One Piece VS Two Piece Toilet

May 7, 2022
one piece toilet VS two piece toilet

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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The toilets' shape, size, and height are variable, but some toilets are modern or stylish, and some are traditional. The point is how? Some toilets are one piece, and some are two piece toilets.

In the matter of the one-piece toilet, the tank is attached to the bowl, and it is a whole one-piece, and in the case of two-piece toilets, the tank is not directly connected to the bowl of the toilet; it is two pieces of toilets.

one piece VS two piece toilet

Weight of Toilet

The one-piece toilets are heavier in size, and the two-piece toilets are lightweight. Because one-piece toilets are interconnected and are not separate, they will be heavy to handle or made sturdy, but two-piece toilets can handle separately.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It is expected that cleaning one piece is convenient and gives less back ache than the two-piece toilet. The growth of bacteria chances is less in the case of one piece toilet that looks clean, but in the case of two piece toilet, the bacteria proliferate at different places, and maintenance takes much time and effort.

Cost Difference

What are the things which affect the cost of the product?

The answer is manufacturing procedures, material, sturdiness, and other factors. The one-piece toilets are expensive because these toilets require much more effort to build than two-piece toilets. The cost range of one-piece toilets is $200 to $600 whereas the cost of two-piece toilets is $150 to $400. The price can vary according to the quality of the material.


For the installation of any product, the product's weight matters a lot. As discussed above, one-piece toilets are heavier than two-piece toilets, so handling or moving them during the installation procedure is complicated. However, the assembling is not part of a one-piece toilet installation.

The two-piece toilets are easy and handy to move and adjust, but the assembling is required for these toilets. The pipe line, floor conditions, and position of the toilet placing also impact the installation cost so that no one can decide the exact installation cost. Yes, it is crucial to ensure there is no chance of a leak; otherwise, everything can be wasted!


Every home owner hates the chances of leakage and doesn’t want to ruin a productive bathroom. Once again, the one-piece toilet gives an advantage in case of durability and lifespan. The one-piece toilets are not broken or damaged easily, while the two-piece toilets can crack and damage over time. In ancient times a rubber in the toilet was used, which degraded later and caused the leak, but brands remodeled the toilets and prevented leakage.

The proper care and maintenance are compulsory for every kind of toilet, whether it is one piece toilet or two piece toilet.

Resale Value

Some people are obsessed with replacing the toilets over time. If anyone wants to get a good resale value for the toilet, that person should ensure that the toilet is not leaking from any part or corner and maintain its shining, beauty, and cleaning. The resale value is not related to shape, structure, or size.

Physical appearance is the first impression!

Flush Efficiency

One-piece and two-piece toilets can be purchased with different flushing abilities. These are not specific with any fixed technology; it is easy to choose. The toilets are available for both kinds of high flushing ability and low flushing ability.

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