Kraus KEU-14 Pintura Undermount Enameled Stainless Steel White Kitchen Sink Review

January 22, 2021
Kraus KEU-14WHITE Pintura Undermount Enameled Stainless Steel White Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Have you decided to buy a white kitchen sink and that too in a style of undermount? If you have then there is nothing that could compete with this amazing model produced by Kraus which has the perfect white undermount kitchen sink. The Kraus KEU-14 white Pintura single bowl kitchen sink with a size of 31 and a half inches, to be exact.

Kraus KEU-14WHITE Pintura 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Enameled Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Minimum Cabinet Size: 36 inches
  • TRU16 real 16-gauge steel material
  • The smooth non-porous porcelain enamel surface

Kraus KEU-14 WHITE Pintura Overview

The price of this model is a bit high as compared to the other models by Kraus but it is of course due to the obvious reasons of high overall quality, great features, and durable material. This has got the stainless steel core structure which ensures not only the strength for the longer run but it is also not that heavy.

On top of its durable, light material there is an enamel finish which has been created on it with 1500 degrees of Fahrenheit. This finish combined with the core structure gives you the surface which is resistant against any sort of scratches, chips, stains, and of course the impact.

As far as space is concerned in this sink, you will never be running out of it. It could be regarded as one of the huge capacity sinks and that will help you in washing big utensils for sure. With the installation style of undermount, you will have the advantage of using this sink as a countertop. You could easily push the water into the sink with ease.

Kraus is a brand that has been pushing its limits and bringing innovation in kitchen sink designs since its inception. That is the reason why you will find out some of the best noiseless kitchen sinks by this brand. This model of white undermount kitchen sink also comes with soundproof technology. It employs extra-thick rubber pads with a foil layer, to absorb any sort of noise or vibration made by the sink during its operation. You will notice a huge difference in this kitchen sink as compared to others in terms of noise.

Another great concern for any of the modern sinks nowadays is that it should also provide you an efficient drainage system along with all those innovative design manipulations (discussed earlier).

Kraus has also kept this thing in view and provides engineered drainage for this very model. There is some slope created in the bottom to make sure that you do not get to face any sort of pooling effect in the sink. On top of it, there are easy to clean corners with a gentle curve on them to ensure that you save your time on cleaning this sink.

Let’s talk about its dimensions again, with the length of 31 and a half inches, there is a width of little more than 18 inches. Depth of any sink plays a crucial role in handling the biggest of the cookware. Here, in this model, the depth is 10 inches which is a little bit bigger than the conventional sorts of depth available in the market. You will need 36 inches of cabinet size for this size.


There is also a lifetime limited warranty with this model by Kraus, and that should be enough to ensure you about its quality.

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