Single Bowl VS Double Bowl Sink – Unbiased Comparison

March 7, 2022
Single Bowl VS Double Bowl Sink - Unbiased Comparison

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Sink plays an essential role in the remodeling of the kitchen, and it is one of the convenient kitchen products because it helps to save time and helps to do all the things in a short period. Companies introduce one bowl, and double bowl sinks for the customers in the market.

One bowl sink is suitable for a family which consists of a few members and for two members, and it requires a little space; on the other hand, the double bowl sink is best for large families, and more than one person can perform kitchen chores and complete their work quickly.

Comparison by Pros and Cons

single bowl kitchen sink pros and cons - comparison with double bowl kitchen sink

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

  • Pros
  • The maintenance is quick and easy.
  • It fits better in smaller kitchens.
  • The installation is effortless and cost-efficient.
  • Cons
  • It is challenging to wash large items in the single bowl sink.
  • The garbage disposable is difficult in the single bowl sink when the sink is full.
double bowl kitchen sink pros and cons - comparison with double bowl kitchen sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

  • Pros
  • The double bowl sinks are more functional and versatile.
  • The garbage disposal is more accessible and fast in the double bowl sink.
  • The contamination risk is lower.
  • It is helpful to dry the dishes due to the double bowl sink.
  • Cons
  • It is complicated to adjust the double bowl sink in a small kitchen due to its large size.
  • The installation is difficult.
  • These are very expensive.

Configuration and Advantage

The double bowl sink and single bowl sink are available in many sizes, shapes, and forms with good material. The ideal length of a double bowl sink is 30 inches to 48 inches, and the size varies according to the structures. In the case of a single bowl sink, the ideal length is 15 inches to 21 inches, and these have numerous advantages.

The double bowl sink can be used to place extra dishes and dishes for dry, and it helps to wash out large dishes conveniently due to the availability of space. The single bowl sink is available in compact designs and looks attractive, making the kitchen organized. The chances of breaking items are more significant in the single bowl sink than the double bowl sink.

Save the Counter Space Use

Single Bowl VS Double Bowl Sink

The double bowl sink plays two roles at a time, one in the dishwasher and the other in the rack. The buyer uses one bowl for a frame and keeps the items in a free bowl after washing out. The single bowl contains a self-counter room and helps dry the items, and it contains a small cabinet. In this way, the counter space is minimal, and the kitchen will not look dirty. It is better to use a single bowl sink for a small size kitchen to make it beautiful and balanced in every manner.


There is not much difference is present in the installation. The clips are required, and it helps to hold the sinks firmly and adhere them to the desired place. The single bowl sink installation is faster, with minimum tools due to only drain. On the other writing, the double bowl sink installation is complicated due to the two drains.

The faucet installation in the single bowl sink is also more accessible than the double bowl sink because two faucets are necessary for the double bowl sink. Still, a single bowl sink consumes more time, and a double bowl sink consumes little time due to the dual system.


The double bowl sink costs more than the single bowl sink due to the size, drains, material, and many other things. The double bowl sink cost is about $300 to $450, and the single bowl sink cost is about $150 to $250. The price can vary according to the material, structure, and many aspects. The remaining cost depends upon the labor expenses and the use of hardware for the installation.

Use of Water and Detergent

The double bowl sink requires more detergent for cleaning purposes than the single bowl sink, and the same goes for the water, but if the user uses one side of the double bowl sink, it requires the same amount of water detergent-like single bowl sink. The water and detergent use depends on the depth of the sinks as well.


The sinks are for dishwashing purposes and food preparation to be neat and clean. Only a soft cloth with a detergent without chemicals can make it shiny. The user of sinks maintains the appearance and cleaning daily. The double bowl sink needs more attention and care than the single bowl, and the double bowl sink is more productive, and the single bowl sink saves time because it requires minimum care and maintenance.

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