How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom?

November 2, 2022
How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Why is remodeling important? 

Remodeling is an essential part of the home. It helps in the maintenance, increases the home's worth, and makes it better than other homes. Remodeling is not less than an investment; it saves money in the form of a home. Whether the target place is the kitchen, room, or bathroom, remodeling is compulsory for the complete home. Here are full guidelines on how long it takes to remodel a small bathroom.   

Small bathroom remodeling 

Small bathroom remodeling is no less than a challenge. It needs attention, proper management, and each and everything well established. The bathroom is that space where we start or end our day, so it requires remodeling from time to time to look the best. A bathroom must contain everything no matter if it is a small or large bathroom. Small bathroom remodeling is not a more significant task; only perfect things and fixtures are required for this purpose.    

A complete schedule   

A complete plan must be present before taking any step. The schedule is important not only in the case of studies but also in every field of work. Homeowners or contractors should keep in mind what steps are needed in bathroom remodeling. What kind of remodeling is necessary for a small bathroom? How many days are available? And what is the template? These are a few factors which I observe before remodeling a small bathroom.   

Bathroom Material and Designer 

There is a significant difference between bathroom remodeling by a local idea and bathroom remodeling by a designer. Bathroom material is primary, which kind of material is suitable or not. Some materials are available in the ready form in shops at the market. Still, some need finishing, so it is compulsory to give the order to get the desired material for the small bathroom remodeling. A good designer and contractor can make remodeling a piece of cake. The designer ultimately guides about the steps and takes notice of everything briefly.   


Destruction or demolition is the first step of remodeling. It is the destruction of the old bathroom and includes removing all the accessories, fittings, faucets, bathtubs, and all other items. It gives ample space to remodel it in a better way. It is an excellent step if someone wants to add ventilators in the bathroom, close the window, and other things. It takes one to two days only.  

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom Destruction

Carpenter and Electrical work  

After the destruction of the old bathroom, the second step is the wooden and electrical work. Carpenter completes wooden work, but if carpentry is in a perfect position, the contractor or the homeowner leaves this step. The electrical work includes the bathroom's lighting system and the switchboards' installation; it is good to change the lights according to the environment or mood. It is no longer a procedure and only requires 24 hours.    

Plumbing and ventilation  

Plumbing is a time taking procedure and consists of two days; plumbing and ventilation are two crucial parts of the bathroom. Sometimes pipelines in bathrooms create problems, minimal bathroom pipelines, and it is good to replace them when remodeling. Advanced toilets are available, which can be fit in small bathrooms due to their compact size.   

Ventilation helps to minimize suffocation which is the major problem in the case of small bathrooms.   

Insulation and Drywall Completion  

Small bathroom insulation is not long-lasting drywall; both procedures need only one day but proper 24 hours. After completing these two steps, almost half remodeling of the small bathroom can be achieved.  

Cabins and Storage Box  

Cabins are accommodating for storing different stuff like towels, essential clothes, and other things. A small cabin can be easily made in the small bathroom, and a storage box can also be easily made. The primary purpose of the storage box is to keep lotion and moisturizer; it can also be used as a medicine box. Cabin and storage boxes work can be quickly completed within one day. It is a quick step. 

Finishing and Paint  

Finishing the cabinets, boxes, walls, and everything brings beauty to the bathroom. Minor bathroom finishing must be done correctly because visitors can observe it more closely due to the small place. Paints are directly related to the surroundings; if the bathroom is bright and calm, light color paints are preferable. It is not a time-consuming step, but paint drying takes a few hours.   

Floor Preparation  

For floor preparation, the time is directly proportional to the type of floor. If a homeowner wants to tile the floor, it needs time, but if the wooden floor OR vinyl flooring is not much time taking if the laborers are hardworking, it is just a matter of a day. 

Tight the hooks of bathroom accessories

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Small Bathroom Tight the hooks of bathroom accessories

 Hook up the toilets, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and other bathroom fixtures are compulsory. It just takes a few hours to hook up the whole thing, increasing satisfaction. It is not suitable for small bathrooms, the toilets and other items are loose.   

Final Touch and Artistic work  

Artistic work involves setting up mosaic mirrors, decoration pieces, candles, lamps, paintings, and more. These few things can put life in the small bathroom. Try to hang the pendant or any glass decoration piece in the window, so it reflects light and can impress others. These are examples of artistic work. It is not expensive or difficult to show creativity in small places, but these final touches can have a more substantial impact than other things. For example, a gift only looks beautiful when its appearance is mouth-watering. Same as this, every part of the home looks more attractive if someone puts effort into its final touch and artistic work.

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