How to Make an Existing Bathtub Deeper

November 19, 2022
Ways to Make an Existing Bathtub

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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A bathtub is part of everyone’s bathroom, and it is such a relaxing fixture. It can take off all the stress and depression from the body. A bathtub is great for starting and ending the day with a long, soothing, comfortable shower. Different types of bathtubs are available in the market, and various methods are available to make them deep.   

Importance of Deeper Bathtub 

Ways to Make an Existing Bathtub Deeper

The bathtub is no more valuable if it doesn’t have good depth. Some people want to make the existing deep bath deeper because it provides comfort, gives more relaxation, and gives more space to spread legs and reduce the tension from the body. So, it is also necessary and productive to make the bathtub deeper in safe ways.   

Is it Possible to Make Bathtub Deeper? 

It is entirely possible to make a bathtub deeper at home without purchasing a new deep bathtub. All the ways are easy and secure for the bathtub quality and performance. The possible ways are given below. 

Ways to Make an Existing Bathtub Deeper 

Ways to Make an Existing Bathtub Deeper Sugru glue

Sugru Glue

Sugru is glue, and it is a flexible material; after application, it becomes thicker and more robust than silicone. It is waterproof, and it is best for the bathtub. It has a firm grip and covers the overflow drain hole. Covering the overflow drain hole helps to make the bathtub deeper. Let it dry for 24hr, and it becomes stronger. Dealing with the sugru is such a cool thing, and applying it is effortless. It doesn’t disrupt the beauty because of the availability in different colors.

Drain Cover Plate – Clean Appearance

Searching for drain cover plates is not a difficult task. Anyone can get it from any store conveniently. It is 4 inches in size and easily fits over the hole. The most helpful thing is that it is temporary and can be easily removed when someone wants to. This idea works great, and very highly recommended to make bathtubs deep. The main thing is to find out the right size of the drain cover plate. 

Utilize Caulk Strip and Cover Drain Hole

The caulk strip is a waterproof tape, and it is adhesive. It can be changed into any shape and form quickly. It covers the drain hole amazingly and makes the bathtub very deep. It is an excellent choice compared to sugru glue because removing glue is more complicated and challenging than caulk strips. It is a leak-proof and watertight product.   

Give a Try to Deep Water Bath 

The deep water bath by the better bath can also be considered to make the bathtub deep. It is a thick plastic-type product that will go over the overflow drain. It is the best preventive product for overflow. It is inexpensive and can easily be placed in the bathroom for the bathtub depth. 

Purchase a New Bathtub

Various drop-infreestandingclawfootcornerwalk-in, undermount, and many bathtubs are available in the market with different depths and lengths. If these methods, as mentioned above, are not enough, get a new deep bathtub. It would be helpful and calming as well. It is a significant investment, providing peace and enhancing the home's worth due to its fantastic depth. 


Always go for that method that meets the budget and is easily accessible. These are all easy and time-saving products; the successful and best methods should be less time-consuming and inexpensive. Homeowners must consider that method which is easy to follow and can quickly get rid of that in case of need. The bathtub is the primary fixture of the bathroom, so it should be best in every manner.

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