How to Install a Shower Head

January 27, 2023
How to Install a Shower Head

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Installation of shower heads is not hectic and is now part of every second home. By applying a little force, you can attempt successful installation. Homeowners can install shower heads by following a few steps and using only 10 minutes. This article explains each step clearly and is beneficial for homeowners and beginners.

1. Inspect the Shower Arm 

Inspect the Shower Arm Head - How to Install a Shower Head

Before installing the shower arm, first, inspect the shower arm from every angle. Check the shower arm for any rust spots or corrosion and damage. If you notice any damage, then replace that part before the installation.   

2. Clean the Shower Arm 

Sometimes shower arms clog due to dust particles and hard water. Use a brush to clean the sediments and dust particles from the shower arm. It will help to give a new look to the shower arm.   

3. Install the New Shower Head 

Place the joining side of the shower head on the arm and move it clockwise. It will screw and get attached to the shower arm tight.   

4. Shower Arm with Thread

In the market, a few shower heads come with shower arms that have a thread in them. These kinds of shower arms are straightforward and tight. Tight or screw it in a clockwise direction with the help of the hand. It is effortless to handle.   

5. Check for Leaks 

Turn on the water and check the shower head leakage. It is most important to check the leakage from every point because it is better to verify. If there is no leakage from any point, the shower head is successfully installed.   

6. Test the Shower Head 

After installing the shower head, check the working of the shower head by turn on the connection. If it works perfectly without any leakage, adjust it according to your needs, like water pressure, temperature and other necessary things.   

Every shower head has different settings and different installation methods. Before installation, it is good to read the instructions carefully. In case of confusion, it is better to contact the plumber or a professional expert for help.   

7. Install Additional Components 

Now products like shower heads come with additional products to attach to the original one. Like water-saving devices, restrictors for the flow and other leakage valves also. Don’t forget to install these different components according to the instructions.   

8. Adjust the Angle of the Shower Head 

Adjust the angle according to the requirement of the shower head carefully with the hand. If the shower head is not in the exact position, it will not allow you to shower peacefully.   

9. Check for Any Loose Part 

Check for Any Loose Part - How to Install a Shower Head

Before winding up, the installation operation must check every part of the shower head. Every part must be tight and in the right place because loose parts can affect the working of the shower head. 

10. Clean the Shower Head 

During the installation of the shower head, there is the possibility of dust particles, sediments and other minerals. Clean it and then make it cleaner with a soft piece of cloth. It will shine bright.   

11. Enjoy Your New Shower Head 

After all these steps, the shower head is installed entirely, successfully, and ready to shower. Enjoy a new shower and make it memorable.   

If you are unaware of any information about the shower head installation or if there is anything out of your knowledge, then contact the professional experts and take help from the experts in the installation of shower heads.   


Above mentioned points, the first step is looking for damage, cleaning, and so on. All these steps are essential, and try to pay attention to one. To enjoy the best working shower head, it is better to install it carefully. To install the shower head, remember to clean or maintain the shower arm. Adjust the shower head according to the need, like the position and the temperature.

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