7 Peacock Bathroom Ideas

December 12, 2022
7 Peacock Bathroom Ideas

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Various ideas the bathrooms see, but it’s time to try new ideas like the peacock bathroom idea. It is rare and unique to remodel the bathroom, which gives the peacock look. It is not only about the tile, wallpaper, and flooring. Different accessories and items can be used for remodeling. The white and golden fixtures look best with the peacock blue and green color. White bathtub, white sinks, golden faucets, bathroom tiles, and mosaic flooring looks for the peacock bathroom style. More peacock style bathroom ideas are mentioned, which are affordable and make the bathroom more productive. 

Latest Peacock Bathroom ideas

1. Peacock Scale Walls

Peacock Scale Walls Peacock Bathroom Ideas

Different bathroom ideas are available which come in mind that make the bathroom unique and rare. This peacock idea is impressive with the most attractive bathroom tiles designs. The finishing and the design are just mouth-watering, representing the peacock's feather scales and enhancing creativity. The color is perfect and looks fabulous in the warm golden light. It is a better way to install these tiles in all the bathrooms because it may give a 3D look and the bathroom also provides a pure peacock appearance. This idea is easy to achieve due to easy maintenance.   

2. Green Tiles and Mosaic Flooring

Green Tiles and Mosaic Flooring Peacock Bathroom Ideas

The peacock green color in the bathroom brings aesthetics and beauty inside. It is better to place the white bathtub, toilet, wall mounted faucet and white sink bowl with the green contrast. The bathroom flooring is mosaic style and presents the peacock's feather. The plants present in the bathroom produce eco-friendly vibes, and the large-size mirror allows to create life in the area. The tile design is attractive, and another wall design is flowering and stony. The shower area is separate from the toilet area. All the decorations, fixtures and peacock wall and floor art are unique.   

3. Enlight the Bathroom 

Enlight the Bathroom Peacock Bathroom Ideas

Different fixtures in the bathroom show other things. Peacock-style lamps in the bathroom are beneficial and productive due to their beauty and work. These wall lamps have a feather structure and are well constructed and made with iron, glass and acrylic material. The light of the candle beautifully reflects from the glass. The most valuable thing is that it is lightweight and easy to carry. These lamps are best for decoration and animal lovers.   

4. Creativity in the Bathroom

Creativity in the Bathroom Peacock Bathroom Ideas

Little things in the bathroom matter a lot, and the tissue box is one of them. It is not good to say that a tissue box has no value; now, in the market, different tissue boxes with peacock designs are ideal for the peacock decoration of the bathroom. This kind of tissue box has plenty of space to store the tissues, and the peacock is beautifully visible on it. It is a vintage box with amazing multi-colors. The tissue box with peacock designs looks adorable at the undermount sink's corners.   

5. Make Bathroom an Inspiration

Make Bathroom an Inspiration Peacock Bathroom Ideas

Wallpaper, decoration, accessories, and other things are essential to the bathroom's appearance. All the pieces are vital and emit beautiful light in the washroom due to the material. For the peacock-style bathroom, accessories must match the theme. Five piece accessory bathroom set, made with acrylic material, is best for this bathroom style. This set is in teal blue color and can be used for multi-purpose like the toothbrush holder, toilet brush holder, to hold soap and other things. This set's durability and size are appreciable and attract attention unintentionally. 

6. Replace Old Mat

Replace Old Mat Peacock Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is incomplete without the mat. Mat makes the bathroom more organized and improves the entrance. It is best to choose the peacock blue color for the peacock style bathroom because inappropriate color can disrupt the beauty. The Yimobra blue mat is very comfortable and large. This fluffy mat has a high absorbent ability, making it preferable for the bathroom. This mat is washable and durable as well, and for the peacock-style bathroom, it is a priority due to its anti-slipping capacity. It will be a stay-at-place and foldable in case of need.   

7. Decorate with Vase

Decorate with Vase Peacock Bathroom Ideas

Are you fond of beauty and creativity? Are you looking for decoration for the peacock-style bathrooms?  

A beautiful peacock color vase with beautiful blue flowers is exceptional. If the vase matches the peacock color tiles, the beauty becomes double. The vase in the corners represents the homeowner's taste, which increases the home's worth and value as well. Placing the vase near vessel sink is a good option during the home renovation and gives more ideas for the bathroom.   


In the peacock-style bathroom, little things can present the peacock style, like a set of bathroom accessories that are helpful to hold the brushes, soap, corner vases in the peacock color, bathroom mat in blue, which absorbs the water efficiently. The feather style of the peacock on the wall can make everyone speechless and give a mouth-watering feeling to the visitors. The tissue box in peacock style is made with solid material, and all these ideas are cost-efficient and durable. Only a one-time investment can improve the look of the bathroom.

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