BLANCO 440221 DIAMOND SILGRANIT White Kitchen Sink Review

January 8, 2021
BLANCO 440221 DIAMOND SILGRANIT White Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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No matter how much innovation the kitchen sink industry undergoes in recent decades in terms of colors but white has always been and still is one of the most popular kitchen sinks. Here is the white drop-in kitchen sink by Blanco (it is also available in different colors but here we are just focused on white color) with all those latest features that you get in any of the standard kitchen sinks.

BLANCO, White 440221 DIAMOND SILGRANIT 50 50 Double Bowl Drop-In or Undermount Kitchen Sink
  • 2 bowls are each 17 in
  • Drop-In or Undermount
  • Granite Composite material
  • 44.2 pounds weight


The Blanco, white 440221 diamond silgranit double bowl drop-in kitchen sink is highly recommended for you if you are a true fan of the white drop in kitchen sinks.

The price of the sink may be comparatively a bit higher but you will be quite satisfied to know the features in return. Firstly, the size of the sink is a pretty much standard one with a cross-sectional area of 33 inches by 22 inches (that is the only size available in this).

There are double bowls in this sink and they are equally divided so that you could make use of them in a far more effective manner and simultaneously. Moreover, it has also got a dual-deck design which makes this sink possible to be installed as a drop-in one. This is quite an important thing as you may have seen different kitchen sinks in white before, but this is probably one of the best drop in kitchen sinks.

The material used in the making of any sink plays an important role as far as the durability of the sink is concerned. Here, you will have a pure construction of the sink by granite composite. There are several advantages to this material and one of them is that it is heat resistant up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. There are a couple of things that can be deduced by the above knowledge. First of all, you could place this sink in the proximity of the stove or heating object. Secondly, you could directly use boiled water on its surface as it will not show any signs of destruction.

After the construction material, the finishing of the sink is the second most vital aspect for sure. In this sink, you are going to have a finish of matte white color which protects the sink against any sort of scratches or stains. Furthermore, you will also have protection in your sink against all sorts of commercially available chemicals, due to its perfect finish.

Installation part for any sanitary thing and specifically for kitchen sinks could be a hell of a task but here you will get one pre-drilled hole for your faucet and there is nothing abnormal in its installation or needed in terms of hardware.

Depth of the sink also helps in determining how many things you could handle with ease. Here the depth of the sink is around 9 inches and that is regarded as one of the best depths available in the market, right now.


Again, this is a perfect white drop in the kitchen sink for anyone willing to see all great features in white color and that too in drop-in style.

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