Understanding Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

April 27, 2023
Understanding Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Due to their sleek and modern design, two-handle wall-mount bathroom faucets are widespread for many homeowners. They are designed to be mounted on the wall, freeing up space on your bathroom sink or countertop. Two-handle faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water, allowing for more precise temperature control. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about two-handle wall mount bathroom faucets, including their advantages, types, installation process, pros and cons, and maintenance tips.  

Types of Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets  

There are three main types of two-handle wall mount bathroom faucets:  

  1. Center-Set Faucets   

This type of faucet has two handles and a spout that are all mounted on a single base. The distance between the handles is typically 4 inches.  

  1. Widespread Faucets   

With this type of faucet, the handles and spout are all separate and can be mounted up to 16 inches apart. It allows for more flexibility in installation and design.  

  1. Mini-Widespread Faucets   

Similar to widespread faucets, mini-widespread faucets have separate handles and spouts, but they are closer together than the standard widespread faucet. They typically have a distance of 4 inches between handles, making them a good option for smaller bathrooms or where space is limited.  

Installing Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets  

Before beginning the installation procedure, it is essential to gather the necessary tools, including:  

  • Adjustable wrench  
  • Phillips head screwdriver  
  • Basin wrench  
  • Plumber's putty  
  • Teflon tape  

The installation process for two-handle wall-mount bathroom faucets include the following steps:  

  1. Turn off the water connection to the bathroom.  
  2. Remove the old faucet and clean the place.  
  3. Apply the plumber's putty to the base of the new faucet.  
  4. Insert the faucet into the mounting holes and secure it using a basin wrench.  
  5. Attach the handles and spout to the faucet body, ensuring they are adequately tightened.  
  6. Attach the water supply pipes to the faucet and turn the water supply back on.  
  7. Test the faucet to make sure it is working properly.  

Following the installation instructions and ensuring the faucet is installed securely is essential to avoid leaks.  

Pros and Cons of Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets  

There are several advantages to using two-handle wall mount bathroom faucets, including:  

  • More precise temperature control  
  • Sleek and modern design  
  • Space-saving  
  • Easy to clean  

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider, such as:  

  • Installation can be more complicated  
  • May require professional installation  
  • It can be more costly than other types of faucets  

Maintenance Tips for Two-Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets  

Keep your two-handle wall-mount bathroom faucet in top condition, it is essential to follow these maintenance tips:  

  • Clean the faucet regularly using a mild soap and water solution.  
  • Avoid utilizing abrasive cleaners that can scratch the surface.  
  • Check the faucet for leaks or drips and fix them promptly.  
  • Use Teflon tape on the threaded connections to prevent leaks.  
  • Consider replacing the cartridge or valve every few years to ensure proper functioning.  


Two-handle wall mount bathroom faucets are a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom. By understanding the types, installation process, pros and cons, and maintenance tips, you can choose the right faucet for your needs and keep it in top condition for years. 

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