Ticor TR1400 Bradford Series Undermount Double Equal Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink Review

February 6, 2021
Ticor TR1400 Bradford Series Undermount Double Equal Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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This is quite likely that you might not have heard the name of the Ticor brand before this but it does not make it any less than the top brands out there producing quality kitchen sinks. Here is the corner kitchen sink with drainboard by Ticor and as mentioned you will be given a drainboard with the package which is not provided with the majority of the corner sinks.

Ticor TR1400 Bradford Series 16-Gauge Undermount Double Equal Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Butterfly Tight Radius Kitchen Sink
  • Sound Barrier Technology
  • 10” basin depth
  • Tight R15 radius corners
  • In-Basin Accessories

Ticor TR1400 Overview

The 44 inches Ticor TR1400 Bradford series double bowl stainless steel could be your next corner sink as it has got all the features that you probably won’t find in any other sink. The material in this sink is 1.5 mm thick stainless steel which can be viewed as 16 gauge.

There are several things that you will be enjoying by having this stainless steel material as it is the most durable kind of material and that is why it is applied in most sinks. To make sure that the sink does not get old soon enough there is a brushed stainless steel finish that protects the sink and gives you the perfect outlook.

Drainage could be a far bigger problem for other corner sinks but you will notice here that the basin of this sink is made with a slope and also there are drainage grooves. All this has been applied to make sure that you do not get the bad experience of having standing water in the sink while washing stuff.

There is a depth of 10 inches of this model by Ticor and this brand takes so much pride in this specific feature of the sink as you could quite easily play with a larger utensil in your kitchen. The tight radius corners also enhance the ability of the sink to handle large pots and pans quite easily.

Ticor has got a unique way of reducing unnecessary noise generated during the process of washing. It has employed extra-thick foil microfilm which acts as sound absorbing pads. You will see that this sink has got some extra quiet operation as compared to some of the quietest of the sinks.

The installation method for this sink is an undermount one and you should consider this thing well before buying it. As customers who ignore such details often find themselves in trouble. This corner sink is only available in one size and the dimensions of the sink go like 32 by 16 inches with a depth of 10 inches. This is plenty of room and with double bowls, you could quite easily manage things which would not be possible with the single bowl regular kitchen sink.


The sink has positive reviews so far as it has been around the market since 2016 and it is still being sold in big numbers. A highly recommended corner kitchen sink with some fine material and features, not to mention again the drainboard that is included in the package too. 

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