ZUHNE 24-Inch Stainless Steel Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review

January 28, 2021
ZUHNE 24-Inch Stainless Steel Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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She is a brand name of quality kitchen sinks and they have managed to keep their reputation as one of the best in the market, even for the small kitchen sinks. This is a Zuhne small farmhouse kitchen sink, which is a bit expensive as compared to the other sinks of this category but the advantages associated with this model of kitchen sink are enormous.

ZUHNE Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink (24-Inch Apron Front, 16-Gauge Small Bowl)
  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Brushed Stainless Steel (Premium)
  • Installation: Undermount, Flush or Built Up
  • Gently curved R10 corners

Zuhne 24-Inch Overview

Well, in this very model there are multiple sizes available but we are only concerned with the smallest of all of them which is around 24 inches in length. This is a small bowl apron front kitchen sink and it has got all sorts of state-of-art features that you are going to love once installed in your kitchen.

Let’s talk about the design of this sink a little bit as it has got the curved apron farm sink with all the accessories you would ever need. With the inclusion of protector grid, sponge holder colander set, drain strainer, etc. this is surely going to give you the complete package with the sink.

Maintenance of any sink could be a pain in the neck and that is where this kitchen sink has got it so right that you could easily keep all the maintenance work at ease. There is a tight radius of R10 curved corners in the sink which makes possible the drainage of water fast and effective. You need only to give it a gentle rub on the surface and it will start glowing once again.

The noise could be a genuine concern shown by most of the customers and that is the reason why brands have taken it a bit seriously. Here, in this model, Zuhne has come up with 2.5 times more efficient insulation to get rid of all sorts of vibrations and noise. There is also a thermal insulation feature available in this sink which ensures the protection of the sink from flush ice or defrosts of any kind.

The material used in the making of this kitchen sink is T304 stainless steel which is a well-proven rust-free material and it is used in a 16 gauge. There is something quite different in this sink done by Zuhne that it has brought 40 percent more steel in the construction if compared to the other sinks of this farmhouse category.

The aforementioned steel feature also allows this sink to have great resistance against any sort of dent. It is the reason why customers who have bought and used this sink have come up with overwhelmingly positive reviews.


If you are that customer who is more concerned about the standards and the quality met during the process of manufacturing then again you will be satisfied to know that this sink has got safest choice certification as per USA and Canada codes. There is lead-free parts guaranteed in the use of this sink. Also, with this buying, you will have access to the product support US call center for any sort of problems on daily basis.

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