KOHLER K-13460-CP Sculpted Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

February 16, 2021
KOHLER K-13460-CP Sculpted Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Kohler is a brand name of quality and this is near impossible that you might not have heard about Kohler well before as this is the brand that has been producing sanitary items. Here, we will be focused on Kohler K-13460-CP touchless bathroom faucet sculpted single hole DC powered commercial bathroom faucet.

KOHLER K-13460-CP Sculpted Single-Hole DC-Powered Commercial Bathroom Sink Insight Technology, Temperature Mixer Touchless Faucet, Polished Chrome
  • 0. 5 ga/min (1. 9 l/min) flow rate
  • Vandal-resistant aerator
  • 5-3/4" (146 mm) spout reach
  • Insight adaptive infrared technology


We will see here that why Kohler has got some of the most reliable bathroom faucets and the brand has continued its legacy in touchless bathroom faucets. Let’s talk about its material construction first as it determines the lifespan of any product.

Brass material has been used in the making of this faucet and you should be aware of the fact that many touchless bathroom faucets, currently being sold in the market, are made up of brass material.

There are some obvious reasons for using brass as a core material such as it keeps the whole structure of the faucet intact and the finish on this faucet is of polished type. These two factors combine to make a perfect faucet that does not only look good but also has the strength to go for long.

There is a vandal-resistant aerator used in this faucet and it has got a 30-second max run cycle as after 30 seconds the faucet gets turned off. As far as the sensor in this faucet is concerned, it is an adaptive infrared technology that is quite responsive and you do not have to waste a lot of your time waving your hands for too long.

Another thing that hugely concerns the customers is the flow rate of the faucet and here Kohler has made sure that you get the absolute market standard flow rate which is often 0.5 gallon per minute or 1.9 liters per minute. This is a perfect flow for any kind of faucet and you will not be wasting water with this flow rate.

Now we should talk a little about the design of this great touchless bathroom faucet by Kohler. The spout reach of the faucet is around 5-3/4 inches which is 146mm and this is the kind of spout reach you see in quality faucets. As far as the installation part is concerned, there is 24 inches of flexible supply hoses which makes the whole process of installation quite easy.

The adaptive sensor used in this faucet is state-of-the-art which has a unique feature of checking the ambiance after being installed just to get familiar with the surroundings and do not turn on for false triggers. Sensors are battery powered and you will need two AA batteries and the type of battery cell is an alkaline one.


There is a five-year warranty by Kohler and if you have used any product by Kohler you might have an idea about their effective customer care services. If you are a new buyer to Kohler then you will never complain about the customer care services provided by this top-notch brand, for sure.

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