Sinkology K1A-1004ND-AMZ Adams Handmade Copper Farmhouse Sink Review

December 20, 2020
Sinkology K1A-1004ND-AMZ Adams Handmade 33 CareIQ Kit Farmhouse

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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This is relatively a brand that you might not have heard much about but you should dare not to undermine the quality of sinks it has been producing. The Sinkology Adams Handmade farmhouse kitchen sink with all its great features.

Sinkology K1A-1004ND-AMZ Adams Handmade 33 CareIQ Kit Farmhouse, Apron-Front, Kitchen Sink
  • Available in 5 styles
  • 16-gauge copper
  • 9 inches deep
  • 42.8 pounds weight

Sinkology K1A-1004ND-AMZ Overview

This is the copper farmhouse kitchen sink that you have to place in your farmhouse if you want something durable and gets back every cent you spent. The good thing about this sink is that it does not only come in a sink but copper CarelQ Kit is also given with this.

As far as the material of the sink is concerned you should not worry about how it looks and goes as time passes. The color of the sink is antique copper and you should not confuse it with the proper copper color. Another great thing about this sink is that not only that it consumes 16 gauge, solid copper, in its manufacturing but when it comes to the finishing, it is hand-made.

Some of you have been wondering by now that what is the size of this sink, well this is a 30 by 19 inches sink and that could accommodate the heavy-duty washing of pans and dishes with ease. If you are the type of person who is more into how this sink looks then you must notice that the front apron of the sink is hammered and kind of wrapped 2.5 inches for all sides.

Dimensions play an important role here, and you must bear in your mind that if do not have a cabinet size of around 36 inches then you should not buy it. Not to forget that the drain size required by this sink is around 3.5 inches.

There you are, you have brought this copper farmhouse kitchen sink into your home and thinking about how to fix it. Well, first thing is that it makes use of the farmhouse apron front kitchen sink installation method, which is not so unique and easy to do. There is another great source of knowledge for you in the shape of the BILT app where you are going to be having all sorts of instructions in a 3D interactive manner.

Now you have listened up all the good things about this copper sink but you should also keep in mind some of its downsides. Firstly, discoloration in copper sinks is rather a common thing and if you have ever used or seen a sink made of copper anywhere, you might have noticed the gloomy surface for sure. To avoid this seemingly common trait of the copper sink, you must not use any sort of hard chemicals and you might be surprised to hear that things like lemons or ketchup can be one of the agents helping in discoloration. You should make sure that these things do not get in touch for too long with the sink.


This is a good easy to clean, maintain farmhouse kitchen sink and you should go for it as this is the best one by this brand.

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