Rohl Country Kitchen Faucet Review

August 21, 2021
Rohl Country Kitchen Faucet Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Are you willing to get some great luxury kitchen faucets with all sorts of designs ranging from classical to modern one? You can get Rohl Country kitchen faucet in the faucet market as they have been producing some of the quality kitchen faucets and making every new model even better.

Rohl Country Kitchen Faucet Review
  • Available in  Polished Nickel finish
  • 4 hole Installation
  • Number of handles: 2
  • Specialty : Easy to Install

One of the best thing about these Rohl kitchen faucets is that the company has had a legacy passed on by generations and that is where they keep the modern technology with some old methods intact. Whole network of the Rohl brand is working to give its customers some of the best quality faucets and they have been able to do this over the decades.

This Rohl Country kitchen faucet comes with a classical design and features that you get in this are state-of the-art with some reasonable price too. Not to forget that this is also Amazon’s choice and generally customers’ feedback has been overwhelming since its inception. If you are planning to buy some classical showpiece to add in your kitchen then it cannot get better than this for sure.

You are going to read some of the salient features of Rohl A1458LMWSPN-2 faucet with all its pros and cons to better understand the quality of this classical faucet.


There is something unique about these Rohl kitchen faucets that they may come in every shape and style. This one is Amazon’s choice as well with all its great quality and classical design.

Valves of the faucet are one of the most crucial aspects of any faucet and that is where ceramic valves come handy. With ¼ turn ceramic valves, you will not get the right quality but also it goes for long period. The reach of swivel is yet another important feature for any modern faucet and so is the case with this classical faucet. It has got the swivel reach of 8-55/64 inch and this is good enough to perform all sorts of necessary actions.

There is something unique in the design of this Rohl kitchen faucet that it offers you the spout height of 9-1/4 inch. With this height and good enough swivel reach, the coverage of the faucet gets a lot larger. Finishing of the faucet is done with polished nickel and that is the reason why it gives you the new like look for the longer period.

The material used in the making of this faucet is brass and that is probably the standard material that is used in the construction of kitchen faucets nowadays by top brands. With two handles and all these features, you are going to get the experience worth having.

The installation method for this faucet is deck mounted and you need to know the exact area required in your kitchen to fix this faucet. You will not face any sort of difficulty in flow rate of the faucet as it is around 1.5 gallons per minute. A good choice indeed as far as features are concerned.


  • Easy to Install: This might not look a great feature right now to you but once you bought a faucet then you realize that it must be easy to install. Otherwise you may face difficulty in installing the brand new faucet. So it is a plus point to have in your faucet.
  • Works with a Double Sink: Well there is something really good about your faucet if it also works with the double sink configuration. This is the case here and you will love this feature as it will not affect the performance of this faucet.
  • Low Price: This is probably the most neglected part for any faucet when it is compared. With this Rohl faucet, you will get all sorts of amazing features and this is in quite reasonable amount of money as well. This Rohl faucet can beat any other faucet with this price rate.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: That warranty ensures that any damages should be on the manufacturer and this is what gives you a sense of great customer care, indeed.


  • The only down side of this faucet is that it is bit heavy weight and covers larger space in your kitchen. Again, this is due to its design as it is a classical one and you will have to adjust according to its size.


This is one of the most selling bridge kitchen faucets by Rohl. The Rohl Country kitchen faucet is the best because of some reasons. It is easy to install which is noticeable.

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