5 Best Adjustable Shower Arm Reviews

January 2, 2023
5 Best Adjustable Shower Arm Reviews

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Height is a factor that varies from person to person, and it is not constant. Different people face different issues with shower heads due to height. An adjustable shower arm extension is a necessary component for those people who are dealing with the shower head issue. You can easily adjust the height according to your need with the help of this affordable extension. Brass material is used for manufacturing, and different finish options are available. A few shower arms come with mounting hardware, Teflon tape and a black pad for fitting purposes. These few high-quality adjustable shower arms are mentioned here. 

Adjustable Shower Arm Reviews

1. Best Overall - Delta Faucet 10-inch

The Delta Faucet 10-inch adjustable shower arm is no less than peaceful and helps to adjust the shower head according to the need. It can easily be up to 18 inches, and the overall size is 10 inches. It looks good with the pivot matte black shower heads. The brass material makes it more robust, and the chrome finish resists corrosion or oxidation. It is very affordable and easy to place with the target showerhead. It needs only minimum maintenance due to high performance.   

Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive.
  • Excellent installation.
  • Weight-bearing shower arm.
  • None

2. Runner Up - Hotel Spa 11-Inch

Hotel Spa offers 11 inches amazing shower arm with lock joints. It’s a unique product because it doesn’t require any tool for installation. The length is 3 inches, the width is 1 inch, and it is an easily adjustable shower arm. It has universal connections and is almost compatible with every shower head, especially heavy rain shower heads. It is made with brass material, and the finish is brushed nickel. It does not need Teflon tape, and the thick washers help to prevent leakage.   

Pros and Cons

  • Best for short people
  • Significant working
  • Positioned perfectly with tall people.
  • Super-fast installation.
  • Misleading instructions.

3. Best for Rainfall - G-Promise 13-Inch

Thirteen inches extension arm for shower head by G-Promise is a good product. It works horizontally; it can extend high and lower horizontally because it is cylindrical. It raises the shower head 6 inches and keeps it away from the wall 13 inches. It has a standard connection which makes it compatible with most showers. The arms are thick, and the pipes are large and robust enough to provide good water flow. The double seal stops leaking from it and is well polished.   

Pros and Cons

  • Substantial product
  • Amazing size.
  • Flexible and easy to adjust.
  • None

4. Most Affordable - ‎NearMoon 11-Inch

This shower arm with universal connections is an anti-leak product. This product completely meets with the never break or leak strategy. The knobs give a solid grip to hold easily and are made with quality material and a chrome finish. It comes with extra Teflon tape and a matte black pad that is helpful in the fitting of this shower arm. The length is 11 inches, and the width is 2 inches of this shower arm. It is wholly made with solid brass, and this shower arm is not suitable for 16 inches shower heads but preferable for standard shower heads.   

Pros and Cons

  • Best for rain shower heads.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Good performance.
  • Not easy to align.

5. Best for High End Shower Heads - Moen S116

Moen S116 pivoting adjustable shower arm is a very high-quality product and is familiar among all other products. It can extend 16 inches easily, and the chrome finish gives it a mirror-like appearance. It has a lifetime warranty and is no less than any decorating item. The locking pivoting points allow you to adjust the position of this shower arm. This transitional-style shower arm can easily be wall-mounted.   

Pros and Cons

  • Meet the expectations
  • Great finish.
  • None

Things to Consider When Buying an Adjustable Shower Arm 


Weight is a significant factor at the time of the buying. If the shower head is very heavy, weighing it before purchasing the shower arm is compulsory. The shower arm must be compatible with the weight of the shower head.   


Different materials are used for the production of shower arms. The most preferred material is brass due to its durability and long-lasting ability. However, stainless steel and plastic materials are also used for manufacturing, and these materials can be considered too.   


The shower arms' movement must meet the family members' height. If someone is tall, the shower arm extends at the highest level or range; if someone is short so the movement range of the shower must be lower.   

Finish and Appearance

The finish of the shower arm matters a lot because it gives it a clean and attractive look. The brushed and chrome finish are mostly available, but chrome finish helps to provide more clean look and makes maintenance convenient.   


The shower arms come with proper guidelines, instructions for installation and the hardware, which help to install it quickly. These things make it possible to install the shower arm within a few minutes.   


Price is linked with the shower arm's features, finish, material and appearance. Commonly shower arms are affordable and are very affordable within $150.   

Types of Shower Arms

Standard Shower Arms - Types of Shower Arms

Standard Shower Arms  

Standard shower arms are mainly used and are the most common type of shower arms. They are straightforward to handle and are the simplest. It includes a small extension only with an angle.   

Straight Shower Arms - Types of Shower Arms

Straight Shower Arms 

Straight shower arms are modern as compared to standard shower arms. These are straight, and the shower head is attached at the end with the 90°. The straight shower arms are suitable for a rain shower if someone wants to install a rain shower.   

Gooseneck Shower Arms - Types of Shower Arms

Gooseneck Shower Arms 

Gooseneck shower arms are in the form of the gooseneck, and these are perfect for raising the height of the shower head. These types of shower arms are very famous among the other types.   

Frequently Asked Questions about Shower Arms

How much weight can a shower arm hold?

The shower arm support varies from one product to other. The average weight holding capacity of the shower arm is 3 to 15 pounds.   

Can you install a shower arm yourself?

It is straightforward to install a shower arm by using simple tools. The wrench, tool for screw and plumbing tapes are helpful for the installation.   

What tools do you need to install a shower arm? 

Here few tools are mentioned used for adequately installing the shower arm. Like step stool, lubricant, wrench, eye protection and gloves.   


Different shower arms are available, like standard, straight and gooseneck. It is essential to consider every point before buying the shower arm, like the movement, weight, price, installation method and many more. It is effortless to install shower arms using things like Teflon tape, wrench, and gloves and don’t forget to protect the eyes.

The shower arm must be weight-bearing like Moen S116 is one of the weight-bearing shower head extension arms. The chrome finish is straightforward to clean to keep the shower arms shining. Shower arms are affordable, and few can extend or lower horizontally.

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