Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet

May 7, 2022
Comfort Height Toilet VS Standard Height Toilet

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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The use of the bathroom can become scary if not a perfect toilet with every aspect is part of the home. The toilets keep out of trouble and provide mental and physical relaxation, and it is indeed a necessity. The bathroom is that place, and the toilet is that item where most people start and finish their day. Toilets do not consist of one type; they vary in height, shape, etc. The point is which type of toilet can be a better choice for the bathroom, comfort height or standard? Let’s have a look.

Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet

Height of Toilet

The comfort height toilets are not specific for public or private bathrooms; these are becoming known in many regions. As the name of the comfort height toilet can make sense easily that it provides comfort due to height and the comfort height toilets are 2 to 4 inches larger than the standard toilet. Standard toilets are 15 to 17 inches in height or under 17inches. Ordinary or small people can use it efficiently, whereas the comfort height toilets give a few inches more in height.

It is better to choose a toilet after noticing the height of family members and according to the size of the bathroom.


Comfort or standard toilets do not come only in one color, many varieties and shades of colors are on the market, but the most purchasing or admirable color is white. The white color fits nicely in every kind of bathroom, and these are shinier, but the comfort toilet is considered expensive and looks more graceful than standard toilets.

If someone wants to resale the toilet, the recommended option is a comfort toilet, but if someone wants to keep it and doesn’t care about resale value, the standard toilets can be placed in the bathroom.

Some toilets are one piece, and some are two pieces, but the two pieces are an odd design and new generation, and era is gone for one piece toilet design which can be adjusted even in the small size bathrooms.

Best Possible Use

Comfort Height Toilet VS Standard Toilet

It is essential to care about the legs and feet, the toilet must provide comfort and relax the mind, and it is only possible if there is a suitable toilet place. Suppose someone is in a wheelchair and tall or facing obesity, so the comfort toilet is good.

The kids or small people will feel comfortable on the standard toilet. It is not a thing that comfort toilet is comfortable for everyone, No!

Installation Procedure

There is no visible difference in the installation procedure of the comfort toilet or the standard toilet. Both places have the exact instructions, but it is crucial to check the pipes of water and supply lines. It could help save money, and the valves of the toilet should be placed proper position. The comfort toilet is now coming in one piece, and it gives a modern look after the installation.


The cost of the toilet can be lower and can be expensive according to the quality. Some toilets are under 100$, but that can become dull or less shine over time. The starting cost of a comfort toilet is $150, and it can become higher, but the average price of a good comfort toilet is $350.

The standard toilet starting cost is $220, and a durable standard toilet is available for $400. The installation cost is not added to these costs, and the installation cost of one piece toilet is less than a two-piece toilet.

Medical Issue

Every product affects our health, like a mattress. The toilets are also related to different health conditions, for example, the swollen veins of the lower rectum; this condition is known as hemorrhoids. Doctors recommend using the standard toilet in this case because the lower part, like the hips, tends to be lower than the knees if that person uses a standard toilet, so this can reduce the chances of disease.

For those facing arthritis, back ache, and are older, the comfort toilet is good for them, and they can make themselves accessible easily without anybody's pain.

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