13 Best Bathroom Storage Solutions You Have to Try

August 15, 2022

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

Bathroom storage solutions are essential for a comfortable place to start and end a day. Many things can be stored in the bathroom, from the hair dryer to toothpaste, toiletries, and many more. Keep the bathroom clean and organized with these great bathroom storage solutions. Why not? After all, the bathroom is the one place where someone is free to do whatever they want. No one can beat that thought, right? This list will help whether it's a shower caddy, bathroom cabinets, stool, or shelves holding many items.

13 Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

1. A New Way To Store Your Things

Keep the Bathroom Tidy with this Ingenius Shower Caddy

Designed by Karen Emile

This bathroom shower caddy is excellent at holding the things that anyone needs to make the bathroom beautiful, and Karen Emile presents this idea amazingly. It's perfect for creating a personal atmosphere in the bathroom by adding beauty with bathroom accessories. The ceiling basket can hold things inside it, including lotions and lots more. It even has space for shower essentials like shampoo and body wash! Make the bathroom feel fresh and put it to good use with this perfect bathroom caddy.

2. How To Add More Storage to the Bathroom- Cabinets!

How To Add More Storage to the Bathroom- Cabinets!

Designed by Audrey Crisp

Audrey Crisp offers the best example of combining functionality with beauty; this bathroom cabinet is perfect for storing towels and toiletries. The door opens smoothly and tightly with a soft closing function; it makes life more convenient. The design of cabinets is only one of many features that make this an excellent option for any bathroom remodel, along with an ample storage place. They have good storage space as well.

3. A Stool to Relax

A Stool to Relax - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Kylie Ray

Sitting or lying on a stool is an enjoyable activity in any room. In the bathroom, anyone can get comfortable stools and use them to sit and relax during their spa experience or to sit on when anyone wants a little privacy in front of a vanity. Let’s beautify the bathroom this season with beautiful counter stools by the lifestyledco for the bathroom.

4. Vanity Idea That Provides Ample Storage Space 

Vanity Idea That Provides Ample Storage Space - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Katie Hodges

The Dreamy Bathroom Vanity designs by Katie Hodges provide ample storage space within easy reach. Its convenient design creates organized, functional and practical solutions for any bathroom. With its unique flexible interior design, it can easily manage favorite products. It’s made of good quality wood material and is painted by hand to create a high-quality product.

5. Command Space With Wall Hooks

Command Space With Wall Hooks

Designed by Katie Hodge

Save space and show off the home decor with stylish wall hooks and a storage stool by Katie Hodge designer. This storage bench has a sturdy construction that allows it to hold up different things and hooks that can be mounted on the top of any wall. It can be used to hang your clothes or towels, and anyone can also use it as an extra storage place. This item also features a steeper; it is perfect for hanging keys and other things that cannot be stored in a drawer.

6. Opening Up The Bathroom Vanity

Opening Up The Bathroom Vanity - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Katie Hodge

The best way to store fresh towels is with the vanity with open cabinets. It prevents the struggle to get things and makes a mess of things. The best element is that it releases space, saves energy, creates order, and prevents clutter. It has the accessible design of Katie Hodges that you can install conveniently and make free from the other closets. It will add a colorful accent to the bathroom and make it more decorative.

7. A Comfy Wooden Shelf 

A Comfy Wooden Shelf - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Duane + Sarah

Are you living in a small bathroom? Or just a bathroom lacking storage space? This wooden corner shelf by Duane + Sarah is perfect for use. Its height allows to keep books, personal items, or anything tall - so no problem if someone has tall glasses and bottles. It is made of high-quality tiles and natural materials; this piece will fit any modern home without overwhelming it. This shelving unit with a rare design is made from wood and painted well, giving it a beautiful, natural character.

8. Get A Utility Cart For Your Bathroom

Get A Utility Cart For Your Bathroom - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Duane + Sarah

This Utility Cart is a perfect addition to the bathroom area and was designed by Duane + Sarah with sturdy wheels, the cart can be moved easily from one place to another. A pair of adjustable shelves provide extra storage space, and the small compartment gives extra storage for doodads. It's a fantastic utility cart that we can't live without it. It is made of long-lasting materials that will ensure its long-term use as it can be used for many purposes.

9. Getting Rid Of Clutter In The Bathroom

Getting Rid Of Clutter In The Bathroom - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Lindsay Tate

To keep a neat and clutter-free bathroom, but still have easy access to your favorite products, you should consider using open shelves in the shower area. Designer Lindsay Tate took advantage of this clever storage solution to save space in the bathroom.

10. Utilize a Tray to Keep You Organized

Utilize a Tray to Keep You Organized - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Photo by Holly Blakey

Trays are not only stylish but they can also help you stay organized. This toiletry tray is used to keep your cosmetics and skincare products in one place and easy to access. In this bathroom, the countertop looks organized by this tray.

11. Create Extra Room For Towels And Other Necessities

Create Extra Room For Towels And Other Necessities - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Nicole Hollis

Stacking toiletries and towels in the bathroom can be done in several ways. The idea behind it is to store things on top of each other so that everything is easy to find and use. This decorating idea by Nicole Hollis is also helpful if someone has a small bathroom that does not have much space for an organized storage solution. When anyone is limited to the bathroom’s space, look for creative ways to use it instead.

12. The Corner Sink that Can Save Life

The Corner Sink that Can Save Life - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Katie LeClercq

A corner sink is an excellent key for cramped spaces. Katie LeClercq designed a slimline corner range with a full-width expanse of brilliant white quartz supported. The base is made from a high-density board, treated with a gentle buffing process that creates a soft finish. Get a corner sink for the bathroom, and more than enough space for use, for the homeroom and everything else.

13. A Space-Saving Shelf above the Sink

Household Hack A Space-Saving Shelf above the Sink - Bathroom Storage Solution Ideas

Designed by Arent & Pyke

The most time-consuming part of cleaning the bathroom is the sink. If the bathroom had a little more space, there's no reason to waste it. Install a shelf above the sink to keep the brushes, lotions, and other bathroom things. This idea by Arent & Pyke will help to reduce busy time in cleaning up the mess. It gives an eye-appealing vibe to the place close to the heart.


Perfect bathroom storage is a must for every homeowner. The last thing anyone wants is an unorganized bathroom or having to clean up after each time they use it. Clutter can sometimes actually make things look untidy. Designers introduce products and ideas with great effort and keep each and every factor in mind.

The bathroom cabinets, shelves, stools, and other storage solutions are relaxing. The stacks can collect different stuff, and the utility cart can transfer and move quickly due to the presence of wheels. In short, it is now very convenient to organize a bathroom in many ways.  

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