How to Remove a Shower Head With or Without Tools

January 25, 2023
How to Remove a Shower Head

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The shower head is part of every bathroom, and in months, many homeowners face the difficulties of removing or reinstalling the shower head. It is straightforward to remove it by following one by one step or reinstalling it. It just needs proper attention and the necessary things to do this. Sometimes the shower heads get stuck in their place due to rust or corrosion, so alternative methods are also mentioned to get rid of the stuck shower head. All of these methods can be very helpful in daily life.   

How to Remove a Shower Head: 10 steps

Easy and handy ways are present to remove the shower head, and the most convenient 10 steps are given in this article with proper explanation.  

1. Turn Off the Water Supply: 

Before starting any bathroom work related to the plumbing, turning off the water supply from the main supply lines is essential. It will allow working without any worry of wetness. In case to remove a shower head, first turn off the water from the valves or the shower connection system.   

2. Use a Pipe Wrench or Pliers: 

After turning off the water supply, the next step is to lose the shower head. Pliers and pipe wrenches are hand tools commonly used to grip loose or tight small objects or screws. Place the wrench or plier on the shower arm; the shower arm connects the shower head to the wall and supports the head. Move the wrench or plier in the counterclockwise or anti-clockwise direction, and it helps to lose the shower head quickly, which is attached to the shower arm.   

3. Remove the Shower Head: 

Remove the Shower Head

After moving the wrench in the counterclockwise direction, the shower head gets loose and can easily get separated from the arm with hand force. Hold the shower head in your hand, pull it towards yourself and opposite direction from the wall, and then remove it.   

4. Remove the Washer and O-ring: 

Washers and O-rings are hardware types like plates in structure, and these components help in the joining and act as a seal. The washer and the O-ring are present where the shower head is attached. After removing the shower head, the washers and the O-ring will be visible; remove them with care and keep them aside.   

5. Shower Arm: 

A few shower arms come with thread, and it is straightforward to untighten them. Just move the shower arm in the counterclockwise direction with the help of the hand, and it will get loose.   

Different shower heads are available in the market, and each has other installation methods. Before removing the shower head, it is essential to read the instructions carefully. If the instructions are not easy to follow, call the plumber and ask for professional help, and he can quickly help remove the shower head without any loss.   

6. Clean the Shower Arm: 

Clean the Shower Arm

After removing the shower head, you must clean the shower arm. Different dust particles, sediments, hard water, and other debris clogged the shower arm and affected its working and durability. Maintenance and cleaning help to keep the seal of the shower arm more strongly, and then it is good again to reinstall the shower head with the arm.   

7. Inspect the Shower Arm and Shower Head for Damage: 

Removal of the shower head is essential and time taking as well. Time is not less than any investment. Before placing the shower head must notice the shower arm and the shower head and inspect every part for damage. If corrosion or rust spots are present, treat them or in case of damage, replace the damaged part before the installation. It keeps power and makes the work more productive.   

8. Replace the Washer and O-ring: 

Check the condition and the quality of the washers and the O-ring before reinstallation. If they are good in condition, install them, but in case of corrosion or damage, it is better to replace the washer and O-ring. It will help to fix everything completely.

9. Reinstall the Shower Head: 

Reinstall the Shower Head

After cleaning the shower arm, check the damaged parts or the washers. In case of damage, replace the parts and then reinstall the shower head to the arm. Tight the screw and seal it completely with the help of the wrench or plier.  

10. Turn on the Water Supply: 

After fixing the shower head to the shower arm and reinstalling it, the next step is to turn on the water supply. After turning on the water must look after the working of the shower and check the leakage. Make sure there will be no leak after installing the shower head then the operation is completed successfully.    

If you cannot remove the shower head or reinstall it perfectly, contact the plumber for professional help.

How to Get a Stuck Shower Head off Without Wrench

In a few cases, some people don’t have the wrench or pliers to remove the stuck shower heads. Different alternative and easy methods are mentioned in this article to follow, which are given below.   

  • Use a Rubber Band: 

Rubber bands are very powerful, and they can be considered in case of an emergency. Place the rubber band around the shower heads, twist it, and move it anti-clockwise to loose the shower head. After loosing the seal, remove it with the help of the hand.   

  • Use a Pair of Vise Grip: 

Pair of vise grips pliers is the best option to use as a substitute. Place it at the jaw of the shower head, move it in the same anti-clockwise manner, and loose the grip of the shower head. They can easily use to remove the shower heads.  

  • Use Penetrating Oil: 

Sometimes the corrosion and the rust stuck the things in their place and created problems. In these cases, apply the penetrating oil on the joints like in the case of the shower head; apply the oil on the joining of the shower head and the shower arm and wait for a few minutes. The target place will get smooth, and you can quickly move it in an anti-clockwise manner and remove the shower head from the arm.   

  • Use a Hair Dryer: 

Use a Hair Dryer - How to Get a Stuck Shower Head off Without Wrench

Mineral build-up due to the hard water or other sediments stuck to the shower head and made it robust like a rock. In this case, the heat can be helpful. Apply the heat to the shower head and arm through the hair dryer and then leave it for a minute; then move it, and the shower head will remove easily.   

  • Use a Hammer and Chisel: 

In the case of severe corrosion, you can take help from the hammer and the chisel. Some corrosion is not easy to remove, so in this case, place the chisel on the shower arm, use the hammer on it, and break the corrosion. It will help to remove the corrosion, and the removal of the shower head becomes easy.   

After using the mentioned methods, the shower head is still stuck, and you cannot remove it, so call the nearby plumber in case of an emergency or to avoid a significant problem.   


This article is beneficial to removing the shower head step by step and removing the stuck shower heads from the shower arms. It is not hectic; only 10 steps are involved in removing the shower head, and the complete operation is safe and handy. Wrench, pliers, maintenance, rubber band, cleaning and many more things can be helpful in a routine. In an emergency, it is essential to call the plumber to avoid significant issues.  

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