Bathroom Renovation Tips for a Stylish and Functional Space

March 11, 2023
Bathroom Renovation Tips for a Stylish and Functional Space

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Bathroom renovations can be the second most expensive home improvement endeavor after kitchen renovations. Considering the plumbing, tiling, tapware, baths, and basins involved, it is easy to see how the costs can rapidly accumulate. Due to the numerous components and professions involved in a bathroom renovation, planning and budgeting are essential.

From planning the layout and utilities to maximizing storage, the following checklist will help you create an elegant and functional space, regardless of your budget.



When you have time for a relaxing bath, you want to make the most of it. Ensure you visit a showroom to test your bathtub before making a purchase.

Budget: Baths that are inset into a tiled base appear more traditional. From $120.

Mid-range: For a designer appearance, many inset bathtubs are molded in sleek, contemporary shapes, ranging in price from $330 to $600.

Premium: If space allows, choose a freestanding bathtub. These are available in numerous designs and materials, ranging from acrylic or resin to stone and metal. You will pay up to or more than $800.



The cost of a toilet can vary significantly depending on its quality and style, but here are the essentials.

Budget: A straightforward link suite is one in which the cistern is wall-mounted and separated from the pan by a PVC apron. One can be purchased for under $150.

Mid-range: The cistern of a close-coupled suite rests directly on top of the pan, creating a cleaner appearance. A wall-faced suite is flush against the bathroom wall and conceals water connections for a contemporary, easy-to-clean appearance—$ 135 to $500.

Premium: Choose a concealed or in-wall toilet with the cistern constructed into the wall cavity so that only the buttons are visible for an upscale appearance. You can also have it levitate off the ground—$ 600 to $1000.



Bathroom taps are the accessory that can make or ruin a bathroom design.

Traditional taps include one for hot water, one for cold water, and a vent. I prefer mixers, which have a contemporary appearance.

It can be costly to replace wall-mounted mixer taps, which may necessitate tiling removal. Therefore, I recommend purchasing high-quality fixtures for your renovations. Here is what you will pay:

Budget: $40 to $150

Mid-range: $150 and $300

Premium: $300 to $700



There are four basic reservoir designs:

Wall-mounted sinks are ideal for compact bathrooms with limited space. Typically, there is no stowage underneath.

The bowl of semi-recessed basins protrudes from the vanity, as the basin is partially recessed. These are frequently used to add space to a compact floor plan.

Above-counter receptacles are positioned above the vanity's countertop. Depending on the intended appearance, some are tall, while others have slim profiles.

Undermount receptacles are installed beneath a benchtop. It creates a clean appearance, perfect for contemporary bathrooms, but note that your tapware must be bench- or wall-mounted.

Budget: $75 to $150

Mid-Range: $150 and $400

Premium: $400 or more

Bathroom Reno On A Budget

All of these, or even just one, will enhance your bathroom without requiring a complete remodel:

  • Install sparkling new taps
  • Change the shower enclosure
  • Purchase a replacement toilet seat.
  • Modernize the vanity


When renovating a bathroom, choose a tile style that complements your home's architecture and design. Simple ceramic tiles are inexpensive and secure.

Colorful or ornamental tiles make a bold statement, but they are expensive. Mosaic feature sheets are priced per sheet, not per square meter, so a shower's rear wall may cost $2000.

Natural stone tiles must be sealed to prevent discoloration. You will also need to reseal over time. Tiles cost between $30 and $500 per square meter, plus labor and installation fees.

Bathroom Layouts & Utilities

Since bathrooms are typically small, it is essential to devise a layout that maximizes the available space. Moving the plumbing could be more expensive, but it could result in a much more functional design and even give you a separate bath and shower.

In-wall cisterns, wall-hung vanities, single-panel shower screens, and even vertical storage options are excellent ways to open up a small bathroom, according to Reece's bathroom marketing lead, Danielle Santilli. As a general rule, leave at least 70 cm of space between the front of the basin and the adjacent wall, at least 60 cm in front of the toilet and 20 cm on either side of the toilet bowl.

Bathroom Renovation Inventory

Separate Wet & Dry

Wet and dry areas should be separated as much as feasible. For instance, place the shower and tub farthest from the door to keep water away from the primary traffic areas. Also, consider the restroom placement; you don't want it to be the first thing you see when you walk in.

Underfloor Heating

If your budget permits, consider installing floor heating. Underfloor heating is simple and can be adapted to any bathroom layout. It reduces the shock of stepping on chilly tiles in the winter and adds a luxurious touch. A cost-effective substitute is a heat lamp. They may not be aesthetically pleasing, but they are effective. Another alternative is a heated towel rail; nobody enjoys a soggy towel.

Placement Of Taps

Consider carefully which end of the shower you wish to position the faucets. If your shower screen is fixed, ensure you have sufficient space to switch on the shower without getting wet. Also, if you have young children, avoid mixer taps in the shower or bath because they are so simple to play with and can cause burns.

Maximize Storage

Remember to include ample storage space for your bathroom's daily necessities. It can be a more complex mirrored cabinet or vanity with cabinets and storage. Consider shampoo, conditioner shelves in the shower, and baskets for additional towels and toilet paper. Place a shelf beside the bathtub and arrange towels, candles, and plants to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Minimize Gaps

When installing your vanity, bathtub, or toilet, avoid leaving tiny gaps between the item and the wall that are too small for your hand or arm to pass through, as this will make cleaning difficult. Leave enough room for your arm to fit inside, or seal all openings. Small crevices can capture dust and water, leading to more significant problems in the future.

Tips For Bathroom Renovation

  • Make a statement with patterned floor tiles while keeping the wall tiles simple and sophisticated.
  • If you have the space, there is nothing more luxurious than a freestanding Jacuzzi.
  • Timber grain is an excellent option for vanities, as the wood appearance warms up tiles' chilly appearance and texture.
  • Utilize indoor plants in restrooms, as they thrive in humid conditions and brighten the space.
  • Choose a decorative mirror with a striking gold or baroque frame rather than the standard mirror with a polished edge; it can transform an ordinary restroom into a show-stopper.
  • Before purchasing a toilet, it is essential to recline on it to ensure it is the proper height and comfortable. The same applies to bathtubs; enter and recline! You want to be able to bathe comfortably without feeling confined.

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