15 Best Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Reviews of 2022 – [By Top 5 Retailers]

July 6, 2022

Freestanding tub filler makes your bath time peaceful because of its free-to-use features. Buying the best one is truly an art in a market full of competitive products. Here you are going to overlook the best overall, runner-up, and high-end tub faucets by top 5 retailers. The best thing is each retailer comes up with a different best-selling product (by another brand). We made the best freestanding tub faucets listing, which is easy to hunt for our readers. Lets start reviewing each merchant below; 

Best Freestanding Tub Fillers by Top 5 Retailers

By Amazon

Are you looking for a freestanding tub filler that will add value to your bathroom?

You can find it on Amazon, where you can buy freestanding tub fillers of various quality brands at different price ranges. Many options exist from reasonable to expensive (from $220 to $1000+).

The list includes names like: Delta Faucet, Moen, Kohler, Pfister, Wowkk, Artiqua, Aolemi, Senlesen and more.

Best Overall

Wowkk Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Black Floor Mounted Brass Bathroom Tub Faucets with Hand Shower

Wowkk Tub Filler

Wowkk freestanding tub filler is available in five unique colors. Its brass and black finish add a touch of luxury to this faucet's floor-mounted style. The spout height is 30 inches, and the spout reach is 8 inches. This faucet provides 6 gallons of water per minute.


  • It is suitable for the master bathroom. 
  • It is a well-built faucet.


  • The hose installation is complicated.

Runner Up

Artiqua Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler Brushed Nickel Floor Mount Faucets Brass Single Handle with Hand Shower

Artiqua Tub Filler

The Artiqua tub filler faucet is also available in five colors. It is brushed nickel floor mounted and consists of a single handle. It has cold and hot water lines. Its spout height is 32 inches, and its reach is 9 inches, which is greater than the Wowkk faucet.


  • The provided instructions are helpful for the installation. 
  • It doesn't leak from any side.
  • Customer service is good.


  • The hose length is very long.

High End

Delta Faucet Trinsic Floor-Mount Freestanding Tub Filler with Hand Held Shower, Chrome T4759-FL

Delta Trinsic T4759-FL Tub Filler

Delta Trinsic tub filler is available in five colors like faucets. This chrome floor-mounted faucet is available with a handheld shower. The valve is not included in it. Its spout height is 41 highest, and its reach is 8 inches. Its flow rate is 2 gallons per minute.


  • The low level of water temperature is terrific. 
  • It is a functional faucet.


  • It doesn't come with the bottom piece for installation.

By Homedepot

From Homedepot, you can buy freestanding tub fillers of various quality brands at different prices, from reasonable to expensive (from $190 to $1000+). Name to few; AKDY, ELLO&ALLO, WELLFOR, American Standard, Glacier Bay, OVE Decors, Kohler, and more.

Best Overall

AKDY 1-Handle Freestanding Floor Mount Roman Tub Faucet Bathtub Filler with Hand Shower in Chrome

AKDY Tub Filler

The AKDY tub filler comes with a hand shower and is chrome polished very well. The flow rate is 4.1 gallons per minute, and the spout height is 42 inches. It is a certified product at a reasonable price.


  • It is a high-arched design.  
  • It is sleek, and the features are very satisfying.  
  • The finishing is elegant.


  • It shows wobble.

Runner Up

AKDY 1-Handle Freestanding Floor Mount Tub Faucet Bathtub Filler with Hand Shower in Matte Black

AKDY Matte Black Tub Filler

This AKDY single-handle faucet is the same price as the above tub filler. It is matte black and looks sturdy. The spout height is 40 inches, and the hand shower hose is 60 inches. The hose is flexible, and it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • It has lots of pressure.  
  • The faucet height is impressive.  
  • It is a multifunctional faucet.  


  • The mounting bolts are not helpful.

High End

KOHLER Kelston 1-Handle Floor Mount Claw Foot Tub Faucet with Hand Shower in Polished Chrome

KOHLER Kelston Tub Faucet

This Kohler 1 handle tub filler is floor mounted and chrome polished. It is a hand shower faucet and is more expensive than the other two faucets. It provides 6 gallons per minute. The single lever handle works amazingly and is a worthy product.


  • It has excellent pressure. 
  • The finishing is eye appealing.


  • It doesn't come with a base.  

By Lowes

From Lowes, you can buy freestanding tub fillers of various quality brands at different prices, from reasonable to expensive (from $175 to $2000+). Name to few; AKDY, Delta Faucet, Woodbridge, WELLFOR, American Standard, Glacier Bay, OVE Decors, Kohler, and more.

Best Overall

AKDY 46-in Matte Black 2-handle Residential Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Hand Shower

AKDY 46-in Matte Black Bathtub Faucet 

The AKDY 46 inches freestanding tub filler is two-handle and best for residential. It gives 4 gallons of water per minute and is a matte black faucet. The spout height is 40 inches, and the hose is 60 inches. It is made with brass and stainless steel.


