4 Inch VS 8 Inch Faucet Spread – How to Choose One?

November 21, 2022
4 Inch VS 8 Inch Faucet Spread – How to Choose One

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Maybe no one pays attention to the faucets, but it is a crucial bathroom fixture because from where does someone get water? Before making a purchase, there are many things to observe, like style, color, size, material, brand, and many more. The primary thing is the size of the faucet. This article clearly explained the 4 inches and 8 inches of faucet spread.   

What is Faucet Spread? 

4 Inch VS 8 Inch Faucet Spread - How to Choose One What is Faucet Spread

Faucet Spread may sound like a new word, but it is not new and not complicated as well. It presents the width of the faucet between the handles of the faucet.   

Distance Difference  

A 4 inches faucet will fit with holes with a 4 inches distance between the holes, and an 8 inches faucet spread with an 8 inches distance between the outer hole. The handles and spout are connected with a plate in the 4 inches faucet, and in the case of 8 inches faucet, the hot and cold handles are independent of the spout.   

Bathroom Size 

Different bathroom sizes are part of the home. It is good to choose the bathroom faucet according to the size of the bathroom. A 4-inch faucet spread is a good choice for small or medium bathrooms, and an 8-inch faucet spread is suitable for master bathrooms.   

Must Have a Look of Your Sink 

Before making a purchase, check the sink size and notice which faucet spread is compatible with the sink. An 8-inch faucet spread is not preferable with a small size. So, it is compulsory to have a look at the sink.    

Spout and Handle Difference 

The spout is slightly different from the standard spout, and an 8-inch faucet spout is commonly high, but it depends upon the faucet's design and which kind of faucet someone is purchasing. The 8-inch faucet spread has separated handles and the spout, and the 4-inch faucet handles and spout are attached to the deck plate. The 4-inch faucet can be a single handle.   

Common Differences Between 4 Inches and 8 Inches Faucet

4 Inch VS 8 Inch Faucet Spread - How to ChooseCommon Differences Between 4 Inches and 8 Inches Faucet One
  • There are a few common differences between the 4-inch and 8-inch faucets.
  • The distance between the outer hole is different for both faucets.   
  • A 4-inch faucet spread is compatible with a small bathroom, whereas an 8-inch faucet spread is compatible with a master bathroom.   
  • A 4-inch faucet can be single or double-handle, but an 8-inch faucet spread is only a double-handle faucet.   
  • In the case of an 8-inch faucet, handles are separated, and 4-inch faucets have attached handles.   
  • An 8-inch faucet is only available in the widespread form. a 4-inch faucet is available in centerset and widespread mini form.   

How to Choose One? 

4 Inch VS 8 Inch Faucet Spread - How to Choose One How to Choose One

For selecting the faucet, some points are given that help to choose the proper faucet spread for the home.   

Design of the Faucet 

Design and the type of faucet are essential to consider. Always choose the faucet's design and finish according to the taste and style of the faucet. Choose the finish according to the contrast and match the faucet with other bathroom fixtures. Always go for faucets that are ADA compliant, and notable persons can easily access them. Keep in mind everything and every emergency as well.   

Focus on Bathroom Size 

Buy a faucet spread according to the size of the bathroom. If the bathroom is small, purchase a 4-inch faucet spread rather than an 8-inch one. Fixtures must match the size of the bathroom, so they make a perfect place to spend time. Do not invest your money in the wrong product.   

Holes of the Sinks 

It would be best if you noticed the size of the sinkholes. If the distance between pre-drilled holes is 4 inches, buy a 4-inch faucet spread for the bathroom. If the space is 8 inches, then purchase an 8-inch faucet spread. You must consider this point before buying the bathroom faucet.   


Remodeling and the renovation of the home are part of daily life. Many things are essential, and design and finish are also compulsory. Knowing the difference between the 4 and 8-inch faucet spreads is vital before placing them in the home bathroom. A few differences are adequately described in this article, like the distance, handles, spout, holes, and many more, which help to make clear the confusion.

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