Reasons to Buy Skirted Toilets: Pros and Cons

November 22, 2022
Reasons to Buy Skirted Toilets Pros and Cons Skirted toilet

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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After the invention of the skirted toilet, it can be seen that it is beating the other toilet types and becoming a superior and rising product. Many years back, Companies introduced a few skirted toilets, but now they’re producing many skirted toilets with different materials. Here, buyers can quickly get information about skirted toilets, their benefits, and their disadvantages. 

Skirted Toilet 

Reasons to Buy Skirted Toilets Pros and Cons

It is commonly a toilet type, but in this toilet, the trapway is skirted entirely and covers the pipes' curves and other things. It gives a sleek design to the toilet with the help of the apron, which conceals the trapway.   

Following are some points related to the skirted toilets. 

  1. Sleek appearance
  2. Easy to maintain  
  3. Hidden pipes and trap way  
  4. Smooth closing seat   

It is the best product for those who invest considerable money in bathroom remodeling and renovation, and non-skirted toilets can disrupt beauty. On the other hand, some people prefer cleanliness in every part of the home, so this skirted toilet is an excellent choice for them to consider due to hidden pipes and installation.   

Pros of the Skirted Toilets 

Uncountable benefits are available if someone chooses it for the home, offices, and commercial places. Here are some advantages:   

  • Maintenance and Cleaning 

    The primary difficulty in the case of the exposed trapway is that these are very difficult to clean and take a lot of time. The exposed trapway collects dirt and doesn’t look good to the eyes. The skirted toilet is straightforward to clean and very handy. A soft cloth and sponge can make it clean and smooth, requiring just a few minutes from the daily routine. The surface is flat, and everyone can maintain this toilet without using tricks.   
  • Seamless and Modern Design 

    As described below, these toilets are best for modern and well-established toilets, which are a source of investment. Do not waste the investment and make a skirted toilet part of the home. With time, people have been looking forward to seamless designs that look neat and show the neatness in the environment. After seeing the trend and buyers' interest, Companies and brands got the idea and moved towards skirted toilets. After the coming years of 2010 was the rise of skirted toilets. Toto and other brands benefited and offered comfortable seats with skirted toilets; in short, skirted toilets opened the doors to success for different manufacturers.   
  • Comfort of the Eyes 

    Skirted toilets are no less than the eyes' comfort because they hide almost every exposed thing. First, it hides the trapeway, an S-shaped pipe, and takes the waste and wastewater off. The second skirted toilet hides the johnny bolts, which help to secure the toilet. It is an equipped toilet that hides the bolts, preventing the toilet's bad appearance, which is no less than a treat. Moreover, sometimes installation can be seen with the naked eye. Still, manufacturers worked on it, and now new toilets come in which installation can be hidden easily behind the skirted toilets. It is straightforward to install it by reading and following the guidelines. So, it is the right product to get comfort.   
  • Closing Seat 

    Some other toilets do not commonly come with the closing seat, OR maybe only a few toilets come with the closing seat. The advantage of the skirted toilets is that these toilets come with closing toilets and maintain the hygiene and bathroom free from germs. It is such a blessing in the case of the skirted toilets. It helps to make the bathroom clean and less availability of harmful bacteria.   

Cons of the Skirted Toilets  

Reasons to Buy Skirted Toilets Pros and Cons expensive than other

Everything has positive and negative impacts. Skirted toilets have many advantages, but some skirted toilet problems are also present, which can create some complications, and it is compulsory to mention those problems.  

  • Bulky Appearance 

    Skirted toilets look more significant and more prominent as compared to non-skirted toilets. It is not easy to ignore; for example, both toilets are part of the home, so one can see the difference that non-skirted toilets are not bulky, whereas skirted toilets are. Due to their bulk appearance, skirted toilets are not preferable for small bathrooms because they consume space; non-skirted toilets are suitable for small bathrooms. If someone puts a scratch on the toilet, it will be visible clearly on the skirted toilets due to the clean look compared to others.   
  • Expensive than Other  

    Skirted toilets are expensive due to high-quality manufacturing, struggle, and material. These toilets consume time which causes an increase in the cost of the skirted toilets. If you compare the price of both, the price of non-skirted toilets starts from $400 to $450, and the starting price of skirted toilets is $700 and $750. These are expensive, but people prefer them for purchase, and these are top of the list.  

Complicated Installation – Skirted Toilet VS Regular 

The skirted toilet installation is complicated compared to the regular toilets. It requires professionals to install it, and plumbers and contractors take time to complete this toilet in the bathroom.  

The installation cost is also higher for the skirted toilets.

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