  • It looks good with matte black fixtures. 
  • The spout can rotate easily. 


  • The water is continuously dripping from it.

Runner Up

AKDY TF0047 Brush Nickel 1-Handle Residential Freestanding Bathtub Faucet with Hand Shower


This AKDY brushed nickel faucet consists of one handle and comes with a hand shower. It also provides 4 gallons of water per minute. It is a superior faucet due to its anti-rusted coating. The spout is a high arc, and its length is 12 inches. The arm can easily swing.


  • It looks perfectly suitable with a freestanding tub. 
  • The water flow is speedy. 
  • The installation is pretty straightforward.


  • The aerator is made from plastic.

High End

Delta Stryke Stainless 2-handle Residential Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Delta Stryke

The Delta stryke bathtub faucet is entirely stainless and has two handles. It is a little bit expensive but available in five colors. It uses 20 degrees less water. Its water flow rate is 10 gallons per minute. The spout length is 5 inches and can be used with an RV.


  • It is perfect with a master bath. 
  • It can work with 90-degree rotations. 
  • It is pure stainless.


  • None

By Wayfair

From Wayfair, you can buy freestanding tub fillers of various quality brands at different prices, from reasonable to expensive (from $130 to $2000+). Name to few; Delta Faucet, Rainlex, WoodBridge, Averen Inc, Kohler, Aida, Watqen, Keeney and more.

Best Overall

Woodbridge F-0006 Single Handle Floor Mounted Tub Filler with Handshower

Woodbridge F-0006

The Woodbridge single handle tub filler is matte black, and the ceramic disk prevents dripping. The spout height is 32 inches, and the reach is 8 inches. It is a hot and cold-water floor-mounted faucet. Its flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute. The hose length is 35 inches.


  • It is an affordable tub filler.  
  • The manufacturing is too strong. 
  • The washing of hair is easy due to hand shower length.


  • The handle leaked after use.

Runner Up

Averen F-5825BN Kebo Double Handle Floor Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler Trim

Averen F-5825BN Kebo

This Kebo faucet is a double handle and floor mounted. It is less expensive; the spout height is 35 inches, and the reach is 10 inches. It comes with a valve and hand shower. The temperature control is easy, giving 2.4 gallons of water per minute. This faucet is available in three finishing.


  • It works well. 
  • It looks adorable with the Alcove soaking tub.


  • None

High End

Delta T4759-FL Trinsic Single Handle Floor Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler

Delta T4759-FL Trinsic

This Delta Trinsic faucet is available in five colors and has a single handle. Its spout height is 37 inches, and its reach is 8 inches. The valve is not included and gives 10 gallons per minute of water. It is more expensive than the two other products. It is the best product for residential use.


  • It fills the tub very quickly. 
  • The picture is not enough to do justice because it is incredible. 


  • The temperature adjustment is not possible.

By Walmart

From Walmart, you can buy freestanding tub fillers of various quality brands, from reasonable to expensive (from $120 to $1000+). Name to few; VEVOR, AKDY, Tomshoo, Belanger, WoodBridge and more.

Best Overall

Eridanus TUBFILLER-1 Double Handle Floor Mounted Free-Standing Tub Filler With Handshower


The Eridanus tub filler is a double handle and chrome polished. It is available in two colors and two finishings. Its flow rate is 2.4 gallons per minute. This faucet length is 29 inches. It is entirely stainless, and everything is included in the package, like valves.


  • The height adjustment of the shower is effortless. 
  • It works well.


  • None

Runner Up

AKDY 34 inches Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Floor Mount Tub Filler Handheld Bath Wand Shower

AKDY 34 inches Freestanding Faucet

The AKDY 34 inches faucet is made with brass. Its water flow is 6 gallons, and the shower style is a pencil. It is incredible, and the hand shower hose is vast and 60 inches in length. The drain is not part of this product. It is an expensive tub filler than the faucet mentioned above.


  • It is solid in use. 
  • Assembling it is very easy. 


  • None

High End

Belanger QUA45CMB Single Handle Floor Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler, Matte Black

Belanger QUA45CMB

The Belanger single-handle faucet is also available in two finishings like the first tub filler. It is floor mounted and matte black. The solid brass material makes it long-lasting, and the spout flow rate is 6.2 gallons per minute. It is a certified tub filler and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This product is more costly than the other two products.


  • The finishing is high quality. 
  • It does not leak after installation. 


  • None

Freestanding Bathtub Filler Buying Guide

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Reviews

Freestanding bathtub faucets are one of the newest trends of this era. Freestanding bathroom faucet is versatile and can be attached in a modern or traditional setting. These faucets are not attached with the tub but they are rather standing separately close to it. This gives your bathroom an ultra modern look and is definitely a style statement. Even a Luxe Designer prefers freestanding bathtub faucets in the master bathrooms. 

