KOHLER K-5871-5UA3-0 Riverby Undermount White Kitchen Sink Review

January 22, 2021
KOHLER K-5871-5UA3-0 Riverby Undermount White Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Cast iron sinks are popular for quite many reasons and you will see that this is the reason why a brand like Kohler has come up with its very own white cast iron kitchen sink. This is the Kohler 5871-5UA3-0 riverby single bowl undermount kitchen sink with all sorts of amazing features.

KOHLER K-5871-5UA3-0 Riverby Single Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink, White
  • Available in 13 colors
  • 36-inch minimum base cabinet width
  • Cast Iron material
  • Single bowl configuration

KOHLER K-5871-5UA3-0 Riverby Overview

There is only one size available in this sink and for that, you need to have a cabinet size of around 36 inches. This is a sink of single bowl configuration. Cast iron material has been well known for its resistance against any sort of impact or heat. This is due to the making of this material in such harsh conditions that it gives the built-in strength against heat. You could easily use boiling water on the surface of this sink.

This sink by Kohler will be ready to use right out of the box as there are pre-drilled five oversized faucet holes. You will just have to obey the instructions to install it properly. The style of the sink goes by like a no-rimming one as there has been a great demand for this style, too, in some recent years.

There are multiple styles in this sink available ranging from undermount, farmhouse to the top-mount. That is one of the reasons why customers go to Kohler as they find the flexible options made available by this brand.

This is also a sink that has been manufactured by a recycling mechanism and that is based on the policy of the Kohler brand to help the environment of the globe. As there is 80 percent recycled material used in the making of this sink.

There is not only a bowl in the package but other things as well. It includes the utility rack with a soaking cup (K-6194), colander with integral cutting board, left-hand bottom basin rack, and of course the cut-out template.

There is a limited lifetime warranty of this sink and this is mainly due to the enameled cast iron material used in this sink. This is a sink that has been constructed to last for a long period and that is how it saves your money.

With the dimensions of 33 by 22 inches and a depth of a bit over 9 inches, this is the sink with perfect dimensions where you will never run out of space for heavy-duty washing.

The shape of the sink is a rectangular one which is of course due to the high demands made by the customers. This is most arguably the best white kitchen sink (in cast iron material), right now in the market and that is because of the brand itself. Kohler is based in the USA which adheres to all sorts of standards in manufacturing as per the law of the land.


All these features and the brand quality should be sufficient enough to give you enough strength to make an easy decision about buying your next cast iron kitchen sink.

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