Elongated VS Round Toilet

May 7, 2022
elongated toilet VS round toilet

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The bathroom and toilet perform a hygienic function, and it is no matter about a public or private toilet, it is a blessing to have a good toilet. Anyone can provoke the surprise by placing a high-quality toilet in the bathroom. Everyone will think that it is essential to give attention to the shape of the toilet? Yes, the shape plays a huge part. For example, elongated or round toilets are two different shapes, and more information is given below about them. 

Shape of the Toilet

round toilet VS elongated toilet

It is not sound good to say that the shape of the toilet impacts the bathroom's beauty. The toilet bowl shape gives the name to the toilet, but why are brands offering different shapes? The bathroom size matters a lot, and the shape of the bowl is related to the comfort of the toilet user. The elongated toilet is slightly longer than the round shape toilet and thin from the front size, whereas the round shape toilet is a few inches shorter than the elongated toilet and is round.

Families and different people prefer to install elongated toilets in the bathroom. The elongated toilets are preferable for the moderate or large size bathroom, and it is good in use for adults and provides comfort. The round toilets fit well in the small bathroom because it is space a saving product than the elongated toilet.

Best Possible Use

There is not any impactful difference in the use of both toilets, and their using method is the same. The elongated toilets are a bit long and comfortable in use for men and healthy people. The sitting is convenient on them as compared to the round toilets.

Surface Area

It will be organized and show homeowners' taste if they place round toilets in a small bathroom and the elongated toilets in moderate or master-size bathrooms. The elongated toilets contain more surface area than the round-shaped toilets due to their shape and size. It is better to leave at least 21inches of space for the toilet installation, and the inches can vary due to size.


elongated bowl vs round bowl toilet

The fitting or installation of a toilet is not a big deal. Install a soil pipe and place a stop valve. Before setting the bowl first, it is essential to put a wax ring. After wax ring and setting of bowl, installation of tank and seat assembling occur. Ensure the supply lines are correct, it is a fact that elongated toilets are more sturdy than the round toilets and easy to fit, but installation procedures can be a bit different in some cases.


The round toilets are more inexpensive than the elongated toilets due to manufacturing conditions, style and size. If any round toilet with good functioning is round about $150, so the same elongated toilet will be $210.

The installation cost depends upon the floor conditions and the pipe lines. The elongated toilets installation cost is higher than the round toilet, and starting cost is above $250, while the round toilet installation cost is below $250.

Maintenance and Keeping

The round toilets are more difficult to clean than the elongated toilets. The round toilets are like a circle in shape, and the user can face difficulty cleaning the round toilets. Due to their size, the brush can quickly go inside the elongated toilet corners, and these toilets take minimum time.

Flush Ability

The flush technology is not one type; numerous flush technologies provide water during the flush cycle. It is known that the water pressure of flush technology is better in the case of the elongated toilet as compared to the round toilets. The technology is not very different in both toilets, but the pressure is different.

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