Choosing the Right Freestanding Tub Filler for Your Bathtub

A freestanding faucet will not disrupt the appearance of your bathtub because it will not mount or attach to the bathtub, but it will do a great job. That is why you should buy a freestanding faucet. Your bathtub will look large due to this faucet because it will not cover the surface of the bathtub and will not disturb you during your cheering time. These are inexpensive, which is the most valuable point. The visitors will attract to your bathroom due to your purchasing choice. The freestanding faucet is the need of your bathroom and will cover the very necessities of your bathroom.


For any best freestanding bathtub faucet, the brand plays an important role as the brand value cannot be neglected as a whole. Having said that, we need to find out what brands are making their way on top of the list for this freestanding tub filler category. To our surprise, Wowkk comes out to be the number #01 brand so far, for this category of faucets.

Under $500; Another way we could categorize brands is based on the prices. If we have under $500 of budget then we can aim for Wowkk, Artiqua, and Woodbridge brands. These are all the top-quality brands in this amount of money.

Above $500; However, if you have a good amount of more than $500 then you will have the luxury of choosing freestanding tub fillers from the brands of Delta Faucet, Kohler, and Moen. These are the top-notch brands, as far as the sanitary products are concerned. You will just have to spend a bit more on these though but the quality is on top in return.

Under $200; Here comes the category where you just want to spend less than $200. These are the brands Senlesen, Votamuta, and Aolemi which can provide you the freestanding tub filler but you must keep in your mind that the products by the abovementioned brands are not listed as Amazon’s choice.


There is a sort of convention here that shows the construction of freestanding tub fillers are done by stainless steel and brass mainly. This is the pattern you will see often in almost all of the brands that we have mentioned in previous sections. The reason for these materials to be used as a core material is due to the fact that durability increases and so does the quality of the product.


Well, you could find out nowadays many different kinds of finishes on these faucets but if we have to pick up the most common ones then they have to be the brushed nickel and chrome. You will see either of the finish on these freestanding tub fillers quite often that you will start believing that these are the only ones in the market which is also far from the truth.

Types of Freestanding Bathtub Faucets

Types of Freestanding Bathtub Faucets
  • Single Handle

Faucet is suitable for cold water, but these are also important for hot water, so in the market, single-handle freestanding faucets are available and will control the system perfectly. It will maintain the temperature and pressure of water reasonably. It will not let you feel that the single handle faucet is not good, never!

  • Double Handle

If you feel uncomfortable with a single-handle standing bathtub faucet, you can purchase a double-handle faucet. One handle is used for the hot water, and the other handle used for the cold water and nozzle will release water pressure with a perfect flow. It is excellent in use and easy installation and makes your bathtub appearance more attractive.

  • With a Handheld Shower

Freestanding bathtub faucets with a handheld shower will feel you more pleasure during a bath, and you can rinse off quickly. You can clean your bathtub with this shower and can give a bath to your pets also. It will make your bathing experience more impressive and remarkable. This type of faucet is very functional and also significant.

Main Types of Bathtub Fillers

Main Types of Bathtub Fillers

Floor-mount (freestanding) bathtub fillers- This type of fillers are commonly known as freestanding bathtub fillers and they are famous for the flexibility they provide. The design of such fillers is to be mounted on the floor rather than with any support of the wall.

Wall-mount bathtub fillers- This is exactly what you are thinking by reading the name of this filler. These are the fillers that are designed to be mounted on the wall and you should take care of the fact, before buying, that your bathtub is along with the wall.

Deck-mount bathtub fillersThis is the type of filler that is installed in the surroundings of the tub. You could make use of any kind of deck to install the filler on it which should be placed near the proximity of the bathtub. This is kind of a trade-off between wall-mounted and freestanding fillers.

Read More: About the Types of Bathtub Faucets

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Finishes

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Finishes

The freestanding bathtub faucet is available in different finishes, and it will be directly dependent on their durability.

  • Chrome: The chrome finishing is preferable and used in many faucet designs. It is inexpensive and gives crystal shine to your bathtub. The water flow will look more glamorous with this finishing.
  • Black: The black faucet is rare, and 10% population chose it from the 100% population, but they don’t know that this type of finishing is next level and can take you to the world of stars when you take a bath, and clear water flows from it.  
  • Copper: Copper material is famous for its uncountable qualities, and the faucet made with copper material is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-corrosion, and anti-acid. In this way, it will save your money and investment. The appearance of the copper faucet is extraordinary.
  • Nickle: The nickel finishing and brushing is enough due to its name. Everyone loses their heart when admitting to the nickel finishing because it allows the freestanding bathtub faucet to spend many years without wasting your struggle day and night. It is good in both manner like decorative manner and protective as well.
  • Brass: The brass finishes make the faucet durable, and it will be resistant to the water very efficiently. Don’t worry about the shining of this faucet because it is well-known material globally due to every aspect like cracking, anti-corrosion, etc.
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze: The bathtub faucet with the oil-rubbed bronze finishing is compatible with your bathroom fixtures and gives a warm look, like farmhouse and antique. If your nature and taste are aesthetic, you will move forward to an oil-rubbed bronze finishing.

