BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico 30-Inch Farmhouse Sink Review

December 20, 2020
BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Finding a good farmhouse kitchen sink on a reasonable budget is a huge task in itself. On top of it if you are looking for a white farmhouse kitchen sink then your patience will be tested. Here, we have brought you, one of the best quality white farmhouse kitchen sinks which is Amazon’s choice, and by the top brand of Bocchi.

BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Classico Apron Front Fireclay 30 in. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Size: 30 Inch
  • Material: Fireclay
  • 76.8 pounds weight

Bocchi 1138-001-0120 Classico Overview

The Bocchi 1138-001-0120 Classico apron front fireclay 30 inches single bowl kitchen sink with white color is a treat to have for color-conscious people. First of all, you will be amazed to hear the price of this farmhouse sink as it will only require $346 and if compared with other farmhouse kitchen sinks then it stands at top of the list by a great distance. The style of the sink is quite a traditional one with its dimensions 30 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 10 inches deep. It could easily fit into the cabinet size of 33 inches. The above dimensions are its outside sink dimensions. 

With its traditional design, you will be loving the space in it for heavy-duty washing with a large utensil or pans, etc. The material is probably the most important thing for any kitchen sink and you must be wondering by now that what sort of material it uses. This sink is in a fireclay and that is the reason why you could fix this in close proximity of heat as it can sustain itself without receiving any sort of damage.

Yet, another crucial thing about this farmhouse kitchen sink is that it comes with a removable protective bottom grid and strainer. You will not be provided with these in most of the other sinks. Again, if you see the surface of this white farmhouse kitchen sink, you will notice that it does not have a porous surface and that makes it strain resistant if compared with other materials of this kind.

A huge concern shown by customers of white farmhouse kitchen sink is that how do you ensure that the white color of the sink does not fade away. Well, you are guaranteed in this case as the surface of the sink shows high resistance to discoloration and even to scratch. But you are still advised not to use any sort of abrasive material to clean its surface as it may result in some damage.

The most bizarre and yet amazing thing about this farmhouse kitchen sink by Bocchi is that it makes sure the process of making the farmhouse kitchen sink does not have any adverse impact on the environment. Therefore, it is declared all organic and environmentally friendly kitchen sink. You will be supporting the cause of reducing carbon footprint in the world.


Based on the customer feedback and the reputation of brand Bocchi, this farmhouse kitchen sink is surely going to fulfill all your demands including the white color. A good sink to consider for sure.

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