High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

December 10, 2022
High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Bathrooms are part of the home, but what makes bathrooms exceptional? The answer is the faucet. Bathroom faucets make them exceptional and increase their worth, but various faucet brands are available to produce them. At the time of purchase, it is essential to pay attention to the high-end bathroom faucet brands and first pay attention to their objectives. Different high-end brands are given below for the convenience of human beings. 

Bathroom Faucets Are Made In USA


Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Delta Faucet brand’s working record is famous globally due to excellent performance. This brand has been serving mankind for almost 100 years. It is one of the largest US Companies and manufactures products for industrial and commercial purposes. The Delta Faucet Company is award-winning and always comes with actual products. This dynamic company guides the world through product and company guidelines.  

Specialty of Delta Faucet:

  • Best residential and commercial products  
  • Affordable and ADA-compliant products  
  • Several productive products in various styles


Moen - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

With 50 years of experience, Moen Company offers high-quality, safe, and reliable high-end products. These kitchen and bathroom products are durable and amazingly designed for the home. The performance of all the sinks, faucets, showers and other products makes them superior to others. The durability saves expenses, and the easy-functioning system makes all the products easy to use. The Moen brand accomplished and fulfilled the needs of the customers.

Specialty of Moen:

  • Sophisticated styles
  • Durable products
  • Impressive customer support
  • Good quality material


Kohler - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Beginning in 1873, Kohler promised to bring positive change to society through their products. Kohler is a brand that eliminates the impurities and inequality from its products. All the products are safe and environmentally friendly, so they can't harm the user. This brand offers different items by keeping in mind the cultures, styles and the latest designs. Kohler helps to make the lifestyle good through other generation products, faucets, and technology.   

Specialty of Kohler:

  • Eco-friendly products  
  • Worth increasing items  
  • High-quality material


Pfister - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Pfister brand is one of the most famous and is involved in faucets. Pfister faucets can filter the contaminants from the water and perform with a high flow rate. Pfister products are well manufactured and fit well even with the tub. Every product finish is excellent and prevents water spots and rust. Over more than 100 years, the Pfister brand has offered trending styles such as waterfall faucets; over time, these products are becoming part of the home daily.   

Specialty of Pfister:

  • Corrosion resistant products  
  • Faucets come with filters   
  • Different handles and touchless design.   
  • Different varieties


Kraus - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Kraus was established in 2007, and the headquarters is in New York. This brand is making life easily related to the kitchen and bath exceptionally. This brand presents affordable designs globally which are accessible to every user. The innovative ideas are universally acceptable and necessary for every home and place. Kraus's products are hygienic and highly efficient due to working or operation.

Specialty of Kraus:

  • Sustainable products  

  • Convenient installation  
  • Impressive customer support


Danze - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Danze company was founded in 2000, and this brand aims to represent style and variation with the help of faucets. Many thousands of employees work in this brand and manufacture and deliver the products to more than 30 different countries. This brand focuses on quality testing before giving it to the market. Moderate and high-quality designs offer options to choose the best one that meets the bathroom size.  

Specialty of Danze:

  • Good quality brass material  
  • Attractive and cost-efficient.   
  • Leak-free designs.

American Standard

American Standard - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

An American Standard brand aims to produce products that can perform for more than 100 years. Every second home contains the products of American Standard. Not only homes but commercial places also prefer this brand’s products. This brand has offered sustainable and safe products for use since 2008. Every item, according to the American Standard, is corrosion and tarnish-proof. This brand also provides even whirlpool bathtubs with excellent quality.   

Specialty of American Standard:

  • Excellent style and performance  
  • Problem-solving products  
  • Availability of varieties.

Luxury Bathroom Faucet Brands



Brizo - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Brizo brand represents that style is not only the clothes and fashion but the home fixtures also represent beauty. For this purpose, this brand has been serving and working for many years. The kitchen, bath and shower accessories are available in unlimited designs. Brizo collaborated with two other brands to offer more collections, and the products of this brand are the best example of the arts.   

Specialty of Brizo:

  • Handcrafted products  
  • Inspirational showers with a high-quality finish  
  • High efficacy


Waterstone - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

The Waterstone brand was established in 1999 and delivered quality parts and products worldwide to improve the drinking and water system. The offered high-quality filtration faucets are also specifically beneficial for kitchen use. This brand prefers the best material and the best finish for use. This brand also provides decorative faucets and engineered products to meet exceeding requirements.   

Specialty of Waterstone:

  • Full line engineered faucets.   
  • A reasonable water flow rate  
  • Filtration system  
  • High-end finish


Elkay - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Elkay Company began in 1920 with a father and son. The main aim of this Company is to provide good quality sinks with good service. This Company is vast and manufactures products for the kitchen, bathroom and commercial areas. The sinks and the bathroom accessories are now famous all around.  

Specialty of Elkay:

  • Exceptional designs.  
  • Lots of varieties  
  • leading faucets with sustainability

Bathroom Faucets Are Made in Germany



Grohe - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

Since 2014, GROHE has made a strong position worldwide by introducing bathroom and kitchen solutions. This brand has many different employees in 150 countries. This brand focuses on technology, quality, and sustainability. GROHE brand offers a plastic-free item for use. Various awards are won by this brand globally due to high-quality fixtures.  

Specialty of Grohe:

  • Plastic free items  
  • Large-scale production with meaningful design  
  • Climate-compatible products.  
  • Leak-free items. 


Hansgrohe - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

The Hansgrohe brand has been in business since 1901. A tin shower is the specialty of this brand, and this shower comes in different styles and varieties. It is a successful company, and the products meet the environment. The products consume a reasonable amount of water, and the raw material is also compatible with the environment.  

Specialty of Hansgrohe:

  • Saves water 
  • Products made to last.  
  • Stable items

Bathroom Faucets Are Made in Italy 



Rohl - High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

The Rohl brand is an endless collection of products. The Rohl items' potential is extraordinary and different materials are used for the production with further steps. These steps make them more robust and give an inspirational look. That is a brand of luxurious bridge faucets, and the masters help to modify the products. This brand is not only related to the bathroom; it also deals with kitchen accessories and parts.  

Specialty of Rohl:

  • Well-crafted designs.  
  • Fixtures with new technologies.  
  • Hand-polished items.  
  • Deals with novel designs.

Affordable Bathroom Faucet Brands



KES- High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands

The Kes brand is for those who want to make their bathroom and kitchen neat. KES brand offers a complete faucet shower set, and all the products are warranted and made with quality material. KES faucets are easy to purchase within a tight budget, and these are tested under laboratory circumstances.  

Specialty of KES:

  • Faucets meet Government standards.  
  • Worry-free items.  
  • Reliable products.


High-End Bathroom Faucet Brands Woodbridge

Woodbridge brand spreading the top-quality products all around. These brand products can increase the worth of the vanities, bathroom faucets, bathtubs, bathtub faucets, sinks and other items. The purpose of this Company is to distribute pure items.  

Specialty of Woodbridge:

  • Good customer support.  
  • Appreciating finishes.  
  • Side variety of sizes.  

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