Quality of Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Quality of Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

The quality of freestanding bathtub faucets depends not on one thing; it directly relates to many factors. For instance, the faucet's material plays an essential role in making it durable and long-lasting, and the material also includes the finishing. Always buy that faucet that is good to resist environmental factors and is water-resistant, like brass finishing. 

The installation method of the tap is also in the quality of the spout; high-quality faucets will take a few minutes in the installation and provide a maximum water flow without interruption. The bathtub is very near to the heart because the bathroom is an essential part of the home, so try to purchase a quality freestanding bathtub faucet that meets all the characteristics.

Freestanding Tub Filler Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How far should tub filler be from the tub?

It should be minimum of 3 inches far from the tub, as you can see in the diagram below;

how far should tub filler be from the tub

Q- How to install a freestanding tub faucet on concrete?

You can check out the walk through video of freestanding tub faucet installation.

Q- Where to place freestanding tub filler?

The tub filler helps to fill the bathtub with a maximum speed than other faucets; the freestanding tub fillers are not attached with any wall, and it is better to place them where the drain is near can be the side of the tub. In this case, the overfilling of the tub will not create a problem, and also, keep in mind that the user can quickly get access to the tub filler to turn it on or off.

Q- How tall should freestanding tub filler be?

It is better that the freestanding tub filler should be above the bathtub at least 4 to 6 inches, and it is good for the water to flow if the tub filler extends from the height of the bathtub. The maximum size will cause splashes of water all around the bathroom.

Q- How far should a freestanding tub be from the wall?

The freestanding tub should not be too far from the wall and should not be very near. Keeping a standard distance between a wall and a freestanding tub is better. The minimum length should be 13 to 15 inches, and the maximum distance from the wall should be 20 to 22 inches. The distance depends upon the size of the bathroom as well. The space helps to maintain the cleaning of the bathtub.

Q- Why is Delta Faucet Trinsic T4759-FL better than Moen S3105 Doux?

The metal Delta Trinsic T4759-FL is very shiny and performs heavy-duty with a lifetime warranty, whereas the Moen S3105 Doux is like a mirror and is environmentally friendly. But the flow rate of Moen S3105 Doux is 1.75 gallons per minute, and the Delta Trinsic T4759-FL flow rate is 2 gallons per minute. Moen faucet is pricier, and it is available in three finishes. On the other hand, the Delta brand offers Trinsic T4759-FL in five finishes.

Q- Delta VS Moen VS Kohler - Which is the best brand to choose a freestanding bathtub faucet?

Delta Faucet and Moen are top-rated American faucet brands. Plumbers suggest one of them to their clients. Kohler is the best toilet brand, while it is also producing high-end faucets and sinks.

Delta Faucet is considered the best brand for freestanding tub faucets because of its quality and variety. Delta Faucet's most popular freestanding tub fillers are; Delta Trinsic, Delta Cassidy, and Delta Stryke.

Moen is also producing numerous designs of freestanding tub faucets, but they are pricier than Delta. You can say, Moen freestanding tub fillers are perfect for luxurious bathrooms.

Kohler also offers a variety of tub fillers in the same as Delta's price range, but the customers are not as happy as Delta's customers.

Editor’s Choice

This becomes quite a task to go for one model as all of the chosen ones included in the freestanding bathtub faucet reviews are of high quality. However, if we have to select one out of all these then it must be the Delta faucet Trinsic freestanding bathtub filler. This faucet has all the qualities to become the best freestanding bathtub faucet, indeed. 

Freestanding Tub Faucet Comparison

ItemMaterialSpout HeightSpout ReachItem Weight
Wowkk Tub Filler Brass38.58 Inches‎8.46 Inches15.77 pounds
Artiqua 2002BN‎Brass32.68 Inches9.06 Inches11.38 pounds
Delta Faucet TrinsicMetal‎41 Inches‎8 Inches‎16.9 pounds
WOODBRIDGE F0001BN‎Stainless Steel, Brass43.88 InchesN/A‎13.57 pounds
Delta Faucet Cassidy ‎Chrome42.5 Inches‎8.5 Inches‎9.46 pounds


This is no doubt a tough ask to find out the best bathtub filler as there are several good brands and inside those brands, you will surely find out the whole list of faucets that might fall in this category. Having read this review is going to enable you to make a more informed decision rather than just taking a shot in the darkness.

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