How to Clean a Shower Head? 

February 5, 2023
How to Clean a Shower Head? 

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Cleaning the shower head from time to time is essential to increase its durability. Common methods to clean a shower head are straightforward and show positive results. Different kind of methods is available, like common and unique methods. In common methods, vinegar, lime juice, calcium, lime and rust remover are used, as many more options. Common and unique methods are also mentioned in this article to follow. 

Common Ways to Clean a Shower Head

There are a few common methods given below.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda 

Vinegar and Baking Soda - Common Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Vinegar and baking soda are mainly used for cleaning purposes. Vinegar breaks down the baking soda and releases the gas carbon dioxide, and this gas help to remove the dust and the spots. Make a mixture by combining an equal amount of vinegar and water in a bottle, use it as a spray, put some baking soda, use a toothbrush, and wash it with clean water.   

2. Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities and is used as a natural bleach. Squeeze the lemon on the shower head, rub it with the help of the old brush, and then wash it with water. It will clean the surface of the shower head amazingly.    

3. CRL (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover) 

Calcium, Lime, and Rust Removers are specifically produced to remove the hard water buildup and the spots. It immediately dissolves the hard calcium, magnesium and limestones and removes the rust stains from the shower head. Apply the CLR on the shower head and leave it for a few minutes, then scrub it with an old toothbrush and rinse with fresh water.   

4. Soak in a Plastic Bag 

Soak in a Plastic Bag - Common Ways to Clean a Shower Head

If it is easy to remove the shower head, remove it, fill the plastic bag with vinegar, and soak it in it for a night after making it airtight. Scrub the stains with the help of the brush and then rinse them with water.   

5. Descaler 

Descaler worked according to the magnetic field and charged the minerals of the water. After this, minerals like hard minerals, calcium, and magnesium will not transfer onto the shower head. Use the descaler products according to the instruction which is mentioned on them. 

6. Alkaline Cleaner 

Alkaline cleaners are best for hard water stains and remove soap scum and hard minerals from the products. Use the alkaline cleaner for the shower head and follow the timing as per instructions, then rub it with a toothbrush and rinse with water.   

7. Scrub with a Stiff Brush  

Scrub with a Stiff Brush - Common Ways to Clean a Shower Head

If any cleaning product is absent, use a simple stiff brush and scrub it on the shower head with the help of the hand. It will remove the hard mineral build-up from the shower head.   

Every shower head is unsuitable and compatible with any cleaning agent, and some shower heads are compatible with professional maintenance. Don’t forget to read the instructions by the manufacturer so it will be clear which shower head can be damaged with the cleaning agent.   

Unique Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Here are some unique methods are given below to clean the shower head.   

1. Use a Denture Cleaning Tablet

Use a Denture Cleaning Tablet - Unique Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Denture cleaning tablets are specific for denture buildup, but these are also good for cleaning shower heads. It is confirmed that denture tablets kill 99.9% of bacteria that cause the odor. Fill the bowl with water, dissolve the denture cleaning tablet, and leave it for a night after soaking the shower head. Rub the shower head with an old toothbrush and wash it with water.   

2. Pumice Stones 

Pumice stones are used for the heels and to remove the callus from them, but they can also be used to clean the shower head. Make it wet, scrub the shower head with pumice stones, and wash it with water.   

3. Magic Erasers 

Magic erasers are excellent for removing the hard water buildup stains from the surfaces and the shower head. Make the eraser wet, scrub it on the shower head, and rinse with water.   

Avoid These Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Only some methods must be avoided when cleaning the shower head. 

1. Using Abrasive Materials  

Abrasive materials like hardwood, steel, or scratching pads can scratch or damage the surface of the shower head. These are not good to use for any home product.   

2. Using Harsh Chemicals  

Chemicals like bleach or drain cleaner can disrupt the finish of the products and can damage their lifespan. Moreover, the chemicals can be harmful to breathing as well.   

3. Using Excessive Force 

Using Excessive Force - Avoid These Ways to Clean a Shower Head

Don’t apply excessive force on the shower head because it can break it. Sometimes internal parts can be damaged because of the force.   

4. Using Acidic Solutions 

Acidic solutions are not suitable for the home items like shower heads. Muriatic acid is one of the solutions harmful to metal shower heads, and it can cause serious health problems when inhaled.   

5. Using a Pressure Washer 

Pressure washers are not suitable for shower heads. Pressure washers can cause leakage in the shower head as well.   

Before using any cleaning method or cleaning product, test it in a small place or area. If it shows a positive result, use that product according to the instructions in case of unavailability or emergency contact with the experts.   


All methods mentioned above are perfect and best for cleaning a shower head. For severe stains or hard water, unique processes like denture cleaning tablets, pumice stones and magic erasers can be followed. It is better to test all the methods before applying them to all shower heads because some are incompatible with chemicals and cleaning agents. Avoid abrasive and harmful methods on the shower heads like force, pressure washers and many more.   


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