How Much Does A Sump Pump Battery Backup Cost?

April 7, 2022
How Much Does A Sump Pump Battery Backup Cost

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The simple pumps help free the place from the water, mainly used for factories, basements of homes, and flooded areas. It protects from any worst situation and removes the water efficiently.

The sump pump runs through the electricity, and it stops working in the absence of electricity. It is essential to develop a battery system or purchase a sump pump with a battery backup system to maintain the working and operation of the sump pump. The low-cost sump pump is $500 to $600, the average cost is $800 to $900, and the high price is above from $1000 to $1200.

What is a Sump Pump Battery Backup?

The sump pump system is the primary, and it will work with the electric system, and the battery backup system is the secondary system of the sump pump. In the absence of electricity, the battery backup system takes control and starts to work and notify through the alarm system and through the warning systems or when the battery system is down.

Why Battery Backup System is Compulsory?

Why Battery Backup System is Compulsory

During flooding conditions or catastrophic events, the transformers or the underground electricity connection stop working, and electricity can go off. In this case, the water can be filled in the basement and enter the home. The battery backup system makes it possible that run of sump pump with a fast flow rate. The sump pump with a battery backup system is like having two sump pumps. The one is primary, and the second one is secondary.

Factors that Affect Sump Pump Battery Backup Cost

Battery Types

The battery backup system cost is directly related to the type of battery; the commonly used standard lead-acid vehicle battery helps control the cost of the backup battery system. It is technically the same as the AGM batteries, and the lead plates involve in their working. It quits working after a few hours, and the long-lasting and best battery is a deep cycle lead-acid battery, also known as a marine Battery. It is preferable because the rating system of this battery is ampere-hour, and the battery backup system will run for many hours.

Pumping Capacity of Backup:

Which backup system pumps a large amount of water will cost high, and which backup system pump starts less amount of water will be less expensive. The high capacity pumps output can be more than 2000 Gallon per hour.

Admittance of Battery:

The backup system will be less expensive if the battery is not part of the system, and if the battery is admitted or included in the system, the back battery system will be expensive. It will cost $200 to $300 with the battery addition.

The Installation Procedure:

Suppose the back battery system installation is self possible. It will save the labor cost, but if the installation is complicated and if it is no DIY installation, the complete battery backup system will be costly.

The Maintenance of Battery Backup System:

The pump will be removed from the sump pit and cleaned correctly to free it from debris, dust, and the coagulation of any particles. It is compulsory to check the battery's fluid within six months, just like the battery of UPS. If the basement is free from the water and the sump pump is not in use, it is essential to test the working of the sump pump and the battery backup system. It helps to make it durable and saves the investment of the buyer.

How to Get Proper Installation?

It will be helpful to read the instructions before the installation and look forward to the professional installation. It is beneficial to save money, and from any damage to the battery backup system, the plumber will guide about to use and daily or monthly maintenance properly. Save your cost and try a secure way.

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