VIGO VG03024MB 11″ H Niko Waterfall Vessel Bathroom Faucet Review

April 9, 2021
VIGO VG03024MB 11in H Niko Waterfall Vessel Bathroom Faucet Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Waterfall faucets can be considered as a good piece of decoration and a center of attraction in your bathroom. This is because of the water pattern that comes out of this faucet and due to this amazing water flow pattern, people have great admiration for this kind. Here, we have come up with a VIGO VG03024MB 11" H Niko matte black single handle waterfall vessel deck mount bathroom sink faucet and it will give you all the cutting-edge features currently being given in regular faucets.

VIGO VG03024MB 11in H Niko Matte Black Single-Handle Single Hole Waterfall Vessel Deck-Mount WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet
  • Matte Black color only
  • 1 lever handle
  • Brass material
  • 1 hole Installation

VIGO H Niko Overview

Firstly, we will talk about its plug profile which is a deck mount one and you need to understand and get familiar with what sort of a plug profile you are going to get in your newly purchased faucet as this will determine how the faucet will be installed.

Secondly, we need to tell you that as far as the quality of the faucet is concerned, it is made up of brass material which is the first and foremost choice by many brands for their faucets. There is a reason behind choosing brass as a primary material in the faucets as it provides the ultimate strength to the faucet and makes it worthy to use for a longer period of time.

Another great thing that you will enjoy with this faucet is that it comes with a matte black finish and there are a bunch of customers who just want every other model of faucet to be of black color. The material used for the handle is also brass and it has got one handle in it.

This faucet is quite nice for all the people out there who are truly concerned with the environmental effects and the shortage of water. With the WaterSense certification that ensures 20 percent less usage of water without compromising the overall performance of the faucet is a real treat for customers to have. Generally speaking, this faucet by VIGO has got a water flow of 1.2 gallons per minute which is pretty much up to the standardized water flow for any given bathroom faucet.

In order to make sure that you do not get into a complex situation, the faucet has got a single lever to control the temperature and the flow of water. This faucet could also be termed as a corrosion-free faucet which is due to the fact that it has got a pure matte black finish that stops any sort of contamination from the environment. There are other finishes available too in this faucet other than the matte black one and that includes matte white, oil rubbed bronze, etc.


There is a premium sedal ceramic disc valve inside this faucet which has been guaranteed to give you around 500000 cycles in its lifetime. To further facilitate you, the inclusion of a removable aerator also enhances the overall durability of the faucet. The installation method used for this faucet is of vessel filler one and you will see that it is not that much complex either. A great faucet with amazing features and brand value.

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