ZUHNE Rialto16 Black Kitchen RV or Wet Bar Kitchen Sink Review

January 10, 2021
ZUHNE Rialto16 Black Kitchen RV or Wet Bar Kitchen Sink Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Are you looking for a black color RV kitchen sink? Yes, then Zuhne has produced one of the best RV kitchen sinks, with some great features and quality. This is the Zuhne black kitchen, RV or wet bar sink, granite composite and you must be aware of the fact that it has received 5 out of 5 stars on its customer feedback.

ZUHNE Black Kitchen, RV or Wet Bar Sink, Granite Composite
  • 18" Minimum Cabinet
  • Granite Composite Material
  • Dual Mount Installation
  • 20 pounds weight


The external dimensions of the sink go like 16 by 20 inches of the cross-section with a depth of 8 inches. Here, you will have to have a cabinet size of 18 inches so that it could be easily installed.

Zuhne, is an Italian brand and this sink is manufactured in Italy and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well. You should not worry about the standards as all sorts of standards have been followed while constructing this masterpiece of its kind.

The material of the manufacturing of this brand is granite composite, which is regarded as one of the durable forms of the material in the kitchen sink making. You could use it in a style of undermount or drop in and for the butcher block, laminate, granite, or solid surface counters. There is a whole install kit given with this kitchen sink, and you will not be facing any sort of trouble in installing this sink, indeed.

There is no doubt about the durability of this black RV kitchen sink, as it has got a rock hard surface that has resistance against any sort of scratch, stain, crack. Along with this, there is a permanent UV protected color which ensures that it does not fade away with time. Not to mention, that due to its UV protected black color, you could use this sink in outdoors as well.

There is one more unique thing in this Zuhne kitchen sink that it does come with the patented quick drain. Drainage could create a problem in most of the kitchen sinks, and here you will enjoy its patented quick drain to make sure that there is no pooling effect in the sink.

Also, this sink has got the hygienic material used in the making of it, and there will be no health hazards after using this sink. There is more than 80% of the natural granite stone is used as a core material in this RV sink.

There is a thing like an impact and thermal shock resistance which is guaranteed by this sink, you could use this sink with boiling water or with ice-filled water, there will be no effect on its surface. It can easily handle a temperature of up to 650 degrees of Fahrenheit.


With the limited lifetime warranty and you will have exclusive services of daily support from the US call center. This sink by Zuhne is the US, Canada code compliant as well and if you are going for black color then this black RV kitchen sink is the one for sure.

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