How to Make Bathroom Smell Like a Spa

January 21, 2023
How to Make Bathroom Smell Like a Spa

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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It is easy to enjoy the spa-like bathroom or make it smell like a spa. Various opportunities and methods are available, giving a different ambiance to the bathroom. This kind of bathroom is inviting and attracts guests to the bathroom. Add the plants, and try the other fragrances which suit your skin and lift the mood. Try to spend time in the decoration of the bathroom and the addition of books can also be considered which help to spend time during relaxing baths or nerves. The most straightforward methods are given below, which are very handy and time-saving. 

13 Ways to Make a Bathroom Like a Spa

1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are too good and smell amazing. They work like mood lifters and kill every bacteria from the skin to make the skin smooth and soothing. These oils decrease stress, treat infections, and help to sleep peacefully. Different essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint can be used in the bathroom.   

2. Burn Candles 

Do you want to create an attractive bathroom environment or look for something exceptional? Burn the candles in the bathroom, and now candles are available with natural fragrances like vanilla or jasmine. Not only does burning candles provide illumination, but their scents are just extraordinarily unique when someone inhales. These are not less than therapy.   

3. Use Scented Soap 

Some people are conscious of scents and want to feel the body's constant scent. Citrus, rose, and lemon is best used to make the skin layer soft and shining. The fragrance of these soaps is not short; they are long-lasting.   

4. Add Plants 

Greenery is a natural booster for the body. Plants are healthy for the eyes and the brain as well. Adding plants in the bathroom allows one to spend more time with complete relaxation and improves breathing and air quality.   

5. Use Room Sprays 

Room sprays help to make the surroundings refresh. Room sprays are not specific only for the rooms; you can spray on the towels, sheets, and other areas. Vanilla or lavender line sprays are good choices to consider to achieve a spa-like atmosphere. These naturally derived room sprays are not harmful to skin-sensitive people. Best-smelling room sprays increase the mental level as well.   

6. Run a Bath 

Before running a bath, follow the few necessary steps. First, set the temperature according to the need, and add the bubble bath or the bath salts like Epsom salt, which contains natural minerals and is suitable for the skin. Then create an attractive environment by burning the candles, diffusing the essential oils, and all these things make a beautiful spa-like environment.   

7. Use Modern Fixtures 

Modern fixtures help to make the spa bathroom. These fixtures include floating vanity and wall-mounted toilet, which are very advanced with heated seats, widespread faucets, freestanding bathtubs and freestanding tub fillers. These are not place-specific and can be installed easily with freestanding bathtubs.

The modern design differentiates the bathroom from ordinary bathrooms and gives a clean look, like a wall mounted toilet helping to clean the surface quickly. Moreover, the neutral color palette is directly linked with calm feelings. There are numerous ways to advance the bathroom, like rain shower heads, mosaic tile work, and a new vanity with a towel rack.   

Besides these ideas, a sound ventilation system allows airflow and reduces the humidity in the bathroom. It improves the bathroom environment and gives a more spa-like feeling. The bathroom is only worthy once it has good ventilation. If you want to follow more ideas, continue reading because here are more ideas mentioned.   

8. Use a diffuser 

Ultrasonic diffuser is a good choice; it helps disperse the essential oil into the air equally and minimize the bacteria and fungi from the air. This spa-like ambiance makes the bathroom more inviting.   

9. Incense sticks 

Incense sticks are available with many unique fragrances, like natural sandalwood, lavender, and patchouli. These are good for relaxing and provide quality scents. These sticks remove the anxiety.   

10. Bamboo charcoal deodorizer 

Often different kinds of odors disturb the environment of the bathroom. Bamboo charcoal deodorizer bags can absorb bad odors and make them safe and relaxing. These are air-purifying bags and minimize the amount of moisture. The significant benefit is that these are non-toxic.   

11. Potpourri 

Potpourri is used for scent and is made with dried flowers, herbs and essential oils. It is eye appealing and spreads a soft fragrance in the bathroom when it is kept in the dish or arranged in the bowl, and it is also used for interior decoration purposes.   

12. Reed Diffusers 

Reed diffusers are natural fragrances; they spread the fragrance by absorbing the scented oil and lightly spreading it into the bathroom area. These are especially preferable for indoor spaces and are healthy to use.   

13. Use Natural Cleaning Products 

Cleaning products are also essential; not only is scent compulsory. Try to clean the bathroom fixtures with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon to clean the surface. Vinegar makes the shine long-lasting. Not only helpful in cleaning but also making the bathroom odor free and shining as well.   

Don’t forget to keep the bathroom ventilated, well-organized, and dry to achieve a spa-like environment.   


Thirteen unique ideas are mentioned in this article to feel the spa-like environment, like room sprays, natural cleaning products, potpourri, reed diffusers and many more. Some are specific for fragrances, and some are useful to minimize moisture and humidity. Scent soaps are available in natural aromas like vanilla, which help make the body scented. Natural cleaning products keep the beauty of the fixtures. Not only these, try to place the modern fixtures to make the bathroom rare and ready for spa.  

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