12 Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

December 13, 2022
12 Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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What is a Boho Bathroom?

Various bathrooms surround us in our daily routines, like custom bathrooms, bathrooms with dark floors and many more. The minimalist boho design is unique. The boho-style bathroom is competitive and unbeatable. They are full of colors and specific patterns. A Boho bathroom contains artistic things, plants and attractive accessories in it. Mostly earthy elements and natural items are used for these ideas. Numerous rumors exist regarding the boho bathroom, but the truth is that these bathrooms are a treat to the eyes and provide peace to the heart.   

1. Classical Bathroom Look

Classical Bathroom Look-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

This bathroom idea is realistic, and the addition of wooden work makes it more impressive. This bathroom project used the sink and the waterfall vessel faucet. The sink is placed on the wooden vanity, and this wooden art makes it creative. The faucet's finish is chrome, and the sink color is pink, matching the vanity. Planting gives calm vibes to this bathroom. The fixtures must be affordable, enhancing the appearance without breaking the bank. 

2. Modern Step towards Boho Style

Modern Step towards Boho Style-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Here is the most relaxing and calming design with a single-handle faucet, and the white bathroom is a treat to the eyes. The wooden baskets present a natural taste, and these can be used for storage purposes. The round mirror in the bathroom with a wooden frame makes the place classical. The soft color curtains' placement represents the area's privacy and gives a cozy feeling. It is no doubt the perfect place to start a day. 

3. Creativity and Elegance

Creativity and Elegance-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Another boho bathroom design needs appreciation due to the decoration like candles, fixtures like a drop-in bathtub, and a wall-hung toilet. Everything is in a manner, and the colors are natural. Basket for storage, a brown mat and scenery, everything in this bathroom is perfect. This boho bathroom finish and white towels show the beauty. The addition of the scenery or a frame on the wall shows how much the bathroom is to the owner's heart. Frames are not specific for the bedrooms; they can also be installed in the bathrooms.

4. Utilize the Old Bathroom Space for Boho

Utilize the Old Bathroom Space for Boho-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Plants in the bathroom allow you to breathe correctly, and in different corners, they make the place beautiful. White bathroom basin with a centerset faucet provides space to wash hands. Wood touch and little decoration accessories are within the budget, and the boho bathroom design is easy to maintain. Do not forget to install the wall sconces because the light is compulsory in the bathroom area.

5. Perfect Idea for Downstairs

Perfect Idea for Downstairs-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

The downstairs toilet is a fantastic artistic bathroom. The well-finished toilet with a tank and the plants' leaves can extend visitors' eyeballs. The bright white paint, pedestal sink, enhanced organization, beauty and perfume, and different fluorescence, shrubs, lotion and different things make the bathroom aesthetic. Want to spend some SPA time with something beneficial?  

Don't try to grab a book. 

6. Create a Minimalist Look

Create a Minimalist Look-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

It is useless to talk about boho bathroom decor without thinking about colors. The coffee-brown color combination can take you to the next sky. A vessel sink bowl with a chrome single-handle faucet adds style to the bathroom. A large-size mirror, a vase with brown flowers, and a wooden door complement receiving and add a wow factor to the bathroom. Two colors bathroom vanity is fixed on the wall, which helps maintain the floor's easy cleaning. 

7. Remove Clutters and Create Space

Remove Clutters and Create Space-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Building a boho bathroom is a trend and compulsory, and it is no less than fun. The vessel sinks with a single handle faucet in black finish with pop-up drain make a perfect pair. This vessel sink is attached to the white color two drawer's bathroom vanity. The mirror with a white frame maintains the charming company. If you want to add an accent, then try plants. A wall-mounted vanity is a good option for easy cleaning of the downstairs bathroom. 

8. Bright White

Bright White-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Suppose someone wants to avoid the clutter and wishes for transformation, so this idea is top to consider. The white walls, white paint, two white drawers, vanity with golden handles and a large white bathtub make this bathroom very fine and customizing. The single-handle bronze finish faucet and undermount sink give a rich texture to the bathroom. At first glance, this bathroom gives a luxurious effect to the eyes. 

9. Show Some Pattern

Show Some Pattern-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Want to turn the dull bathroom into an interesting one? Here are some tips that are mentioned for the boho bathroom idea.  

First, choose the color scheme; for the boho bathrooms, the preferable colors are light brown, walnut color, and white. The shower area is separated in this design, and dark wood is applied to the walls. Without breaking the wall, it is possible to maintain the arrangement on the walls through corners and shelves. A large size brown mat in the bathroom is most productive due to its use and advantages. White vanity with an undermount bowl sink is smooth enough to shine. 

10. Floor Art and Boho Decor

Floor Art and Boho Decor-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Suppose someone worries about the small bathroom remodeling and organization, so the time is over because it is easy to establish a small boho bathroom. The two-piece toilet, vessel sink with high arc faucet in bronze finish, and white bathtub with single handle faucet fill the tub quickly. The artificial plants and the clay color paint in the bathroom produce aesthetic vibes. The black vanity and black floor are a magical combination. 

11. A Functional Bathroom 

A Functional Bathroom-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

There are unlimited ideas for boho bathrooms, all of which make the bathroom unbeatable. Vessel sinks are the first choice for the boho bathroom design, and in this bathroom, the high faucet with a black finish and pop-up drain is installed in a black finish. The wooden vanity, a wooden style mat, looks natural with a walnut finish. Try to use white color with walnut or wooden finish. The world is moving towards boho ideas. 

12. Let the Art Speak

Let the Art Speak-Minimalist Boho Bathroom Ideas

Want to go with the boho bathroom idea but with a unique one? 

Are you a nature lover? You're at the right place. Brick walls in the bathroom can make anyone speechless, and it is straightforward to get due to the different wallpapers available. Try to place the frame on the wall, which matches the brick wall, and the soft white lighting is suitable to give the moonlight feeling. Centerset black finish faucet performs well with a bowl sink. 


These few ideas for minimalist boho bathrooms are mentioned above. All of them may look complicated, but they need only attention and are very easy to carry and achieve. The few most important things are the paint colors, plants, vases, sceneries, shelves, wooden touches, a good mat and a few more. After achieving a few things, it is straightforward to give the minimalist boho bathroom look to an ordinary bathroom. 

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