How to Choose a Tub Filler

May 11, 2022
How to Choose a Tub Filler

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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What is a Tub Filler?

What is a Tub Filler

Tub filler is one of the dream fixtures of the bathroom, and it can become a complete package with the tub filler. No one cares about the tub fillers, and it is not the priority nowadays, but in upcoming days it will be. The tub fillers can be known as tub faucets as well. These are used to fill the tub, and the lever handle or knob help to adjust the flow of water. Some tub fillers come with the shower handle and sprayer, which helps rinse the shampoo, soap, etc.

Flow Rate

Why does someone purchase tub filler? To fill the tub within a few minutes is out of the rule if the buyer ignores the flow rate of the tub filler before making a purchase. Usually, a single handle tub filler flow rate is 4 to 7 gallons per minute. In many faucets, the aerators and restrictors are present, which minimize the water flow rate or control. Still, in the case of tub fillers, there usually are restrictors absent, and the flow rate is higher than in other faucets. The double handle tub fillers can provide more than 15 gallons per minute. It can be exceeded with the size and with the pipe type.

Placement of Tub Filler

Before going for tub filler, first, identify what kind of tub filler fit well with the bathtub? The freestanding bathtub can place anywhere, so that the freestanding tub filler will be the best match. This tub filler can be put quickly without any headache. The pipes and water connections are necessary to check to place deck tub filler.

After the pipe and plumbing system, the other important point is access to the tub filler. Before wall mounting of tub filler, make sure that the hand can easily access the tub filler without any shortage or blocking space.   

Types of Tub Filler

Many tub fillers are available, but the most common are wall-mounted tub filler, deck mounted, freestanding, clawfoot tub filler, and modern tub filler.

  • Wall Mounted Tub Filler

Wall Mounted Tub Filler

The wall-mounted tub fillers are installed on the wall, and it is the better choice for the drop-in bathtubs or under-mount bathtubs. It needs a hole in the wall, and installation is pricier than freestanding tub fillers. The spout height is very according to tub filler quality. These tub fillers are robust.

  • Freestanding Tub Filler

Freestanding Tub Filler

Freestanding tub fillers are like the chill pill because they can place freely, but there must be a plumbing system available because, without the plumbing system, the tub filler cannot perform well. The freestanding tub fillers look perfect with the freestanding bathtub, and the installation of this tub filler must be moderate in the distance so access would be easy.

  • Deck Mounted Tub Filler

Deck Mounted Tub Filler

A flat deck is present around the bathtub, and these fillers are also available in many varieties. The handle and spout can install through a separate hole and can install collectively. Many deck mounted tub fillers come with the deck plate, covering the hole and maintaining its beauty.

  •  Clawfoot Tub Filler

Clawfoot Tub Filler

The clawfoot bathtub fillers are considered traditional and vintage styles. For this kind of bathtub, the traditional tub fillers are on trend in the market with different finishes. It gives an old and rare look to the bathroom.

Important Points about Tub Fillers

  • The selected tub filler must match the bathroom fixture and looks bright under the light. 
  • Do not place freestanding tub filler with other odd bathtubs; always try to create a perfect match between the bathtub and tub filler. 
  • Placing the tub filler at a suitable distance to access the handle. 
  • Ensure the correct water connection, pipelines, and plumbing system before placement. 
  • Select the suitable spout height tub filler according to the bathtub availability. 
  • The finishing will be good in combination with the bathtub and remaining bathroom stuff. 

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