How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost?

April 8, 2022
How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost

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Cost of a Sump Pump

The sump pump installation can be expensive or inexpensive; if it is initial, it requires that digging procedure, the electrical connections, and other things, so it will be very costly. If anyone is going to install a sump pump in a pre-plumbing place, it will be less expensive.

The sump pump unit is affordable, but the labor cost, materials, and other things can be unexpectedly expensive.

Normal range of unit: $200 to $400

Average cost with installation: $1,258

Factors that Affect Sump Pump Cost

Factors that Affect Sump Pump Cost

Many factors affect the sump pump cost, such as preparation of the floor, type of sump pump, geographic location, labor cost, the quality and the size of the sump pump, and the drainage system.

Type of Sump Pump

Usually, two types of sump pumps are available. The first is a pedestal sump pump, and the other is a submersible sump pump. They both used to drain the water from the basements and the flooded areas. Water, battery, and other sources are used as power sources. The water power source sump pumps are less costly, and the battery systems sump pumps are expensive.

  • Pedestal Sump Pump

The pedestal sump pumps contain the motor and the pump, but the engine of this pump is not water-resistant or waterproof. So the motor of the pedestal pump is placed above the water. This type of sump pump is used for small areas, and its horsepower ability is less than the submersible sump pump. The average cost of a pedestal sump pump is $200 to $300, and the highest price of these sump pumps is $750 to $800. The cost of this sump pump is less, and these are loud during functioning.

  • Submersible Sump Pump

The motor of the submersible sump pump merge into the water, and these are the quiet sample pump. The engine is sealed correctly, and these pumps are used for the high flooded areas. This sump pump installation is expensive due to the complete setup and the high HP. This pump will be installed entirely under the water and are rustproof, and many submersible pumps are available with a battery backup. But these pumps are not long-lasting due to the corrosion risk, which requires maintenance properly and costs higher.

Type of Floor

The digging for the sump pump installation is accessible on the dirt floor and the rough floor compared to the marble or concrete floor. The pipes of the sump pumps and the other things can go into the dirt floor quickly with a minimum of digging, while on the other hand, it is necessary to remove the upper surface of the concrete floor. Some labors will cost hourly, so the sump pump installation on a concrete floor is time-consuming, and the labor cost will be expensive. The starting cost of the dirt floor is $500, and in the case of a concrete floor, the starting labor cost is $2500, and it can be exceeded according to the time. 

Replacement OR Initial Installation

How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost

The sump pump replacement is affordable because the pre-plumbing is more accessible than the new installation. The new installation requires the proper preparation of the floor, the installation of pipelines, and other essential options. The replacement requires $200 to $300 labor cost. And the initial installation starting labor cost is $600.

Geographical Location

The geographical location matters a lot; urban areas are more expensive than rural areas, and in case of cost, the site of the home matters. The government sector costs more than the public sector.

Size of Pump and Quality

According to their HP, some sump pumps are small in size, and some are large; the heavier and large pumps are expensive, and the labor asks for more costly. The small sump pumps are easy to carry and install without any convenience. The ½ Horsepower sump pump is the most powerful and the most expensive one compared to others. 

Drainage System

If someone purchased a strong quality sump pump, it requires many feet of digging to remove a large amount of water, and pipes will be installed very widely and deeply. The labor and plumbing cost is directly related to the quality of your sump pump and the drainage system required for your target place.

DIY Installation VS Professional Installation

Improper installations can ways the total investment and the sump pump, or there are chances that anything can place in the wrong position that will affect the functioning of a sump pump. The DIY installation saves them money, and those sump pumps are complicated so go for the professional installation, although it will be expensive.

The professional installation cost range is $650 to $1900. 

Additional Considerations

There are uncountable factors that affect the sump pump, such as installation cost and the sump pump basin quality. It will be strong in the construction, and the maintenance of the sump pump, battery backup system of a sump pump, and many more are enlisting.

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