How to Replace a Shower Head

January 28, 2023
How to Replace a Shower Head

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Replacement of the daily routine products is very usual, and the shower head replacement is also included. Some people remove the shower head usually for maintenance, but in some cases, replacement is necessary. It is essential to update the home products timely to save their lifespan and keep the home beautiful. Shower heads attach to the shower arms, and they are adjustable easily.   

Difference Between Replacing and Removing a Shower Head

People usually consider replacing the shower head and removing the shower head the same things. These are two different things to do, although both tasks include the removal of the shower head from the shower arm because the shower head is attached to the arm.   

Removing a showerhead

The primary purpose behind removing the shower head consists of maintenance, cleaning or changing the washers or any kind of nuts or parts like an O-ring. Removing the shower head includes the shower head's unscrewing method from the shower arm. After the removal of the shower head, it is easy to check the corrosion, rust or any damage for the safe side. Clean the shower head, shower arm and parts with the help of the brush or any soft cloth.   

Replacing a showerhead

The replacement of the shower head is different from the removal of the shower head because the replacement of the shower head has various categories and options. If someone wants to place a new model or new design of the shower head or if someone wants to replace the damaged old shower head. It is better to replace the shower head and try a new one with modern features. During or after the replacement, ensure the shower head's perfection is cleaned appropriately and remove the corrosion and rust spots from the shower arm altogether.   

The replacement of the shower head means removing the old shower head and installing the other shower head. Now it is straightforward to remove or install shower heads after reading the SanitarySupply articles, which briefly explain everything and every step. Hence it is clear that the removal of the shower head is the repair, cleaning, maintenance and other options are present.   

FAQs about replacing a shower head 

What tools do I need to replace a shower head? 

There is not a comprehensive list to replace a shower head. A few things are necessary, like a wrench, set of pliers, Teflon tape and a desired shower head for the replacement.   

How do I remove the old shower head? 

Utilize the wrench or plier to loose the joint between the shower head and the shower arm. Move it in the anticlockwise direction, and then remove the old shower head.   

How do I install the new shower head? 

Clean the shower arm, and remove the threads with the help of the brush. Use the Teflon tape on the thread, tight the shower head to the shower arm in the clockwise direction, and screw it until it gets tight and fixed.   

What are some things to consider when choosing a new shower head? 

A few things are top of the list to consider when it is time to buy a new shower head, for example, water flow rate, manufacturing material of the shower head, and the spray pattern.   

Can I replace a shower head myself or do I need a professional? 

Yes, it is straightforward to replace a shower head by yourself just by using simple tape or a wrench but if you are not comfortable and unaware of the basic steps, contact the plumber.

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