with plenty of space to perform your duties well. We cannot emphasize enough to the customers who are looking for a perfect corner sink with a drainboard to buy this.

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Corner Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Corner Kitchen Sink

Be it any other kitchen sink or a corner sink, you will have to follow the checklist of mandatory steps to choose the perfect corner kitchen sink for your kitchen. Here we are going to provide you with a list of those necessary steps which you should follow and buy a good product.

  • Material

You might be wondering why we have not mentioned any corner sink made up of material other than the stainless steel in our top five corner kitchen sinks. There is a reason behind this selection as corner kitchen sinks can be found in stainless steel with far better quality and features. There may be some other materials used in the making of corner kitchen sinks but they cannot compete with the effectiveness of stainless steel when it comes to stainless steel.

Generally speaking about stainless steel material, there are different kinds of stainless steel available in the market. The 16 gauge T304 series is the most widely used in the regular and corner kitchen sinks, however, other everyday use stainless steel material could also be seen in some of the top-notch kitchen sinks.

  • Type

Best corner kitchen sinks are not in abundance and that is the reason why you should read this review so that you could get a comprehensive view of what you have to see in a best corner kitchen sink. If we talk about the type, there are two of them which are popular amongst the customers i.e. undermount and drop-in styles. These are the styles that we have also mentioned in the selection of our top 5 corner kitchen sinks.

There is some flexibility with these styles of corner kitchen sinks and that is the reason why customers have not only been satisfied but have given more than positive feedback. Undermount has been a perfect choice as it does not have rims and you could easily push the water down to the sink. Another advantage with the undermount kitchen sink is that it has no rims so you will not have to clean other than the bowl itself.

  • Brand

You must have noticed in the selection of our top 5 corner kitchen sinks that they all come from different five brands and most of the brands are less heard of by most of the customers. The reason being the market of corner kitchen sinks is a bit different than the regular kitchen sinks and you will see some of the brands like DAX, Ticor, and Houzer which are not mentioned quite regularly in normal kitchen sinks. For corner kitchen sinks, you must look at the products by these aforementioned brands.

Moreover, the brands like Ruvati and Elkay could be considered as a common factor which you must have heard before for sure. We have enlisted at #1 and #4 the products by Ruvati and Elkay, respectively. There is something special about the products by these brands that make them a good choice for anyone who wants to spend money to get a quality product rather than wasting the money on some low-quality product.

Editor’s Choice

Elkay DE217323 Dayton equal double bowl is lead in here amongst all the mentioned top 5 corner kitchen sinks. There is a reason for this selection, firstly, it is made up of stainless steel which gives you the guarantee of durability. Another reason is that the brand Elkay is based in the USA and that is the reason why it obeys all the standards set by the USA government to manufacturers. You will not regret the overall quality that this sink will bring to your kitchen.


There is nothing like perfection in the kitchen sinks and you will have to trade off some of the features for the others. That is totally up to you that what are the things you would like to have in your kitchen sink but having gone through this review, you must have got some sort of clarity that would be previously missing.

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