Wall-Mounted Shelves: An Efficient Bathroom Storage Idea 

March 22, 2023

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Do you want to avoid cluttered countertops and overstuffed cabinets in your bathroom? Wall-mounted shelves may be the solution you've been searching for. Not only do they provide efficient storage space, but they also add style and organization to your bathroom. In this post, we'll explore the benefits of using wall-mounted shelves, the different types available, how to install them, and creative ways to use them in your bathroom.  

Types of Wall-Mounted Shelves for Bathroom Storage  

There are several types of wall-mounted shelves that can be used in a bathroom, including:  

  1. Floating Shelves

These shelves are attached to the wall with hidden brackets, giving the illusion that they're floating. They're great for a minimalist look and work well in small bathrooms.  

  1. Corner Shelves

These shelves are designed to fit into the corner of a room, making use of the often-underutilized space. They're perfect for storing small items, like toiletries and towels.  

  1. Ladder Shelves

These shelves are designed to lean against the wall, making them easy to move and adjust as needed. They offer a more casual and flexible storage option.  

  1. Built-in Shelves   

These shelves are installed into the wall, creating a seamless and permanent storage solution. They're great for larger bathrooms or those undergoing renovation.  

Pros and Cons  

Each type of wall-mounted shelf has its own pros and cons. Floating shelves are great for small bathrooms but may not be able to hold heavy items. Corner shelves are space-saving but can be difficult to install in tight corners. Ladder shelves are easy to move but may not offer as much storage space. Built-in shelves offer a permanent solution but require more extensive installation.  

How to Install Wall-Mounted Shelves in a Bathroom  

Installing wall-mounted shelves in a bathroom may seem daunting, but it's actually a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:  

  • Measure the space where you want to install the shelves.  

  • Choose the type of shelves you want to use and purchase the necessary materials and tools.  

  • Utilize a stud finder to find the studs in the wall where you want to install the shelves.  

  • Mark where the shelves will be placed and drill pilot holes into the studs.  

  • Install the brackets or mounting hardware according to the manufacturer's instructions.  

  • Attach the shelves to the brackets or mounting hardware.  

  • Double-check that everything is level and secure.  

  • When installing wall-mounted shelves, it's important to follow safety precautions and use the proper tools and materials. Always make sure the shelves are securely attached to the wall and can support the weight of the items you plan to store on them.  

Creative Ways to Use Wall-Mounted Shelves in a Bathroom  

Wall-mounted shelves are a versatile storage solution that can be used in many creative ways in a bathroom. Here are some ideas to inspire you:  

  • Use floating shelves to create a gallery wall of framed artwork or photos.  

  • Install a ladder shelf and use it to display plants, candles, and other decorative items.  

  • Use corner shelves to store extra towels and washcloths.  

  • Install built-in shelves around a bathtub or shower for easy access to toiletries and bath products.  

  • Use floating shelves above the toilet to store extra toilet paper, tissues, and other necessities.  

With a little creativity, wall-mounted shelves can be used to create a stylish and functional bathroom storage solution that meets your unique needs.  


Wall-mounted shelves are an efficient and stylish way to add storage space to your bathroom. With a variety of types to choose from and easy installation, they're a practical solution for any bathroom. Whether you use them for organization or decoration, wall-mounted shelves offer versatility and flexibility to meet your needs. So why not consider installing them in your bathroom today? 

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