5 Best Shower Filter for Hard Water Reviews

December 30, 2022
5 Best Shower Filter for Hard Water

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Hard water is a fundamental problem of this world which leads to different drastic issues like itching, dryness, hair fall and many others. It is essential to sort out the case of hard and impure water. Now shower filters for hard water are available in various varieties.   

“Shower Filter for hard water removes the impurities, sand, chlorine, fluoride and other heavy metals from the water, and it reduces the itching and dryness and softens the skin and makes the hair healthy.” 

It affects not only the skin and hair but also improves the quality of the nails and make your shower more refreshing. They come with different stages, like 15-stage and 20-stage shower filters for hard water. A few tested and best shower filters for hard water are given below.   

Shower Filter for Hard Water Reviews

1. Best Overall - AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing 

Pros and Cons

  • Much better than any hair product.
  • Suitable for bad water quality.
  • Super easy installation.
  • Solution for the hard water.
  • None

AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter is an outclass in working and helps to balance the pH of the water. Daly (Group) LTD tested this product and recommended it for use by explaining that “It is the best shower filter which permanently eliminates the chlorine, pesticides and other harmful chemicals from the water and makes water safe in use”.  


It is 3.3” inches in length, and the height is 4.7”. It doesn’t look odd and awkward because of the minimum size, but the work is exceptional compared to the size.   

Why He Chooses AquaBliss

It is an FDA approved product and reduces the itching of the skin and dandruff. In the case of less dandruff, the hair and skin quality improved. Not only the skin and hair; this shower filter also makes the nails shine and soft.  


AquaBliss shower filter is suitable for almost every shower type, like handheld showers, fixed showers, and rain showers.   


According to the FDA, it is the preferred product regarding health, and this shower filter enhances the buyer's trust.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is a powerfully built item, performs heavily, and is a beating product in every manner. It is a well-engineered product. 

2. Runner Up - SparkPod Vitamin C Shower Filter

Pros and Cons

  • It makes skin smooth and soft.
  • Minimize the itching.
  • Good customer service.
  • Gasket replacement is difficult.

The sparkPod shower filter is brilliant and the most beneficial invention of the technology. It is the handiest product, and per the tester," It is necessary for the sensitive people facing ongoing issues".   


This shower filter's length, width and height are 4.61, 0.13 and 5 inches, respectively. The product dimensions are good enough to fit in the bathroom shower.   

Why He Chooses SparkPod Shower Filter

It reduces the chlorine amount in the water, removes the heavy metals from the water, and improves the shower water quality.   


It is compatible and suitable with any ½ inch pipe quickly and very easy to install within 1-2 minutes.   


It can change the hard water and make the skin and hair soft and smooth. It is a rust proof shower filter and durable in working.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is a well-polished chrome item and efficiently cleans the damaging particles from the water. This shower filter is universal and saves money by continuously performing for many months.   

3. Best 20 Stage - SR SUN Rise High Output

Pros and Cons

  • It works like a cleanser
  • Good water pressure.
  • Different finish options.
  • Not preferable for tall people.

SR SUN RISE brand offers the best 20-stage shower water filter for hard water treatment. It is a well-tested product and meets all the expectations. The tester says, “It removes the bad odor of the water and is most helpful for the kids due to extreme working”. This shower filter with cartridges is the most demanding product.   


The length of this shower filter is 6.3, the width is 6.22, and the height is 3.58 inches. It has a 4 to 80 degrees Celsius temperature range.   

Why She Chooses SR SUN RISE

The three cartridges have 12,000-gallon water ability, and the cartridge replacement is straightforward. This shower filter even slows down the aging process through performance.   


It is suitable with the universal pipe and the three kinds of showers: the handheld shower head, rain shower head and the fixed shower head.   


This shower filter has 20 stages and materials which work to filtrate the water and reduce the amount of fluoride and chlorine. It works like a moisturizer and softens the skin effectively.  

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It can be easily installed even by ordinary people and comes with Teflon tape. The two rubber washers help to prevent leakage and make it better than others.   

4. Best 15 Stage -  Bath Beyond 15 Stage

Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive shower filter.
  • Amazing finish  
  • Convenient installation
  • None

The best 15-stage shower water filter is now available at Bath Beyond. This shower filter is no less than a relief product. It provides nourishment and vitamin C with the help of vitamin C balls. Tester describes its working by saying, "It not only provides the filtration but also regulates the immune system".   


The length of this 15-stage filter shower is 3.3, and the height is 4.7 inches. It filters up to 24,000-gallon water. This item is lightweight to handle. 

Why He Chooses Bath Beyond Shower Filter

It performs multifunction due to 15 stages and enriches the skin and the hair by filtering the water with powerful working. It repairs damaged hair.   


It is suitable for different shower heads like rain showers and compatible with the standard pipe. It increases the worth of the shower more.   


The performance of this bath beyond the shower filter is beyond the imagination. Not only the heavy metals but also ensures the absence of pathogenic bacteria from the water and the pesticides. 

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is an affordable shower filter and gives a new experience to delicate skin. One can easily bathe 700 times and can enjoy the best bath of life.

5. Best Carbon Filter - AQUAYOUTH 2.0 

Pros and Cons

  • Effortless installation
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • The best refreshing product. 
  • None

Carbon filters are on trend in the market and are competitive among all other water filter systems. AQUAYOUTH presents the best carbon water filter system for shower heads. “It removes different heavy metals from the water and makes water safe for the family”, according to the tester. It is NFS certified product.   


9.6, 3.9, and 3.5 inches are the length, width and height dimensions, respectively, for this shower filter. It fits amazingly, and the dimensions meet with the shower quickly.   

Why He Chooses AQUAYOUTH

It has a low level of lead and is a tested product. The cartridges are already installed in this filter. It amazingly filters the chlorine and sand particles from the water.   


This water filter shower fits amazingly with all shower head sets. It is effortless to install, and even with different shower setups, it can be compatible.   


It is a verified and good product that constantly provides comfort to the skin, hair, nails and brain. Water purification is superior.  

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

This shower filter is designed durably, and the replacement of the parts is easier in the case of this product. This shower filter gives an aesthetic appearance to the bathroom.   


Shower filters come with cartridges, and some come with pre-installed cartridges. They can easily be installed with the handheld shower, rain showers and other shower types within a few minutes. Additional items and the shower filter material reduce the water's impurities.

Carbon shower filters minimize the lead amount from the water, and they are durable. Different shower filters have various gallon water capacities. The leakage chances are minimum, and the length and the other dimensions vary from product to product. The working of shower filters is potent and strong enough to make the skin healthier.  

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