How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

February 8, 2023
How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

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A leaky shower can affect the working of the shower. Leaky shower heads disturb the mind and waste a large amount of water. It is necessary to fix the leaky shower heads within time to enjoy quality time. A few steps are mentioned in this article briefly to fix a leaky shower head which is very helpful. In case of any emergency, you can contact the plumber to get professional help. Let’s look at 9 different ways to fix a leaky shower head.   

9 Ways to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

1. Check the Shower Head for Any Visible Damage: 

Check the Shower Head for Any Visible Damage

For any leakage, the first step should be to look out the shower head for any crack or damage. The shower head may be leaking because of cracking. In this matter, it is better to replace the shower head.   

2. Tighten the Connection: 

Check the supply lines and connections if the shower head is not damaged. Due to loosen connections, the shower head is leaking. Tight the connection with the help of the wrench or plier, like the connection between the shower head, the shower arm, and the connecting pipes.   

3. Replace the Washer: 

The washers can be damaged or worn out. To stop the leak of the shower head, dismiss the shower head from the shower arm and replace the washers with new ones. Finding new washers for the shower head from the hardware shop is accessible.   

4. Replace the O-Ring: 

The purchase of an O-ring is straightforward from the hardware store. The O-ring works like a seal between the shower head and the arm or pipe. Suppose the O-ring is damaged or loose so that the shower head can leak. Replace the O-ring after removing the shower head.   

5. Clean the Shower Head: 

Clean the Shower Head

Cleaning of the shower head is compulsory in case of mineral build-up. Cleaning the shower head involves several steps, as described in another article. The minerals and hard water can also leak the shower head, so you must maintain it. After cleaning the shower head again, install it.   

If the steps mentioned above are not helpful and do not help prevent the leak of the shower head, then there must be some serious reason behind the leak. Contact the plumber to fix this issue.   

6. Check the Shower Arm: 

The shower arm attaches the shower head to the wall and is a pipe-like structure. If the shower arm is not in good condition and corrosion is present, it can cause a leak. Check whether the shower arm is loose, and then use the wrench or plier.   

7. Check the Shower Valve: 

The shower valve controls the water flow rate of the shower head. The valves can be involved in the leakage, and if the valves are not functioning correctly, they can cause the shower heads to leak. In case of severe damage, change the valves and adjust them according to the need.   

8. Check the Pipe Behind the Wall: 

Pipes of the shower heads are usually present behind the wall. Take notice if something is wrong behind the walls or in the pipes. If it is, then contact the plumber to take professional help.   

9. Check the Pipe Under the Sink: 

Check the Pipe Under the Sink

If the shower head is leaking and the shower head is connected to the sink or the pipes under the sinks are also leaking, then check the connection of the sink. Observe the pipes under the sink and then try to fix the issue. In case of a significant problem, contact the plumber and ask a plumber to fix the pipes.   

If you are not an expert with plumbing issues, then it is good to contact the plumber for the shower head or any problem.   


All of the steps are quick and very easy to follow. First, check the damaged and worn-out parts of the shower head. After checking the damage, follow the other steps to fix the leaky shower head. If the shower head is connected to the sink, check the pipes under the sink to sort out the issue. It is essential to make the bathroom’s every part perfect and productive.   

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