Acrylic Bathtub VS Cast Iron Bathtub

March 20, 2022
Acrylic Bathtub VS Cast Iron Bathtub

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Acrylic VS Cast Iron Bathtub

The tub is the compulsory product for the bathroom, and it is not only specific in the structure, material, and design. For instance, the tubs are available with feet and without feet, drop-in tub, undermount tub, door tub, and many more in the market. The material matters more than the structure and shape; the acrylic and cast-iron materials are famous in tub products. The acrylic tub looks smooth and soft, and the fiberglass is also part of the acrylic tub production. It is a bit flexible, and the strength is excellent. The acrylic is a transparent material, giving a beautiful appearance.

Cast-iron is an alloy, and the cast-iron tub is very demanding in the market. It is preferable for a hot soak for an extended period. The coating is done on the cast iron to prevent chipping.

Comparison by Pros and Cons

Acrylic Bathtub pros and cons

Acrylic Bathtub

  • Pros
  • The heat retention time is good, and water can remain hot for long.
  • The customization of the acrylic tub is more than the cast-iron tub.
  • The acrylic tub is lightweight.
  • List Element
  • Cons
  • The acrylic tub is convenient to repair and maintain.
  • The acrylic tub is sensitive to chemicals.
  • The finishing can reduce over time.
cast iron Bathtub pros and cons

Cast-Iron Bathtub

  • Pros
  • These are resistant to harmful chemicals.
  • The cast-iron tubs are durable.
  • The resale value is more significant than an acrylic tub.
  • Cons
  • These are very heavy.
  • The varieties and designs are minor.
  • These are expensive.

Material and Life Span

The durability of every product depends on the material. The acrylic and the cast iron are suitable materials, but the scratches and discoloration chances are present. The acrylic tub is reinforced and then fiberglass; the polishing and finishing give the tub a beautiful and shining look. The cast iron is solid, and it is resistant to heat. This tub can be formed in any shape and molded during the manufacturing process. Both tubs are long-lasting, but the durability of the cast-iron tub is excellent than the acrylic tub.


The installation of an acrylic tub is more accessible than the cast-iron tub. For the cast-iron tub installation, professional labor and experts are required, while in the case of the acrylic tub, the installation is not challenging and straightforward. The weight of the tub is also matters during the installation. If anyone purchases the tub, the buyer must go through the installation method, and it would be convenient for a buyer to get the information.


The maintenance of the acrylic tub is more complicated than the cast-iron tub. The chemical effectiveness is higher on the acrylic, and the acrylic tub can get affected quickly than the cast-iron, but the surface of both tubs is glossy and soothing in texture. It is possible to remove the rust spots from the cast-iron tub due to the enamel coating, which is challenging to withdraw from the acrylic tub. If the enamel coating falls off, it is not easy to coat again, and in this case, the rusting process can start, affecting the durability.


The cost of the product varies from one item to the other, and in the case of acrylic and cast-iron tub, the cast-iron tub is more expensive than the acrylic tub. After enlisting all the essential features, the brand decided the cost, characteristics and features, and material of the cast-iron superior to the acrylic tub.


The weight of the acrylic tub is different from the cast-iron tub, and the acrylic tub weight is round about 50 to 55 pounds, while on the other side, the cast-iron tub weight is more than 250 pounds. This is why the cast-iron installation is more challenging than the acrylic because the handling is related to the weight.


The acrylic tubs are available in many modern designs and varieties, while the cast-iron tub is available only in a few specific techniques. The buyer can easily select the acrylic tubs according to the bathroom, and it is difficult for them to find the best matching cast-iron tub.

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