Moen 8554 Mpower Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

February 16, 2021
Moen 8554 Mpower Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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If you are the type of customer who can spend extra bucks to get the perfect sort of purchase then you are advised to go for this product by Moen. This is the Moen touchless bathroom faucet 8554 Mpower sensor-operated single mount bathroom faucet which might cost you a little bit more than the usual touchless faucets but the advantages are enormous in return.

Moen 8554 Mpower Sensor Operated Single Mount Above Deck Lavatory High Arc Battery Powered Faucet
  • Feature a 0.5 GPM aerator
  • Heavy-duty all-metal construction
  • Self-adaptive sensor technology
  • Five-year warranty

Moen 8554 Mpower Overview

The core material for the construction of this faucet is metal which has got chrome finish on it. The combined effect of metal and chrome makes such a high-quality faucet that it remains in your service for a longer period. There is one color available in this faucet and that is the chrome one as it has received the finish of chrome. The surface of this faucet is a bit shiny and you can think it as of a mirror-like surface that does not get any sort of scratches or stains.

This is a battery-operated touchless faucet and the unique thing about this faucet is that it comes with an above-deck battery which makes things quite easy, as far as the access to batteries is concerned.

Some features make this high price purchase worth buying as one of those features is its cleaning mode. By enabling the cleaning mode, you make sure that you do not damage the electronic circuitry of the faucet while you are cleaning it. This is quite a unique sort of feature which you will not find in low price touchless bathroom faucets.

We should talk little about the overall exterior of this faucet as generally speaking, Moen is famous for its stylish bathroom faucets and the brand has maintained its reputation for touchless bathroom faucets too. This is also a thing about Moen faucets that they are a little bit on the heavier side as compared to some of the other faucets in the same category. Well, that also speaks volumes as the construction of the faucet is done with metal and that has got some weight to sustain for years to come.

The flow rate for this faucet is a standard one with 0.5 gallon per minute and through this flow rate you make sure that the faucet is multitasking. As water efficiency is a core component of touchless faucets yet they also have to be effective enough to wash your hands. This faucet does both with such great water flow.

Spout height is a little bit higher than the spout reach as the former one is 5.88 inches with the later on being 5 inches in height. If you are looking for plug profile information then it is a single mount faucet. There is one built-in hole in this faucet and it has got ADA compliance as well.


If you consider all these features of this faucet, you will be satisfied with your investment for sure. This is a long term serving faucet with some great features. 

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