5 Best Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucets Reviews 

October 18, 2022

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

Brass is the most used material for the production of faucets. Different kinds of brass are present, like lacquered brass, unlacquered brass, and many more.   

“Unlacquered brass has no protective coating and changes its appearance over time”.   

It is impossible for every unlacquered brass faucet to resemble each other; it looks different because the unlacquered material goes through changes. These faucets are an excellent choice for those who are fond of ancient products and want to see their home features gracefully.   

Here you can see the most beautiful unlacquered brass bathroom faucets closely. 

Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucets Reviews

1. Best Overall - GGStudy 8 inch

Pros and Cons

  • Good price. 
  • Amazing finish. 
  • Leaking drain.

GGStudy widespread unlacquered brass bathroom faucets are a luxurious item for bathroom use. Michelle Gage is an interior designer and a lover of impressive features. She used this faucet and said, “It adds a touch of richness to the bathroom and makes it better than others.”   


Spout height of this product is 3.54 and the hose length is 20 inches. 1.18 GPM water flow is really suitable for bathroom use.  


This faucet is suitable for undermount sinks and round shape sinks, it also looks good with natural stone countertops.  


It efficiently provides hot and cold water without any delay. The temperature adjustment is not difficult in the case of this product.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It comes with hardware and fittings. Unlacquered brass looks impressive due to its versatile appearance.   

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2. Best Wall Mounted - Kingston Brass KS7243AX

Pros and Cons

  • A quiet faucet.  
  • Best for old farmhouse sinks.
  • Substantial product
  • Fitting issues

Kingston Brass KS7243AX is a wall mount unlacquered brass bathroom faucet in antique brass color. Kingston Brass is a quality brand, and the designer shared her wonderful experience with this product and said, “I observed that unlacquered brass makes the product long lasting because it is free from the corrosion.” 


The spout reach of this faucet is 9.88, and the spout height is 5.06 inches. It is an incredible product with a 1.2 GPM water flow.   


This faucet can be used along vessel sinks and with vintage cast iron sinks. It helps to gain ancient vibes.   


Cross handles are straightforward to hold, and the product is comfortable.  

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

The ceramic disc and corrosion-resistant finish help to save money. It is manufactured with pure material.   

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3. Best Centerset - Aolemi 

Pros and Cons

  • Best for small bathrooms.
  • Smooth installation
  • None

Aolemi centerset unlacquered brass bathroom faucet is a single-hole faucet with an elegant appearance. “It is a well-finished and well-constructed item with a basin mixer tap and constantly works,” according to the contractor.    


The faucet must be of proper height and width. It is the best faucet due to the appropriate dimensions. Aolemi centerset bathroom faucets have 5.5 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width.   


This faucet is suitable for vanities and bathroom sinks. The marble countertops look excellent with this unlacquered brass faucet.   


It has an awe-inspiring and attractive design with a ceramic valve. The antique brass finish makes it shinier with time.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It comes with hoses and all mounting hardware, which makes everything smooth and comfortable.   

4. Best Low Arc - Kingston Brass KS4463BX

Pros and Cons

  • Best finish.
  • A heavy faucet.
  • A high-end product.
  • Looks excellent along 1920s sinks.
  • None

Kingston Brass KS4463BX low arc unlacquered brass bathroom faucet is also unique in design and color. The designer shared her heartwarming experience and said, “No faucet can be more attractive and good in functioning than this”.   


Its spout reach is 5.56, its spout height is 2.94, and the smaller size causes less water splashing. It is a very handy product.   


This low arc bathroom faucet is best for round sinks and ceramic countertops. This Kingston Brass low art faucet's round sinks are the best combination.   


It is a spotless and stainless product, and due to its small size, it is straightforward to keep it clean, and looks more beautiful than other faucets.   

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It is a corrosion and rust-resistant product, and it has looked fantastic over many years and keeps shining.   

5. Best for Vessel Sink - gotonovo

Pros and Cons

  • Substantial product
  • Suitable for gold vessel sink.
  • Supportive customer service.
  • None

The gotonovo tall unlacquered brass vessel bathroom faucet is a fantastic choice. The contractor used this faucet and said, “The long reach of this faucet helps to wash hands easily without any discomfort”.   


The spout height is 10.5 inches, and the reach is 9 inches, which is impressive and productive in use. 


It is suitable for vessel sinks, especially bowl sinks and is white. It looks best in the master bathrooms.   


It includes a hot and cold water system; this faucet is very beneficial for both summers and winters. It makes the bathroom more potent due to its dominant appearance.  

Beyond What the Manufacturer Says

It contains a follicular device that helps to save water and provide normal-range water for use. This faucet comes with a pop-up drain and overflow, and it is made with pure brass.

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What does an unlacquered brass bathroom faucet mean?

It doesn’t have a coating over the faucet or lacquer. It starts to patina with time. A patina word is used for the green or blue finish, giving a fantastic look to the product.  

Why should you go for an unlacquered brass bathroom faucet? 

The most valuable thing is that unlacquered brass is a living finish, and it looks luxurious, keeps changing over time, and comes out beautiful. It is one of the lifestyle choices.   

Can you return unlacquered brass to it’s original condition?

If someone is not in favor of a patina look and prefers a natural shine compared to an aged look, there is the possibility to go for brass polish. It helps to attain a shiny look. 


Unlacquered brass faucets are not available in only one shape or design. These can be widespread, centerset, low arc, tall faucets for vessel sinks, and many more. These have commonly antique brass finishing and look antique in the home.   

Unlacquered brass bathroom faucets are a good choice for the home. Various price ranges are available for these faucets, and they have different options. Brands offer good customer service and tap mixers, and some brands try to provide all mounting hardware and pop-up drain assembly. 

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